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The More He Talks, The More No One Listens: Go Get 'Em, W!

Bush Begins Five-Day Push to Defend Iraq War

CRAWFORD, Texas (Aug. 20) - With anti-war protesters continuing their vigil outside President Bush's ranch, the commander in chief began a five-day push Saturday to tell Americans why he thinks U.S. troops must continue the fight in Iraq.

In his weekly radio address, Bush argued that the war in Iraq will keep Americans safe for generations to come. He'll try to drive the point home with speeches in upcoming days in Utah and Idaho.

"Our troops know that they're fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere to protect their fellow Americans from a savage enemy,'' the president said in the recorded broadcast.

"They know that if we do not confront these evil men abroad, we will have to face them one day in our own cities and streets, and they know that the safety and security of every American is at stake in this war, and they know we will prevail.''

Bush is making a sell to a skeptical public. According to recent polls, a majority of Americans do not approve of his handling of the war.

"We need a strategy to win in Iraq or an exit strategy to leave,'' former Sen. Max Cleland of Georgia said in the Democratic radio address. "The present course will lead us to disaster. More of the same just means more precious blood spilled in the desert.''

Cleland, who noted that he lost three limbs serving in Vietnam, ticked off numbers indicating this war's toll - nearly 2,000 service members killed, more than 15,000 wounded and some soldiers returning for their third tour in Iraq. "Iraq is still not secure and we don't have the forces there to make it secure,'' he said.

Dozens of the disillusioned remain outside his ranch as their inspiration, grieved mother Cindy Sheehan, left to tend to her hospitalized mother in her home state of California. Sheehan started the protests by traveling to Crawford to ask Bush why her soldier son, Casey, had to die in what she calls a senseless war.

Although he didn't mention him specifically, Bush spoke of the soldiers who have died. "We offer their families our heartfelt condolences and prayers,'' he said.

"Now we must finish the task that our troops have given their lives for and honor their sacrifice by completing their mission,'' he said. "We can be confident in the ultimate triumph of our cause, because we know that freedom is the future of every nation and that the side of freedom is the side of victory.''

The protesters at "Camp Casey'' can claim some victory for forcing Bush to talk so extensively about the military deaths when he'd rather focus on indictors of progress in Iraq. The campers' call to bring the troops home now dominated news coverage out of Crawford this week while Bush stayed on his ranch with no public events.

Next week, the president will regain some of the spotlight with scheduled speeches to the Veterans of Foreign Wars on Monday and a National Guard group on Wednesday.

As he has before when he has been challenged, Bush invoked the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in his radio address.

"On that day, we learned that vast oceans and friendly neighbors no longer protect us from those who wish to harm our people,'' he said. "And since that day, we have taken the fight to the enemy.''

In the Democratic address, Cleland also brought up the Sept. 11 attacks - to remind Americans that al-Qaida terror group leader Osama bin Laden has yet to be captured.

The president has been able to rally Americans behind him before by reminding them of the horror of Sept. 11, most pivotally in last year's close election.

He used the radio address to make the case again that Iraq is a critical part of the war against terrorists.

"We're spreading the hope of freedom across the broader Middle East,'' Bush said. "By advancing the cause of liberty in a troubled region, we are bringing security to our own citizens and laying the foundations of peace for our children and grandchildren.''

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Why can't we capture the two most prominent terrorists on earth - Bush and Bin Laden???? Isn't it amazing how they both deliver their recorded messages from their places of hiding???

I know Bush is a drug store cowboy but he is sure an expert on what comes out of the back end of a bull.


If his lips are moving.......HE'S LYING!

He still isn't saying anything:
"Bush argued that the war in Iraq will keep Americans safe for generations to come." What does this mean? I've been reading about how Iraq is now a terrorist training camp where new terrorist recruits are sent for real combat hands-on training. Bush and his administration are so out of touch with reality, it's alarming to say the least.

If Bush keeps it up, there will not be 'generations to come'. He'd better get those twins busy repopulating the country! We will run out of soldiers, and some day, even poor aliens will stop coming across the border to sign up for our Iraq war and die.... more George Bush. When this chimp speaks, more monkeys jump off his banana boat. God, what an absolute humiliation this sockmonkey is to our nation.

Yes, those savages sure are pesky critters when you invade their land and steal their resources.

Luckily for us, our crude weapons and smallpox blankets have improved considerably since the days of their nasty attack on General Custer. Now we have cluster bombs and "depleted" uranium to fry their ungrateful hides. Even so, unfortunately for our troops, they still seem to insist on fighting back.

Things really haven't changed much since the Revolutionary War. A small, but determined, band of patriots/insurgents/rebels can still whip the mightiest power on earth if they're willing to die for their cause.

"Give me liberty, or give me...heartburn."

Yesterday PBS had a program extolling all the whiz bang technology used in the initial invasion of Iraq, very impressive; they also noted how useless this technology is in the ocupation. Seeing all this high tech, highly expensive, billion dollar gadegtry the thought occured to me that we have a mutli billion dollar military being run by dime store leaders. We went to Tiffanys to buy the hardware and then meandered over to WalMart for a dime store president with five cent leadership. Wow what a bargain, is there any wonder we are in the mess we are in?

This really is Vietnam all over again. In Vietnam a rag tag army of peasants with no air force, no navy, no high tech weapons, defeated the worlds greatest military power. I am sure this lesson is well learned by Al Queda and the Iraqi insurgents, those in Washington from the WalMart school of leadership are still brain dead.

It's a guerilla war stupid, and the guerillas do not have to win any battles, all they have to do is keep fighting, keep spilling blood until the invaders leave, which they will, which we will. Little George "shit for brains" Bush can spin this any way he wants, but the truth is we are the bad guys, we are the agressors.

Yes, we will leave, eventually; and just like Vietnam the only question left unanswered is how many more will die in this insanely stupid war before we do leave! And what will have been accomplished by all this, just as in Vietnam absolutely nothing, except death, destruction and suffering.

Impeach little George "shit for brains" Bush and Dick "in the last throes" Cheney.

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