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Host a Back-to-School Event

Because most high schools turn over their student lists to military recruiters in October, it's imperative that we get as many kids as possible "opted out" during the month of September. Parents, teachers, grandparents and concerned citizens are planning Leave My Child Alone back-to-school events from September 7-30. It's easy to host an event at your home or local coffee shop -- we provide you all the forms and information you need, plus a free DVD on opting out featuring Cindy Sheehan if you register with us online before Aug. 31. Click here to register an event now and help local parents opt out!

Event ideas include:

--Hosting a house party to talk with friends and neighbors about protecting kids from the Pentagon, watch the new Leave My Child Alone DVD (featuring Cindy Sheehan), and write letters to your local superintendent and school board to adopt Optimum Opt Out policies.
--Passing out opt-out forms at a local high school's parents' night.
Organizing a school board meeting outing to sure your local district is educating parents about their ability to opt out.
--Tabling outside the first day of school to give opt-out forms to students to bring home to parents.

If you're interested in any of these options (or have your own creative ideas) you can find materials and a way to let other local Leave My Child Alone supporters know at

School Board Success Story!

Local parents in the Houston, Texas, area got together for a Leave My Child Alone house party on June 1 (one of over 140 such gatherings!). They decided there was a lot of work to be done, so they created a game plan and were successful in convincing five area school districts to send opt out forms and notices to parents for the first time ever. Tens of thousands of children will be affected by their work this fall.

Want to create change in your local district's policy? Or do you have a success story to share? Email our school district policy expert Josh at

Don't Miss Fall Opt-Out Deadlines!

While most school districts hand over information to recruiters in October, some opt-out deadlines are as early as September! You need to opt out your kids (or tell your friends to opt out) now. Even if your children are in a private school that is exempt from No Child Left Behind disclosure requirements, their names are probably still in the Pentagon's database of 16-25 year olds. You can use our one-stop opt-out site to generate letters to both your local district and the Pentagon. Just click on the link below to start the opt out process:

Pass it on!

Are all the parents and students on your email list aware of their ability to opt out? Do you know grandparents, teachers or others who could help spread the word? Please forward this email to your friends and family to make sure all our children can be opted out in time this fall. Think they need more information? They can find out more about Leave My Child Alone at:

Thanks for all the work you do for students in your community. We'll look forward to seeing your event posted on our site at

Catherine Geanuracos
Campaign Organizer
Leave My Child Alone Coalition / Working Assets


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The cynical exploitation of children is nothing new to these people.

500,000+ Iraqi children died as a result of the utterly ineffective US/UK led economic sanctions against Iraq during the 1990's and early 2000's.

Clinton / Bush / Blair are vampires. Their 'careers' are fed by the blood of innocents.

Stop the Iraqi Holocaust

Its fun to do....

"This actually helps recruiters because it identifies those who don't want to be contacted and makes sure recruiters are not wasting their time."

This is a very good and concise line that would work very well at both a School Board meeting and during one-on-one conferences with obnoxious high school principals.

Mind if we use it?

"Hey, Teacher!
Leave them kidz alone!!!"
- Pink Floyd from The Wall


It is a pretty good frame, though.

Leave my child (children) alone goes beyond the recuiters, please be aware of the Freedom Initiative Act, written by 7 pharmaceutical companies, but passed by Congress and signed by Bush into law. The act subjects every school-age child to mandatory mental health screenings. And, if determined during that screening a "problem" exists, then the parents will be forced to give the drug-of-choice to their child whether or not they agree with the findings. As I understand it, there will be a small window of opportunity to opt out before any evaluations are done but once you go down that road you are "hooked". The more people who are on drugs the more $$$$$ the Big Pharms make. Freedom in Amerca!

As a concerned citizen I recently signed the "Leave My Child Alone" petition. As most of us know, the majority of high school seniors are very uncertain as to what they want to be or commit themselves to do. Be it college, military, or employment these young people need a minimum of one year after high school to explore their options without feeling pressured. logic for signing this. I had NO idea such a thing as the Freedom Initiative Act, especially the pharmaceutical clause, existed. Thanks for the info. This "Freedom?" Act opt out option for children compares to the small print for adults to opt out of information sharing. As a lover of Freedom, I personally believe the "option" should be IN ALL THESE CASES to opt IN rather than OUT!

The majority of Marijuana smokers arrested are in the 18-25 year old range.

Who came up with the New Prohibition? THE PNAC NEO CONS!!!

"My child died in Iraq"
"My child died in Prison"

It will be interesting to see what impact recent events and publicity are having on military recruitment when the August numbers come out.

I suspect that there's gonna be a lot more mothers standing over teenagers with threats of house arrest and other dire consequences if they even think of going near a recruiting station during the current administration's tenure.

(I posted this earlier on another thread, but thought it worth repeating here. . . hope you don't mind)

The Wilmington, NC Peace Meetup Group ( has really focused its attention on being "Pro-Active" with the school boards here to limit the amount of information and access military recruiters have to students.

Steve Lee, organizer of the Wilmington Peace Meetup group, actually made the front page of the New York Times owned "Wilmington Star-news" with this story. The New Hanover Schools, thanks to Peace Meetups efforts, now REQUIRE that the "Opt Out" forms be signed by a parent and returned. Last year, it was optional and many forms never even made it past the first available trashcan, let alone to the parents.

Our goal is to "reverse" the model so that a parent must sign an "Opt IN" form before the information is made available to recruiters, but we aren't quite there yet. :-)

I urge everyone to attack this part of the war support base and make it clear to the PNAC NEO CONs that our children are not their cannon fodder "serfs". "Starve & Contain the Beast."

"Ain't no Thelma here, man!!!"
- From Amazon Women on the Moon


If they support the war...
Then why aren't they in Iraq?

and now the Right Wing Attack machine is focusing on him.

Its time for Democrates to push the envelope a litte..

Democrats should suggest that the High Gas prices are directly related to bush's destabilization of the region.

If there were any opposition to the neocons, they surely would have pointed this out by now. Also-$200 billion would buy a lot of oil. Democrats are as much to blame for this whole thing as Republicans.

BUSH impeachment is indeed justified. BUT, that won't happen until 2006, when the Dems win the majority in Congress. When that happens, BUSH and ROVE both will be under the axe. Look, either activate the draft, and then double, triple the troop strenght in Iraq in order to WIN, or you bring our boys home. Haven't we learned anything as a nation from the Vietnam experience!

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