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Cosponsors of Resolution of Inquiry Now Up to 48

There are now 48 co-sponsors of H Res 375. The four latest are Congressmen Barney Frank, Elijah Cummins, Rush Holt, and Gregory Meeks.

In the photo, Ven Neralla (top), Legislative Director for Congresswoman Barbara Lee, tells members of Progressive Democrats of America's Virginia Chapter about the Resolution on Saturday, August 20.

The Resolution will likely be voted on in the House International Relations Committee between Sept. 6 and Sept. 16. The more congress members who co-sponsor, the more likely some committee members are to both vote Yes and engage in a serious debate in the committee.

The ranking Democrat on the committee is Tom Lantos.

Here's a report on efforts to lobby him from Ashley Evans on August 18:


The meeting today at Lantos' office went very well. Six of us met with Betty Carlson, plus a staffer and an intern. We made our pitch, which was well received by all of them. We were warmly complimented for our knowledge of the subject, our preparation, and our passion (all of us spoke).

Betty promised to put our packet (consisting of a summary letter [below], the ROI, the Downing Street Memo, and DFA's and our local petitions [with 280+ constituent names]) into Lantos' hands herself this weekend. She didn't know Lantos' feelings on the subject, but she said that Lantos' International Relations Committee is having hearings on the subject, and said she wouldn't be surprised if our information became part of the evidence at the hearing.

I made it very clear that we expect answers to the questions we were asking Lantos, and she and I agreed to follow up and stay in touch, although she couldn't say in what form we would expect our response.

I'll keep you posted!
Ashleigh Evans


August 17, 2005

The Honorable Tom Lantos
U.S. House of Representatives - District Office
400 S. El Camino Real, #410
San Mateo, CA 94402

Congressman Lantos:

We appreciate the opportunity to meet today with your representative, Betty Carlson. The members of our delegation are all 12th Congressional District constituents, and members of San Mateo Democracy for America, a grassroots political club chartered by the San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee:

Ashleigh Evans, San Mateo
Soren Sorensen, Redwood City
Heather Stewart, San Mateo
John St. Peter, San Mateo
Gabe Wachob, Redwood City
Greg World, San Mateo

Today we represent not only our own club, but over half a million members of Democracy for America, with which we are affiliated, and other coalition groups. These meetings with Congressional offices are happening at approximately the same time all over the country.


Our message is simple: According to the recently revealed Downing Street Memos, British notes from a secret meeting with President Bush in 2002 indicate that "...Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and fact were being fixed around the policy." The Memo further states, "There was little discussion in Washington of the aftermath after military action."

We believe that Congress should hold full hearings into whether the President misled us into the war in Iraq and whether he had a plan to get us out.

We are also asking you to support House Resolution 375, which, if passed, will require the White House and the State Department to "transmit all information relating to communication with officials of the United Kingdom between January 1, 2002, and October 16, 2002, relating to the policy of the United States with respect to Iraq."

Every week in Iraq, an average of 15 brave Americans die and another 125 are wounded (in addition to countless innocent Iraqis), and $1 billion from our treasury is spent. The American people, the majority of whom no longer support the war, deserve to know if we were misled into making this sacrifice and if there is a plan to extricate us from our occupation of Iraq.

We were very impressed with your co-sponsoring of the request last January for hearings into why $8.8 billion in Development Funds for Iraq were not properly accounted for. It is in this same spirit of accountability that we call on you to co-sponsor H. Res. 375. Your position as ranking minority member of the International Relations Committee makes your support especially valuable.

We're including petitions supporting the Resolution of Inquiry. There are 181 signers from the 12th Congressional District to a DFA online petition earlier this summer, and another 100+ constituent signatures collected during the first three and a half days of the San Mateo County Fair, which is now in progress.


We respectfully request your responses to the following questions:

1) What is your position on the Downing Street Memos ROI?

2) Will you join the other 45 Congressmembers currently co-sponsoring the resolution?

