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13 Coloradans plan to sustain Texas vigil

By The Denver Post

Thirteen Coloradans are driving to Crawford, Texas, today to carry on with Cindy Sheehan's vigil near President Bush's ranch.

Sheehan had been camped outside the ranch since Aug. 6 to protest the war in Iraq after her 24-year-old son, Casey, was killed there.

Sheehan had to leave the vigil Thursday because her mother had a stroke in California.

"We're going to the Bush ranch to stand in the breech for Cindy, and for all the mothers who've needlessly lost their sons and daughters in Iraq," said Karen Trietsch, organizer of the trip. "Now, more than ever, we owe Cindy our support, and we will carry on her courageous vigil. She is brave for personally sacrificing so much to hold the most powerful man on Earth accountable for his actions. Our thoughts and prayers are with her."

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People on the Right better get ready, because they're going to have a lot of work to do. With Cindy caring for her mother in California, there are now many, like Karen Trietsch and her group, who will stand in the gap. There are or have been at least eight mothers of fallen soldiers at Camp Crawford supporting Cindy. What makes them any different from Cindy in their quest for justice and honesty about why their sons died? Will they all be smeared by those who have nothing better to offer as a defense for their views than name-calling and personal attacks? The right better get their research teams primed, because they're going to have a lot of work to do trying to discredit all these people.

Just doing the research on them will become a monumental job.

NO!!!! They can't smear them all you are soooo right!!! It's time to pay the piper for all the lying and smearing thats been going on since the 2000 election!!!

Isn't it interesting that the right can't go by the facts because it is obvious to everyone who is not blind that Bush lied. So they have to try to smear.

today is Sunday, Aug. 21, what's the count in Camp Casey I and II?

Pacifica Radio is a very good alternative media network of radio stations which is available on the web. It carries Amy Goodman's DemocracyNow.Org which has a link to Pacifica. Pacifica stations are not nationwide but you can listen on the internet. They have very intelligent truthful, programs. Its commercial free,as it is listener supported. This is a very incredible resource for us. Amy Goodman broadcast from Camp Casey on Fri. For many here in the SF bay area our Pacifica station KPFA is a lifesaver. They announce grass roots events speakers,vigils. They also interview us, the people, as an integral part of many programs. Our voices get to be heard on the radio; this is also a very valuable resource.

When bushco went into Iraq; listening to Amy Goodman on DemocracyNow.Org was like radio free america. This program is now being carried on a variety of radio and televisons stations and pod casts as well; whatever that is. There is also FreeSpeech Televison but we dont get that even here north of san francisco.
Heard that rust limburg, sean horrity and bill not oreally are all sinking fast in their ratings, losing 45% of their listeners. Perhaps this explains the growing stream of despicable hate mongering that is coming out of their mouths. The things they are saying should be illegal on our airwaves They foment incredible hatred/rage/violence in people. Would it be possible to organize some kind of boycott of these shows advertisers perhaps boycotting one or two of their major advertisers? They are so arrogant, accountable to none, totally irresponsible and spreading nothing but negativity and destruction.

Democracy is back by popular demand. Scanning the net for events such as the upcoming sept peace march on DC reveals there are millions out there responding to our peace movement. Goggle Cindy Sheehan and there are literally a million or more references or websites listed?Its so heartening after 4/1/2 years of the bush horror show.There is a lot of work to be done, but we are not so separated anymore. Hopefully we will never allow ourselves to be so demoralized again.We have to watch for any legislation attempting to censor the internet. Its being done in china and it could happen here?

Any suggestions for ongoing blogs to connect with other activists? The sense of community is a lifesaver. Cindy galvanized or re-spirited our movement with her courage and truth. As she says it is now much larger than any individual. I feel hope and even joy when i see all the community here on the internet and at rallys/vigils.
We were able to put one together here in no. Ca in two days thanks to this website and other local ones. "Theres something happening here" My heart has literally been hurting for the horror done to the Iraqi people and our military and our country as well. bush will go down as the worst president if you can even call him that. i call them criminals because thats what they are common low level criminals who hijacked our country and govt. Never again. The sense of community is absolutely crucial to me. Its survival. CitizenG

Cindy is selfish... she does not think of the Iraqis who were killed by Saddam and the insurgents. Because of her son and an additional 1,900 soldiers who died... millions of Iraqis can live freely. She wants peace for herself... because she is selfish. I say peace will come when the terrorists are gone... the real evil. George Bush has had some very hateful things said against him... but how can the protestors say things about stopping the hate over there... when they can't even stop it in themselves. Cindy Sheehan split the country... something she shouldn't be proud of.

Your couldn't be more wrong.

bushandco created this whole debacle.

Cindy has more truth and courage in one finger than bushandco have collectively.

Have you read the Downing Street Memoes or are you just here to rant and smear with your lies?

Your couldn't be more wrong.

bushandco created this whole debacle.

Cindy has more truth and courage in one finger than bushandco have collectively.

Have you read the Downing Street Memoes or are you just here to rant and smear with your lies?

Freely? You mean "freely" in accordance with the "non-rescindable" rules imposed by Bremer and other imperial forces, don't you?

BTW, do you think you could give the rest of us access to your special direct pipeline to the opinion of all those Iraqis. And could you be a little more specific about which "millions" you're referring to. Quite a few of them seem to be a just a tad upset by their "liberation".

i am not sure where you have been, but this country has been split since it's beginning ....
did you know of the conscience resisters in the war with England ... and how those men were dragged by horse by their thumbs till dead ...
and in my family i wasn't talked to for over 20 years for being against the viet nam war ...
so WHO and How did the country get divided !!!

This woman Cindy Sheehan is an amazing woman who has the courage to actually be one ... she knows she can speak freely in a free country ... perhaps you who think she is selfish live in a nazi style country where people must think alike ... or else !!! ugh ...
try reading up on your history ...
something Cindy obviously has done ...
she surely doesn't have to defend herself as far as i am concerned !
noguns, santa cruz, ca.

bush split the country and rove with hate and lies
read a little of the info on this site and join us.

Bless Cindy and all who are participating in this historic dissent against tyranny and the lies that support it.

And it's "breach," not "breech." It's the 'breaching' of the line that must be filled. You wear breeches.

The person calling Cindy selfish needs to do some homework. The armed forces in Iraq are using depleted uranium and napalm and bombing rather indiscriminately. The current estimates are over 100,000 civilian casualties. But Baghdad is now a nuclear holocaust in action. Far less du weapons were used in the first gulf war than have been used in this illegal war and the death count from cancer and birth defects has sky rocketed since that time. The effects of what we are doing now is in essence genocide. They don't hate us for our freedom they hate us for killing their children and their childrens childrens children. Just google - gulf war syndrome birth defects in iraq children. Read it and weep. Who is using WMD in Iraq?

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