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Please Call Congress Now: No More Money for War!

The House Appropriations Committee is taking up the "Supplemental" spending bill for the war at 9 a.m. on Thursday. Whatever comes out of that committee will go to the full House for a vote. Please call 202-224-3121 today and ask for your congress member's office. Or find their number at

Ask them to make sure there is a floor vote on Barbara Lee's amendment to the "Supplemental" for a "fully funded withdrawal" - and to vote YES. Lee's amendment would require that all Iraq war funding be spent on a safe withdrawal by the end of this year.

Ask them to commit to voting NO on the Supplemental unless Lee's amendment passes.

Another $93 billion for the Iraq War is not what we elected a Democratic majority to do. The smaller items added to the bill (care for veterans, Katrina victims, farmers, etc.) all can and should be passed separately and cannot justify a vote to fund the war.

Read The Out Of Iraq Caucus Must Support Barbara Lee's "Fully Funded Withdrawal" from Iraq by Bob Fertik:

Podcast with Rep. Lee.


What If the FBI Hired Someone Honest to Look Into 9-11?

It did. Her name was Sibel Edmonds. This is her story. Edmonds discusses what she knows, whom it implicates, and what she's been through and what hope there is in the new Congress to start an investigation.

Please sign a petition to request public hearings by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform into confirmed reports by FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds of wrongdoing, criminal activities, cover-ups against the security and interests of the United States and its citizenry, and the erroneous use of the State Secrets Privilege to shut down all court proceedings in her case.

While Congressional committees have begun some investigations, none have yet looked into the most serious matters, inlcuding the fraud that took us into war. Here are the investigations that need to be done and which committees can do them:

Congressman Henry Waxman is holding a hearing on the Plame disclosure this Friday:


Forum: Target Iran

A Public Forum on the Bush Administration's Plan for More War:
On Wednesday, March 14th, from 7-9 p.m., an expert panel will discuss the US/Iran foreign policy in an open forum at All Souls Unitarian Church, 1500 Harvard Street NW, Washington DC. The event is being organized by the DC Anti-War Network with the support of the activist and Iranian American community. Confirmed speakers include: Gareth Porter, an investigative historian and journalist specializing in U.S. national security policy who has published extensively on diplomacy and war in both Southeast Asia and the Middle East; Jeff Carr, Chief Operating Officer of Sojourners/Call to Renewal recently returned from Iran; Sibel Edmonds, former language specialist for the FBI’s Washington Field Office; Shervin Boloorian, the National Iranian American Council’s (NIAC) legislative director; Larry Everest, author of "Oil, Power & Empire: Iraq and the U.S. Global Agenda"; David Swanson, (Moderator), Washington Director of and co-founder of the coalition.

Sponsored by:,, Backbone Campaign, Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran/CASMII, CodePink: Women for Peace, Democracy Rising, HipHop Caucus, Progressive Democrats of America, Troops Out Now Coalition, World Can't Wait-Drive Out the Bush Regime, The Washington Peace Center.

Over 100,000 have signed the petition. Please join them:


Demand That Congressional Black Caucus Take a Stand

The Congressional Black Caucus, or CBC, ought to represent the political will of Black America. Otherwise it has no reason to exist. Despite the great work of some Black representatives in Congress, the Caucus as a whole has failed to live up to its role as the principal advocate for African American communities on the national stage.

This petition contains 7 points which we believe rank high among the widely accepted and basic "bright lines" of Black political opinion in the U.S.
Please take a moment right now, and go to the petition web site at:


Plan Ahead

Congress members will be working in their districts from April 2 to April 13. Make an appointment now to talk to them about impeachment. Get organized with others in your district here:


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Speaking Events

Jan 19-22: Washington, D.C.: Non-Violent Protest Anti War/Anti Nuke on Inauguration Day and on Facebook

January 29: David Swanson speaking in Arlington, Va.

February David Swanson debating a war supporter in Boston, Mass.

April 7-9: Huntsville, Alabama: 25th Annual Space Organizing Conference & Protest

May or June: UNAC's annual conference in Richmond, Va. April 29: possible multi-issue protest in DC.

August 2-6: Democracy Convention in Minneapolis.

Find more events here.


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