3) If you do not support it, can you share with us your reasons?

4) What would it require for you to support the resolution?

5) How can we help?

Again, we appreciate the opportunity to share with you our strong feelings about this issue, and we look forward to receiving your response in the near future.


Ashleigh Evans
Chair, San Mateo County Democracy for America
California Democratic Convention delegate from the 19th AD
Member, Executive Board of the California Democratic Party
Alternate, San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee

Attached: Downing Street Memo
H. Res. 375
SMCDFA flyer


Would you like to urge Congressman Lantos to show leadership on this issue? Please do!

Information on the Resolution is here:

Lantos' contact information is here:

Phone: 202-225-3531

Email Form for Constituents:


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Lantos makes no secret of his devotion to the cause of militarism and support for the policies of Bush/Sharon in the Middle East. In fact, I regret to say George W. Bush has shown more flexibility (damn little, but that is enough to outdo Lantos!) in regards to US relations with Israel than Lantos (Lantos' friend to the north, San Francisco's Nancy Pelosi, is the same way). They simply refuse to criticize Israeli actions, no matter how extreme, how unlawful.

People who support peace with justice should do all they can to expose these extremists Lantos & Pelosi, for what they are. They are the reason we are STILL in Iraq, and may soon attack Iran.

I am unsubscribing because when you post something like this, you do not represent me. Your words are hateful and the very reason why the Democrats are in disarray. Keep on with this crap and you will make sure that the hoodlums that are in power now remain there. Respectful debate is one thing, but to call people extremists just because they disagree with you on a certain issue is irresponsible. You are just as guilty as this moronic administration when you suggest that Israel is the reason we are still in Iraq.
You suggest that you support peace with justice. Can you tell me exactly where peace and justice are located on the explosives wrapped around suicide bombers?

Congressman Lantos: Put AMERICA first for a change and do your job. It's right there in front of you, and AMERICA is watching. That job is to work to expose, impeach, and indict the fascist traitors in this Exectutive Branch of our government, and to get our people out of Iraq NOW! If you and other Democrats HAD been doing your jobs, they wouldn't have been there in the first place.

You people have a lot of blood on your hands to answer for, and your response to this Inquiry will show how you intend to start that answering.
R Ap

She titled this "Dear Congress Weinies"

Dear Elected Officials

When are you all going to take back your constitutional authority from the maniac in the White House?
If you all won’t protect us, who will?

We are seriously screwed and you all sit back and let the administrative branch take away our freedoms and foist criminals on us: people with no humanity or regard for our American Constitution or humanity. People like Alberto Gonzales and John Negroponte and most recently, John Bolton...torturers and murderers, to name a few. You in fact are complicit in stealing our freedoms by extending the un-Constitutional and un-Patriotic Patriot Act. Have you all lost your minds?

Please protect us. President John F. Kennedy said (1962): Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. I travel the country and I see a revolution won’t be violent, it will be a peaceful revolution.

We don’t want to lower ourselves to the level of our government. People are sick and tired of what’s going on in America today. We are wondering where we really live.

We have no checks and balances in this government. We don’t even have a media to tell us the truth. Please tell me what recourse do We the People have? May we impeach George and Dick and all of the lying cabinet? You all don’t follow the Constitution, why should we?

Take back your Constitutional power. Come back rested from your vacations and ready to do your jobs. Earn the obscene amount of money you make. Remember who you work for: your constituents, not the lobbyists, or George Bush.

Cindy Sheehan

To the Congress,
I stand with Cindy Sheehan, it is time that we get representation from the Democrats in Congress.

How can you vote against what is good for the ordinary people of our country?

Just one example: explain to me how the rich corporations are able to go bankrupt for business failures, and ordinary people will not have that option, even if sickness wipes them out?

I hope you know that your votes and remarks are noticed and remembered. Things like standing for this illegal war cannot go on being ok. You just can't be for and against at the same time.

