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We need more Cindy Sheehans to speak out against war

The Canton Repository (Ohio)
Sunday, August 21, 2005

Thank God for Cindy Sheehan, who lost her son to the Iraq war and who pursues our elusive, yet always vacationing president in hopes that if he has the courage to meet with her again, this time he will remember her son’s name.

Our commander in chief, who ducked his chance to serve in Vietnam, now ducks a sole, lonely mother who dares to question the lies and deception that led to her loss and her cause of trying to ensure no other mother loses a child in what two-thirds of Americans see as a perpetual quagmire.

Staying the course and dying for this noble cause, as President Bush constantly mentions, is easy for someone who has his two daughters safely at home, spends one day out of five vacationing and who, while off for five weeks of vacation, can’t seem to meet with Ms. Sheehan or take the time to visit the Ohio battalion that recently lost 20 Marines.

We need more Cindy Sheehans to speak out against this war, and more protests from people who support our troops by displaying magnetic flags on their vehicles, yet want to end this war.

We need to exit Iraq because our leadership and plan have failed, with no end to the bloodshed or cost in sight.

Why are we so complacent and apathetic about showing our resolve to end this madness? Because we feel volunteers have chosen to fight and die? Because we believe “my country, right or wrong

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Hitler declared that he was christian. He used the name of God to send millions of Jewish people to the death camps. He used the name of God to invade the countries around him. He used the name of God to force his "master race" on the world. In most of what he did, he declared that it was a mandate from God, as if that justified killing millions of people.

Anyone who hears of the atrocities that occured during his reign would ask themselves why nobody did anything about it. People say "why didn't anybody stand up against it." The sad truth is that they truly beleived that it was for the good of the country. They didn't dare question the goverment becuase it would have been "unpatriotic."

I see too many similarities from that time and today. People ignore any facts presented to them and blindly defend a person whose integrity has come under question. They decide to turn a deaf ear to any reports of deaths cause by our own troops torturing the very people that they were to have liberated. They decide that to question a member of our governemt is unpatriotic and any attempt to hold them accountable for any shortcomings or incompetence is treasonous. These people feel that limiting some peoples freedoms is needed to protect their own freedoms. I have a question for our government, not just the president or congress, but everyone who gets paid by our taxes:

When is it going to end?

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