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Baez Performs Near Crawford War Protest

By ANGELA K. BROWN, Associated Press Writer

Iraq war protesters camping out near President Bush's ranch are getting support from a prominent figure in the anti-Vietnam war movement: folk singer Joan Baez.

"In the first march I went to (opposing Vietnam) there were 10 of us. This is huge," Baez told relatives of fallen U.S. soldiers Sunday as she prepared to perform a free evening concert in Bush's adopted hometown.

The concert was expected to draw more than 1,000 people to a 1-acre lot offered by a landowner who opposes the war. Not far away, protesters continued a camp-out started by grieving mother Cindy Sheehan.

Meanwhile, more Bush supporters arrived at a downtown pro-Bush camp. As of Sunday afternoon, more than 150 people had visited the large tent with "God Bless Our President!" and "God Bless Our Troops" banners and a life-size cardboard cutout of Bush.

"When we saw this, we said, `Thank God you're here'," said Frances Lee, who arrived in Crawford with her Douglasville, Ga., neighbor Brenda Bohanan. They planned to hold pro-Bush banners down the street from the protesters.

"We said, `We wanted y'all to know that there are people from all over the United States that care'," Lee said.

The pro-Bush camp is called "Fort Qualls," for Marine Lance Cpl. Louis Wayne Qualls, 20, killed in Fallujah last fall. His father, Gary Qualls of Temple, said the anti-war demonstrators are being disrespectful to soldiers.

Sheehan's 24-year-old son, Army Spc. Casey Sheehan, also died last year in Iraq. He is among more than 1,800 U.S. soldiers killed since the March 2003 invasion.

Sheehan, of Vacaville, Calif., started the anti-war demonstration on Aug. 6 and vowed to remain until Bush agreed to meet with her or until his monthlong vacation ends Sept. 3. She flew to Los Angeles last week after her 74-year-old mother had a stroke but is expected to return to Texas in a few days.

Bush has said he sympathizes with Sheehan but won't change his schedule to meet with her. She and other families met with Bush about two months after Casey died, before she became a vocal opponent of the war.

In addition to the "Fort Qualls" camp, a few Bush supporters have stood with signs in the ditch across from the demonstrators' camp. Down the street, another group of about a dozen set up tents and pro-Bush signs on private property over the weekend.

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It's Waiting 2 C U @

Scroll Way, Way, Down till U C the Button

Thank U,

Joanie supported the muslims in bosnia who brought in thousands of muhajeddins to do their usual work. Then they stayed and we are reaping the results. 9-11 has tons of Bosnian connections. They caught a madrid suspect in the balkans (actually, he was got by the yugoslavians by accident) and the last 3 leaders of Al Quaeda in Saudi Arabia where bosnian war muhajeddin, the last one showing up with his bosnian wife and passport, just like the one Bin Laden got in the mid=90's.

I dont see Joanie going to Bosnia and apoligizing to the familiese of the beheaded there for her support.
Even French pro-war activist Kuchner had a recant recently in his book ....well DUH!!

I want Joan Baez to fo see the ones who had to deal with thousands of nice muhajeddins and tell them she supported a muslim leader who wrote a book called Islamic Declarations in which he states that islam cannot live in parallel with any other religion or social structure, that it must be THE law.
Yes, that was the moderate she was supporting.

So Eff Joanie..her words have caused as much grief as solace.


I love this age old pretzel logic . . .

Dreamers, Lovers, and Fools share their visions of Liberty, Freedom, Love, Beauty and Compassion.

People hear the "Piper" and run to join thus creating a "movement."

Predators, usually Patriarachal "Right Man" Men see this movement and run to the front and hijack it. In typical "fascist" fashion (in the Etruscasn/Roman sense of fascism), these men promote "violence", "fear", and "purges" in an argument of "the end
justifies the means" and "we have a RIGHT to do to THEM what they did to US".

When the smoke clears on the fields of dead burnt bodies, most of them women and children . . . the "Right Man" Men, who can never be wrong place the blame where it belongs . . .

. . . on the heads of the Dreamers, Lovers, and Fools.

Tell me, who did Joan Baez kill???? Who did she torture??? Who did she imprison or enslave??? What did she steal/tax???

Well, if this is the case, let's get that Jesus dude up against the wall right now!!! ;-)

"Someday we'll find it,
The Rainbow Connection,
The Lovers, the Dreamers, and Me."
- Kermit the Frog from The Muppet Movie


When you say, and I don't believe you for one moment, that Joan supported "the Muslims," are you implying that all Muslims are the enemy? Sounds like your usual partisan right-wing attack to me.

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