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Military Mom Confronts Congressman Obey in the Hallway

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to insure their safety... and an end to the illegal, immoral US war against the people of Iraq.


okay, genius, go fight the wrong war against people who had nothing to do with 9/11, with shodding armor and lousy support from profitering coorporations leaching off you and me.

I have seen America slapped around for the last 40 years. The losers in America caused the failed war in Viet Nam and millions of people died when we pulled out.

Iraq is legitimate. All Saddam had to do was admit the truth, and allow inspectors to verify what he was saying. If he had done that he would be alive and we wouldn't be in Iraq. So there wasn't weapons of mass destruction, who cares. We freed a people. How much nobel a reason can you have besides that. We have also messed up the plans that Iran han. That will work out if you idiots stop playing into their hands. Try supporting America.

Being in Iraq is a good thing. We can not drive across the border and slap Iran around if need be.

Did you people learn this liberal "do nothing" crap in school? Just because your professor shoved this down your throat doesn't mean it is right.

I agree with President Bush, and I applaud his courage to stand up to the fools who are pissed off because they cannot control him. This is the first true leader we have had in many many years. Clinton was horrible. He was using his position to pick up chicks. Yeah I know, nobody dies when you are chasing women, however if he had been keep the eye on the ball, instead of his ... well, maybe he'd thought twice about getting Bin Laden

What I love is this twisted crap about "Support our troops". How about you support the war, we win, then the majority of the troops come home. You people don't support the troops. Frankly I think you'd piss your pants if you saw someone with a gun.

Mr. Obey; I can't understand your recent ads about what we should be doing about health care. haven't you been in congress 40 years, give or take and just what have you accomplished. I know you are involved in the appropiations committee for one thing and now you blame all the financial crisis on the last pres, not congress for all that has happened. where have you been hiding, in the cloak room with the other guy? and why was Mrs Pelosi allowed to call a recess when there was a big problem looming, and then able to add how many million to that bill for her personal business in Samoa? It's no wonder we the people have no faith in our gov. these last 20 years.

Dear Congressman Obey, I suspect all of our current problems stem from the failure of our Congress Senate Supreme Court and President to abide by the Constitution. Your first order of business should be to make Mr. Obama produce the credentials he needs to qualify as a legal Constitutional candidate before being sworn in. Failing that, he and all responsible for endorsing an illegal alien for President should be imprisoned. I'm sure that you are aware that an Unconstitutional act creates no office, so nothing can go forward with a fraud in the office. Are you going to uphold your oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, or have you been bought off too?
Joe A. Everson

deal with the facts honestly? Why stage a confrontation to set up a great representative like David Obey? I know why, because you don't really care so much about honoring an obligation to get those troops safely out of the war, rather, this is like some half cocked video game where life is cheap, because you lack skin in the game.

Rep. Obey explained the very real facts of the matter. You all know for example why we need supplemental funds to properly house our out patient wounded Iraq war vets.. building 19 was allowed to happen because Bush and the right wing that controlled congress gutted the funding, they have Walter Reed closing so they can have more money to line Halliburton's pockets.

It was widely reported that supplemental funding was needed to provide decent housing after the debacle was exposed. You all know that Bush and the right wing controlled congress long underfunded our troops, and while the democrats who just took control are dealing with many, many issues, including extracating us from this unjust war, you decide to play a game so corrupt it is offensive to any decent, caring human being. It is also based on the same type of lies that brought us into this war, and for the same reason, a blind, and corrupting lust for power and control.

Don't pretend to give a damn about our troops... because it's plain to see that you share the same disrespect and desire to exploit them as Bush.


You idiots, you treasonous morons think that attacking Mr Bush is better than winning the war on terror.
Iraq was a terror state under saddam, so the battlefield of Iraq is a just portion of the conflict (gloal jihadism being the enemy to those not too stoned to pay any attention at all for the last thirty years).
Rather than impeaching the president, how about round up the liberals and slay the crap out of them?

The 'war on terror' is a slogan for predjudice against islam, arags, and political opponents of the white house. bush is making it worse, and his advisors know it.

Iraq is only a portion of that conflict because bush screwed it up.
and it's over. no wmd's, saddam is gone, we can't unite the tribes, and we have no right to be there either by moral or congressional law. Get over it and get us out.

Oh you mean Sleigh... your want to take librul morons for a Sleigh ride? Why?

Especially treasonous librul morons... couldn't you just pick semi-treasonous idiots? Lot easier to find... just look up GOP in the yellow pages, I mean sleigh riding all over in this weather could be considered moron abuse under certain circumstances, your case in particular.

You must mean smote them hip and thigh... you know like God smote the accursed sodomites in the bible.


and then learn how to comprehend, and how to actually process information.

Everything you say is completely fucking wrong. It's not even worth each fact that you get wrong -- because you have them ALL wrong.

Which means you're a fucking idiot.

Go crawl back under your rock and quit fantasizing about killing people.

Or better yet, come find me, and try to kill me and see what happens to you.

You stupid worthless illiterate fuck.

The only real defense against terrorism is to have no enemies.

Bush is making enemies so fast, I can hardly keep up!

