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Congress must probe whether president lied us into war

DesMoines Register
August 20, 2005

As polls show that Americans increasingly believe the war in Iraq to have been a mistake, so, too, do they show a growing conviction that the Bush administration lied the country into war.

To be sure, pollsters do not use such blunt-edged words as "lie." Instead, they ask, as the Washington Post-ABC News poll did recently, "In making the case for war with Iraq, do you think the Bush administration told the American people what it believed to be true, or intentionally misled the American public?" "Intentionally Misled" topped "What It Believed to Be True" 52 percent to 48 percent.

When the poll substituted "intentionally exaggerate" for "intentionally misled," 57 percent said in substance that the case for war was deliberately overblown. Each version of the question has been asked three times since 2004, and in each subsequent poll, ever-greater percentages said, in effect, that they had been duped.

The Gallup organization had the same experience the five times it asked whether the administration "deliberately misled" Americans about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. Only 31 percent believed in 2003 there had been deliberate deception, but that had climbed to 50 percent by last April.

A lie is a knowing mizsstatement of fact. "Intentionally misleading" and "intentionally exaggerated" simply are euphemisms for the same thing, and it is clear that a large chunk of the public believes it was lied to by the administration.

Just because many people believe something, of course, does not make it so. But neither can it be ignored. Yet the administration seems to be doing exactly that. When it created the Commission on the Intelligence Capability of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction, in February 2004, it carefully walled it off from any investigation of possible misuse of intelligence by the administration. Instead, the commission was told to examine only the "intelligence community."

At about the same time the president established the commission by executive order, the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence issued a press release that appeared to say the committee would explore the very issue Bush had barred his commission from investigating. The Senate committee said it would examine whether "public statements and reports and testimony regarding Iraq by U.S. government officials made between the Gulf War period and the commencement of Operation Iraqi Freedom were substantiated by intelligence information." To eliminate any ambiguity, the committee's vice-chairman, John Rockefeller, announced, "We will address the question of whether intelligence was exaggerated or misused . . . "

Except it didn't; the committee got cold feet and quietly let it be known recently that it would not look into the misuse of intelligence.

So the American people are left to figure out for themselves whether the administration lied. Increasingly, they are deciding that it did. The mainstream press may be beginning to find its voice with the same conclusion. The Minneapolis Star Tribune, for one, editorializing May 30 about Iraq, declared, "President Bush and those around him lied . . . Harsh? Yes. True? Also yes." The editorial-page editor describes reader reaction as generally supportive.

Whether the Bush administration lied is immensely important, not only because of the lives and limbs lost, but because reliable, accurate information is a bedrock of democratic government. Aldous Huxley warned, "The survival of democracy depends on the ability of large numbers of people to make realistic choices in the light of adequate information." A public fed a heavy diet of misinformation cannot make the adequately informed decisions democracy requires of them.

President Bush says the mission in Iraq is to spread democracy in the Middle East. It would be bizarrely ironic if the administration knowingly hoodwinked Americans and thereby subverted a basic tenet of democracy in the name of advancing it. The widespread belief by Americans that their government deceived them makes it urgent that Congress quit ducking the questions the Senate Intelligence Committee promised the country to address.



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I personally have written to each and every one of our 100 U.S. Senators. They represent all of us not just the people who vote for them. E-mail addresses are easy to obtain just google US Senate.Write the letter in word then copy and paste. It doesn't take long. I am only one voice but together we are many.

Dear Senator,

Representative Barbara Lee has introduced H Res 375 A Resolution Of Inquiry into Prewar Planning. This legislation already has many co-sponsors in the House but needs sponsorship in the Senate to expedite its passage. The American people need the truth and I am sure you would like to know the truth as well.
Thank You

What if:

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* Flight 93 was shot down?

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While interesting speculation, and even possibly partially true, conspiracy theories weaken the serious cause we have which is basically to save our democracy. We gotta get as focused and organized as the repubs to take back America.

A conspiracy theory, by definition, is not a theory if it is "even possibly true" and can be proven. The official story of the 911 events is the conspiracy theory.

911 is at the heart of Bush Administration's conspiracy against the American people. "Loose Change" exposes 911 for what it was: A well-crafted and almost perfectly executed psychological attack on all of us. The 911, DSM, Iraq, soon to be Iran, Rove, Plame, torture - are all interconnected and one in the same when one looks at the Big Picture.

Google: Bush/Cheney Indictments, Stanley Hilton (Bob Dole’s former Chief of Staff) who, along with 400 plaintiffs, has a 7 Billion-Dollar lawsuit against the Bush Clan. As we all know, there is much that the MSM does not report on. On door opens another as one steps deeper and deeper into the crap-world of the Bush's. The phony facade is crumbling. They know that the end is near and will stop at nothing to continue their stranglehold on us. It is essential that the American people wake up from their slumber and see the truth!

for coming out with this piece. I wish you were still runing the editprial page down there at the Register. I've been writing letters since the run-up, but seldom get published. Anyway, it looks like they're finally starting to find their voice on this thing: 8/13 editorial "Fallen soldier's mother deserves a meeting" and, opinion page editorial opposite your piece of 8/20 "Honoring fallen can mean knowing when to leave". Even today, I see that Doak came out with something: "As war drags on, should our long national vacation end?".

Thanks again, Gilbert, and I hope you will continue to apply what pressure you can.
R Ap

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