Support our troops! - Hold our leaders accountable!

no bake sale, no pat on the back, no care package makes up for our collective failure (as a nation) to make sure our troops aren't sent on less than honorable wars of choice on false pretenses and lies!

What REALLY frosts me is Bush standing their and talking about this war being NOBLE while the troops (as we speak) are still "scrambling to get proper body armor" at this late stage in the war. More and more are being killed everyday and yet our "commander-in-chief" is hiding in his ranch in Texas. Truth is foreign to Bush and his followers and expecting that is futile. I recently read a book called "Worse than Watergate" by John Dean and he speaks of this administration in those terms. We might be seing another "watergate" situation that will come to light with this President. Hopefully, in time to save this country and our troops.

What happened to Osama Bin Laden? Why did Bush forget about the person responsible for 9/11 and take it upon himself to go to war in Iraq? costing the americans numerous lives and money we greatly need?

I read that book some time ago and I cant remember now if I began thinking W is worse than Nixon before or after that but I certainly have no doubt about it by now.

Good show on CNN tonight about the rush to war in Iraq - made no bones about the skewed information and political agenda of the neocons and big biz boyz that put us all in this mess.

BTW - I'm a constituent of the Democratic Congressman from Maryland (mentioned as a new cosponsor of HR375)- his name is spelled Elijah Cummings. He's a good guy - so let's make sure his name is spelled correctly.


Perpetual War, Perpetual Government Contracts. No end in sight. These guys have got a good thing going here for them. Not for our sons and daughters that's for sure.

5:52 AM DST

Well, I guess that anonymous wants the terrorist to come over here and take over.
When their closing most of our military bases in the united states,
What does that tell them. (unprotected)
And that's what we call extremists.
Israel is behind a lot of what's going on, and George Bush is right behind them telling them to do so, like removing those settlers out of gaza, among others things he trys to keep secret.


It always goes back to Israel-bashing, which is just another form of Jew-bashing. This has very little to do with them. This is all about George W Bush: George W Bush's wishes, George W Bush's greed and George W Bush's power-kick. Bush is the terrorist who has taken over this country. Funny, how nobody had a problem with Israel until Bush came along. This phrase by Bushies, "I guess ... wants the terrorists to come over..." is the usual response to anyone who doesn't agree. It's like in Star Trek, the first episode: The fear/threat reaction." It's a manipulation/fear tactic that bullies like to use to control their victims. You're not convincing anybody and it's not going to work. If anything "terrorists" will attack again BECAUSE OF George W Bush. He ignored, and possibly engineered the first attack. What makes you think he won't do it again? Wake up and smell the coffee. Is Bush going to have to start WWIII before you realize how evil/crazy he is? When he destroys this country, don't come whining to us "libruls" and saying it's our fault and that we didn't say anything. Of course, trying to convince a Bushie that their god is evil is like trying to convince Norman Bates that we're not his mother. Can't these Bushies come up with their own answers instead of always parrotting what the Bush Cult leaders say? Can't you people think for yourselves?

Please read the book, Ravings of a Lunatic, by Adam Whitestone understand the role of fossil fuels in our government. It will open your eyes to something you never dreamed could be but I believe is true. The book is well documented.

Timothy Price

If you don't think the Jews run things your wrong. The Israeli lobby is one of the most powerful in Congress. Do the Jews vaccinate their kids? Do the Jews eat genetically engineered foods? Just curious. I don't think that people like Jon Stewart are what I am looking at or have anything against. It's the Zionist Jews we are talking about. If you go to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, go online and enter Downwinders in your search engine and read the posts about what they did to the people of this area, the fluoride the poison and the dumbing down you will know this was mostly a cover-up.

