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Militarism as Cult: "Take My Whole Family and Don't Tell Me Why"

War Backers Start Camp Near Bush Ranch By ANGELA K. BROWN
Saturday, August 20, 2005 10:05 PM EDT

CRAWFORD, Texas - A patriotic camp with a "God Bless Our President!" banner sprung up downtown Saturday, countering the anti-war demonstration started by a fallen soldier's mother two weeks ago near President Bush's ranch.

The camp is named "Fort Qualls," in memory of Marine Lance Cpl. Louis Wayne Qualls, 20, who died in Iraq last fall.

"If I have to sacrifice my whole family for the sake of our country and world, other countries that want freedom, I'll do that," said the soldier's father, Gary Qualls, a friend of the local business owner who started the pro-Bush camp. He said his 16-year-old son now wants to enlist, and he supports that decision.

Qualls' frustration with the anti-war demonstrators erupted last week when he removed a cross bearing his son's name that was among hundreds the group had put up along the road to Bush's ranch.

Qualls called the protesters' views disrespectful to soldiers, and said he had to yank out two more crosses after protesters kept replacing them.

Cindy Sheehan, whose 24-year-old son, Army Spc. Casey Sheehan, died last year in Iraq, started the anti-war demonstration along the roadside on Aug. 6. "Camp Casey" has since grown to about 100 core participants, and hundreds more from across the nation have visited.

Sheehan vowed to remain there until Bush agreed to meet with her or until his monthlong vacation ended, but she flew to Los Angeles last week after her 74-year-old mother had a stroke. Her mother has some paralysis but is in good spirits, and if she improves, Sheehan may return to Texas in a few days, some demonstrators said.

In her absence, the rest of the group will keep camping out for the unlikely chance to question the president about the war that has claimed the lives of about 1,850 U.S. soldiers.

Bush has said he sympathizes with Sheehan but won't change his schedule to meet with her. She and other families met with Bush about two months after Casey Sheehan died, before she became a vocal opponent of the war.

Large counter-protests were held in a ditch near Sheehan's site a week after she arrived, and since then, a few Bush supporters have stood in the sun holding signs for several hours each day.

Bill Johnson, a local gift shop owner who created "Fort Qualls," said he wanted to offer a larger, more convenient place for Bush supporters to gather.

He and others at "Fort Qualls" have asked for a debate with those at the Crawford Peace House, which is helping Sheehan.

It's unclear if that will happen. But a member of Gold Star Families for Peace, co-founded by Sheehan and comprised of relatives of fallen soldiers, said her group would not participate.

"We're asking for a meeting with the president, period," said Michelle DeFord, whose 37-year-old son, Sgt. David W. Johnson, was in the Army National Guard from Oregon when he was killed in Iraq last fall. "We don't want to debate with people who don't understand our point of view."

A service of the Associated Press(AP)

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Gary Qualls said..."If I have to sacrifice my whole family for the sake of our country and world, other countries that want freedom, I'll do that,"

Well if Mr.Qualls is so patriotic and enamoured of the cause of this war why doesn't he join up and sacrifice himself, instead of his family ?

In murder suicide cases, the mad narcissistic, "protective" father kills his family and then himself. Mr.qualls case doesn't even fit this profile. Mr.Qualls prefers to sacrifice the members of his own family in place of himself.

I have also read that in some parts of the Amazon Jungle, the natives would get their children to walk across an unknown river first, so as to preserve the adults in the event of piranhas, alligators, snakes or other such potentially dangerous creatures.

In another vein, in a Satanic Cult, the High Priest and High Priestess will offer up their own children for sexual favours to gain influence and power over other members of the group.

It seems in Crawford, Texas a satanic presence can sit just down the raod from a peaceful protest...

Patriarchal "Human Sacrifice" Cults like this "Boyz Only Rich Frat Brat Cabal" at Bohemian Grove, CA where Bush I and Bush II go every July to put on black, red, and silver robes and hold a human sacrifice ritual to the "Power" Owl god "Moloch"???

What these guys did to the US Constitution, they have done to the beautiful system of Freemasonry. Thank you so much, Alber Pike, the PT Barnum of the White Supremist
19th century Social Darwinists.

"We are the priests
Of the temples of Syrinx"
- Rush from 2112


It is interesting to note which presidents are "Skull and Bones",
the secret fraternity at Yale.

Bush I & Bush II - YES
Clinton - YES

Kennedy - NO

Now, who is still alive?

Mr. Blackburn, I love your posts with song lyrics. I work in radio and know these songs well. Are you in radio too or just a music enthusiast?

"Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak." - The Mourning Bride by William Congreve

Thank you so much for the kind words!!! I'm glad you enjoy my posts
with the lyrics.

Nah, I'm too "southern" to be allowed anywhere near a broadcast
microphone, "ya'll!!" ;-) I'm just one of those "Aquarian Age Saturdaze Kidz" that found the words of the "Older Kidz" the mother's milk of sanity and truth in a world ruled by "Insane Grownups."

