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Saturday Rally for Cindy in Canada

By Bob Olsen, Toronto

The Toronto Coalition to Stop the War held a rally opposite the U.S. consulate in Toronto in support of Cindy Sheehan on Saturday, Aug 21. About 60 people attended on short notice.

Here are two photos of the event. The first photo shows a Muslim girl holding a "Support Cindy Sheehan" placard. In the background is the CN Tower, a Toronto landmark. The street is University Avenue that runs from the financial district to the Provincial Legislature. Court houses, hospitals, and some big businesses line the street as well as the U.S. consulate.

The second photo shows the hard-core stragglers from the rally, including, directly behind the banners, some Muslim children and some U.S. resisters from the Viet Nam era as well as some current resisters.

The crowd was about 30 percent Muslim immigrants and their children, 20 percent resisters. The woman in the yellow dress is an American activist whose name I do not know. The rest were garden variety Canadians.

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Who cares what Canadians think. You're nothing but a bunch of Goodie-Two-Shoes hypocrites yourselves with your holier-than-thou attitudes toward your neighbours and the rest of the world.

Oh sure. You have your social security programs and your universal heath care and your tax payer supported multi-party electoral system with its limits on the influence of corporate interests. But you've always been subject to imperial domination and you still are; only the emperor and the means have changed.

So you keep right on celebrating your illusory "freedom and democracy". Go ahead and hold your rallies and continue supporting the U.N. and international law and all those multilateral peace keeping efforts. Nobody gives a damn -- certainly not the emperor and his merry band of PNAC supporters -- except perhaps in one way.

The good ol' U.S. of A. is the very best and most powerful country in the whole world and you'd better not forget that might makes right today. You are setting a very bad example with your succesful adoption and working implemetation of some of the very values and systems that are most despised by those with real power. If you make them twitchy enough, you may yet discover how real men handle irritating neighbours.

The PNAC plan for pre-emptive actions against any and all challenges to "full spectrum dominance" doesn't limit itself to far away countries.

Excuse me! No, on second thought, excuse YOU! I simply must point out that your ignorance and gross generalization of "Canada" is precisely the problem with countries trying to get along. I'll be the first to admit that Canada has it's share of issues and yes, many of them stem from the ignorance of Canadians and there belief that what happens in the US won't and doesn't happen here but come on, you've got your share of ignorants down there too... we all do, but people coming together to support a cause they believe in is nothing to scoff at. I am a Canadian and I too believe that the USA is the most powerfull country on the planet and I admire the courage of your soldiers and I cry for the deaths of innocent people, American, Canadian, Iraqi, all people who die at the hands of a greedy selfish ruler with nothing but his own self interest in mind. I believe we are all people. All human beings with the incredible gift of compassion. It is up to each and every one of us to decide whether to excercise it or not. So if citizens of Toronto want to show their support for a truly remarkable woman with the guts to speak up and question the most powerful man on earth then I'm behind them too! I really think you ought to think before you speak. Have you met every single Canadian citizen and therefor have grounds for such a blanket statement? I didn't think so.

Tsk, tsk, such un-Canadian rudeness! How dare you suggest that ignorance exists in the U.S. of A. I've never heard such utter tripe.

Unlike Canadians, still clinging to their monarchic ties, Americans don't have a ruler. George Bush only thinks he's a king, with some acquiescence and encouragment of his delusions from Congress.

P.S.: No I haven't met every Canadian, but I know many of them quite well. Some of them even have a pretty good sense of the ridiculous. :)

What's worse? Canadians clinging to monarchic ties or Americans allowing their President to act like a "King" with no ties to the monarch at all and in turn over"rule" the wishes of the MAJORITY of American citizens and send his country into a pointless, senseless killing spree of not only innocent Iraqis but his own troops AND innoncent New Yorkers and Pentagon workers by IGNORING numerous warnings of Sept. 11 attacks.... Hmm, makes you wonder if he's got some kind of "other" motive that maybe has absolutely NOTHING to do with the wishes of his country and EVERYTHING to do with his own personal gain... Hmmm?

I've often pondered the dichotomy of a nation whose origins lie in violent rebellion against what they then perceived as tyranny and whose present tolerates and even encourages an imperial presidency.

I doubt that George William Frederick of Britain could ever have contemplated, even in his wildest imaginings, such tyrannical power as now rests in the hands of George Walker Bush of the U.S.A. The really scary part of the parallel is the questionable sanity of both.

Bragging about how "powerful" your country is and threatening to punish other countries for seeing things differently is not the act of a "real man" at all. It's the kind of thing wimps do while sitting at their computers, pretending to be tough guys.

Your foolish bombast doesn't scare Canadians -- it just makes us wonder what has gone wrong in a "powerful" country whose people are so wimpishly insecure that they spnd so much time pounding their chests and yelling "You better be scared! I'm powerful!"

Sick, sick sick.

What makes you assume that I'm an American?

As for pounding my chest, I haven't done that in ages. It tends to make me cough. :)

Arvy, you should understand that the ONLY people who brag, threaten, and try to intimidate other people via the internet these days are Americans. Your personality and rhetoric give you away -- especially your nonsense about "real men" -- American!

Bush is a prime example of what American males do when they are haunted by doubts about their masculinity (are they really real men?) He swaggers like a gorilla with muscular dystrophy, he dresses up as a pilot, he bellows "bring it on" (meaning, "bring it on to the troops in Iraq -- not me!")and he orders other people to "let's you and him fight" -- something he was too cunning to do himself when he had the chance.

Bush's behaviour marks him as a wimp and a pipsqueak. But it is a clever political move, as millions of American males contending with obesity, couch-potato syndrome, Viagra syndrome, and women who make them feel insecure, identify strongly with his enactment of their dilemma, and join him in pretending that he, and they, are "real men" because they "support" the troops they send into "harm's way".

Cindy Sheehan has more courage than Bush and his millions of fellow wimps combined. That's why he's scared to death of her.

"Clinging to monarchical ties"? Is that the best you've got?

For your information, the Queen reigns over many countries, including some of those who were lied into the "coalition of the willing", like the UK and Australia. The Queen no longer symbolizes mere aristocratic privilege, but the age-old tradtition of parliamentary democracy and the freedoms that go along with it.

In any case, I'd much rather have Canadian freedom and democracy than American guns, lies, and aggression. I've tried both, and that's my decision -- by many kilometers, not to say a country mile.

Good grief! Canadian freedom and democracy! American guns, lies, and aggression! Tributes to Her Majesty and parliamentary tradition!

What kind of Canadian patriotic hornet's nest have I stirred up here? This is not at all typical. You must be a part of some fringe group daring to suggest that the U.S. of A. is not superior in all respects.

You're not going to get along well with Stephen Harper and the Republican Party North. If he'd had his way, you'd be mourning your own troops in Iraq. If I recall correctly, he said something about being ashamed of his own country -- even more insulting than Bush's ambassador Paul Cellucci.

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