A very good way to stop the "zionist jews" as you put it is to take control of your own life. NOONE has to vaccinate their children or eat genetically altered food. If you are familiar with what Corporate America is doing, give your business to the farmer down the road or the local Organic Food place. Take no prescription drugs, grow your own food, eat nothing that is advertised on tv, make you own dinners and that of your childrens. Educating yourself is a good step forward and taking yourself out of the position of "victim" and putting yourself in the position of controlling your own decisions and life is a good step forward. Stop listening, if you do, to those talk radio freaks who are just there disrespecting the listeners and laughing at them while they make big money pushing your buttons. Last but not least......OLD ADAGE: Believe NOTHING you hear and HALF of what you see!!!" Trust yourself and not the politicians who want you to believe what they so so that THEY can keep their lucrative jobs.

If Bush and the administration INCLUDING Rumsfeld are SO CONCERNED about our security and safety......WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THEY CLOSE BASES in this country while spending BILLIONS in Iraq to kill people in their own country. It occurred to me that possibly they consider the U.S. as "terrorists" rather than "freedom providers".

that finally occurred to you?

War or Oil.Cost of Oil suppuorting new oil exploration in Alaska when approved for Drilling.Administration are Theives

I applaud your efforts and thank you for that. I speak on behalf of many friends of mine who are living in poverty while trillions have been spent for killing people who just like you and me,and I ask you to consider what actions you can take from now on to redistribute the wealth in America. The economic injustice is a serious problem and does not seem to get much attention.
I see and talk to homeless people regularly and many have no money for food and no place to lay their head. The services available are good but not nearly enough.
Is all that you are doing leading to impeachment?
We the people united in our communities will triumph and we need your cooperation.
Hurray for Cindy and all the mothers who are speaking out! I am a mother with a tender heart and applaud their courage.

In peace and for justice and bringing out troups home.

Details listed at
Let's show our congressional representatives we're serious about a resolution to ending the war on Iraq. There should be no doubt about Bush's intentions to get us into Iraq for whatever reason. It was documented ten days after he took office in January of 2001 at his first Security Concil Meeting, before 9/11. 9/11 was the excuse he needed to implement his desire to invade Iraq. Because of 9/11, the American public and our congressional representatives allowed the Bush Administration to start their own private war. We, need to let the world know our citizens have the final word, and our congressional representatives better heed that word if they want to stay in Congress.

Impeach Bush and prosecute him to the fullest extent for each and every case of wrongful death and attempted murder.

If employees in a corporation put the corporation in jeopardy they'd be fired. I say we fire the Bush Administration and any senator or congressperson abusing their privileges. I say we go back to the original constitution that this administration has abused so badly and start over. Perhaps if there were not so many privileges to the offices these criminals hold perhaps honest people would then run the country.

I feel people that hold a public office should attend a 12 week bootcamp and live like their poorest constituents prior to attending their inaugeral balls. They should also have to lead by example. No more Whitehouse Chef, Laura, you cook.

It is time for us to withdraw our troops. The people of Iraq do not want us there and the American people do not want to be there.

We need a sensible Middle East policy--one that is fair and just. We could then stop worrying about being attacked. We'd have no need to attack others.

Elijah Cummings (not Cummins)

If the students try to demonstrate like during Vietnam, the national guard will shoot them in the back like they did at Kent State.

Please investigate to find the truth. It's time the peoples voice was heard. No one in Government should be above the law including teh President. This war was based on lies & it's time for the truth. The Reblican party has had more inditments, alligations, fraud, ect. We elect our senators, governers, persidents ect. Thye should be held to the same laws as anyone else. Anyone who commits a crime or treson should be punsihed just as an average American Citzen would.

I have been to many marches, the last one on Saturday in DC, and I've been involved in many movements - here is my question:

Why doesn't ANYONE mention the voting problem? Our votes are not being counted properly - diebold is a sub of Halliburtin, etc, etc. We all know the problems, the fraud, etc. WHY DOES NO ONE WANT TO ADDRESS THIS?

Little will change until we can have our votes counted honestly.

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