In my work in Communications, I've always been fascinated by the concept of "Meta Symbol Communications" as put forth by the Post-Jungian psychologists. In my "YIPPY" political activism, I try to make use of this get people to "wake up" and remember the beauty and love that are all around if they would just open their eyes.

Fear is just an illusion.
Power is just an illusion.
The Emperor has no clothes.

Basically, I feel everything you need to know to fight Fascism is right there in "The Yellow Submarine" film by the Beatles. If you use anything else, you become what you are fighting against and you just get "Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss" like Pete Townsend said.

"I get by with a little help from my friends"
- The Beatles


" If I have to sacrifice my whole family for the sake of our country and world, other countries that want freedom, I'll do that," said the soldier's father, Gary Qualls

it's hard to believe a father would say such a thing.
I'm so sorry his son was seems he would want the war to stop. how very sad........:{

Ah, just like we have seen for the last 6000 years of the psychotic
Patriarchy . . . men gladly sacrificing the children so that they look good and "patriotic/loyal" in front of the leaders and the community.

"I'll sacrifice EVERYONE to Win!! Because the Winners are always
RIGHT!!!" (For the Newbies, read James Michener's "The Source" sometime for insight insight into the origins of the Poisonous Pedagogy. Then read anything by Alice Miller, Robert Bly, or Marion Woodman for strategies on how to "heal and deal".)

In a Fascist system, EVERYONE is expendable to insure the survival of the "system." Unfortunately, that usually means the children.

To those in Crawford, my thoughts and prayers are with you as you are descended upon by these barbarians that don't come seeking truth, but come seeking a fight. I know it will be hard, but try to imagine the hell they must have endured as children, the dysfunctional systems they come from, and forgive them.
(don't turn your backs on them for a second, but forgive them.)

Stay focused and remember why you are there. "Never try to teach a cow to sing. You can't do it and you annoy the cow." ;-)

And chin up . . . my intel says Joan Baez may visit you soon. If anyone can charm a savage beast, it is this incredible woman.

"I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night,
alive as you and me.
Says I But Joe, you're ten years dead
I never died said he"
- Joan Baez


Very good comments. Many profit by the chaotic destruction of warfare and continued violence on the Planet. Their profit will be short-lived however.

Bertha Pappenheim was an amazing woman who had much to say about the satanic "elites" of the world and their conspiracies. More people should read about her life history.

Two good books about the the nature of trauma are...

"Trauma and Recovery" by Judith Lewis-Herman

"Betrayal Trauma" by Jennifer Freyd

Quall misses Cindy's point which simply is.. are these sacrifices really "for the sake of our country and world, other countries that want freedom"?

Read the project for the new American century and mabe you will feel betrayed by this government.

Project For The New American Century

"Full Spectrum Dominance"

(Can somebody please tell me why we need all those secret FEMA concentration camps???)

The man organizing Fort Qualls actually does have a right to speak...he, unlike the folks running the country, actually has lost a child in war. I pray for him, and understand how difficult it is to deal with losing a child. To the point that some are simply unable to entertain the thought that it was unnecessary. I can only hope, sooner or later, that he will be able to accept the facts, and I think the more he talks about it, the sooner the realization will set in.

Supporting the troops means more than waving a flag at a rally. It means feeding them, it means providing equipment, it means PAYING THEM A DECENT WAGE, it means taking care of the fortunate ones who make it back to the States alive medically, mentally, and emotionally, and it means that NO U.S. military member should ever be put in harm's way UNLESS IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

These are concepts our President is, at the least, untroubled by. George W. Bush went before Congress and the American people and stated that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, that Iraq funded the September 11 terrorists, and that Iraq was attempting to obtain yellowcake uranium from Niger. And he knew that none of these things were true.

Lying to Congress is TREASON under U.S. law. Treason is punishable by death. The administration's flagrant disregard for U.S. law makes them culpable for the unnecessary deaths of at least two thousand soldiers, the maiming of tens of thousands more, and incredible devestation visited upon the Iraqi people and their country. It has left Iraq without basic services and vulnerable to factionalism, civil war, and has ruined hundreds of thousands of lives. Criminal trials are in order for those responsible, and removing George W. Bush from office is simply a first step.

Supporting the troops means not allowing draft-dodgers to continue to issue corrupt orders. We have a responsibility to cure the rot at home to get our soldiers back home.

Before any more of Mr. Qualls kids have to die.

Melanie Lane

take me and don't tell me why.

Mr. Quall's wishes regarding his son's name should be respected. He, also, has a right.

Did you notice the biased opener?

"A patriotic camp with a.... countering the antiwar demonstration."

To Angela Brown of AP Wire: Patriotic does not mean love for Dear Leader but love for country. Now what's with Camp Casey that makes it, in your eyes, unworthy of the adjective "patriotic" ?

Qualls was the same man who was brave enough to accept Cindy's challenge some time ago, and the two had very touching moments. Don't know what's with the sudden flip - that's a question for Mr. Qualls to answer.

Seriously, fuck the AP. "Patriotic" indeed.

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