John Fritz

...asking the Moron in Charge to defend you children-killers. The fact is when you pariahs of the ME invaded Palestine, then terror set its paw in the land. After impeaching the Crime Duo, next thing we must do is KICK OUT OF THIS COUNTRY EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOUR KIND, to fend for yourselves, AT YOUR EXPENSE (if decide to WORK FOR A LIVING), instead of sucking from the US taxpayer TETHER. Cowards, liars, thieves, that's all you are.

Sheffield Gayphone are finally losing the battle to stay a helpline.

Their website has finally been forced of air, because of the campaigns to close them.

They are a set of perverts, and its a shame that the cowards in sheffield have allowed such a pathetic and silly helpline ever to stay.

Thank goodness for the decent people of the rest of the country which have made life hell for this dirty discusting helpline.


These people clearly need stopping.

Ex portland comprehensive teacher joe tang, sheffield doctor Tim Hooson, sheffield residents albert thomas, jon williams and peter williams have done the gay community no favours and should be arrested for their crimes.


And you have the audacity to call us morons ? Bloody amazing .....

Iraq is Muslim for Viet Nam.

If you knew Bush was in on 9-11 like Rosevelt was in on Pearl harbor, would you still blindly follow him in imperialistic wars of agression?

where were you idiots when clinton bombed iraq with 450 cruise missiles and our planes were being attacked daily for patrolling a UN approved "no fly zone"? The UN oil for food scandal was going on right under clinton's nose and he didn't do ANYTHING!!!!!!


I saw this yesterday and thought, wow... miscommunication... BIG TIME!

Of course it's the "idiot liberals" that have it all screwed up... right?
After all, it's his proposal that's been misunderstood... right?

So maybe it's his effort to fully communicate his message that has these "idiot liberals" up in arms. His proposal, his message... unclear!

Yes, we want to end this war and end it NOW!
Any way possible, just do it NOW!
oh, and by the way, tell us the details so you can have our support, K?

And on the "haven't got the votes..." bit...
Tired as it may be by now, Congressman, just tell us the truth.
If you did, you'd put it up for a vote and force the issue.

they get a trillion each year from our income tax also so funding should not be more that fifty times a year lol

Congrats to Tina for engaging the Congress rep and THANKS to Rep. Obey to take the time to respond and discuss some of the issues. Obviously frustrated with the Congress chores I don't feel put down by his liberal retort. He did NOT have to stop and talk to her or the other guy at all. It doesn't look like he knew he was being filmed so his comments should be considered off the cuff. I'll write him a nice letter & encourage him to keep on the pressure to end this war. He's right that "we" don't have the votes to DE-fund or end the war now. It took like 10 years to end US involvement in Vietnam. Public beliefs and values are just not ready. and it's rotten that more human beings will die in the meantime....

I'd wager vastly more human beings will die if we leave Iraq than will die if we stay. If by "human beings" you're strictly referring to U.S. soldiers, then say so.

Does anyone really believe the Sunnis and Shiites will stop killing each other if the U.S. leaves? Best case scenario if the U.S. leaves prematurely: genocide. Worst case scenario: genocide plus a regional war.

Ask yourselves: who is causing the loss of innocent life (i.e. Iraqi civilians)? Here's a hint: U.S. soldiers aren't the ones setting off car bombs in crowded markets.

You are clearly unaware of the effects of the on-going air campaign against Iraq. Best estimates from the John Hopkins study is one third of all deaths are directly related to the guns of the American and British forces.

You rightwingers and conservatives will use any & all excuses to cover for Bush & Cheney, and Bush & Cheney's plan is to keep us in Iraq until the sun burns out.

Weird outburst by Dave Obey though. He's a sharp guy, and more than a little leftist himself. Where the hell did this "liberal idiots" thing come from? Bluntly, he looks drunk or hung over.

The U.S. doesn't even control Baghdad anymore, not to mention the rest of the country. Even our own General Petraeus has said there is no military solution to what is going on there.

Yet fools like you think we should stay there and bleed our country and our boys dry, letting our kids get killed so that Bush can have his little vanity war go on and on.

It's a fucking travesty and you goddamn well know it. End the rape now. There's no "succeeding" to a rape. This was a war crime from the get-go and our presence in Iraq is doing NOTHING to stop the bloodshed that's going on there now.

Get a clue. It's people like you who are directly responsible for the fact that this thing is killing our boys every day.

US troops have been directly responsible for about a third of the 700,000 deaths in Iraq. The other two-thirds are a result of American encouragement of sectarian divisions so that America can loot the country's oil wealth and have influence in the region. Its all about American power and money. How many hundreds of thousands (probably millions) will die so that America can control the oil rich Middle East?

Anon: you actually think that Obey doesnt owe any time to a citizen/mother of a military person who is DIRECTLY affected by the inability to act displayed by our Congress. We pay their salaries and they do owe each of us the time to be heard. Many Americans really thought that by changing the balance of power in Congress this obscene, immoral and illegal war would be brought to a swift end. For Rep Obey to say they "havent got the votes" to defund or to block the Supplemental is just a smokescreen. All they have to do is have fifty percent plus one person to vote AGAINST the bill. Why not force a vote? Are they all such cowards that they cannot speak Truth to Power?

What do you expect- for Democratic Congressmen to carry the fight against the war- Of course they will not- If you read or remember the Vietnam War- It was the Democratic Congressmen who allowed continued funding for the war using exactly the same arguements that Obey uses to allow the Vietnam War to continue until 1975

The Mother of the Marine was certianly within her rights to ask the questions she did, and the man in the background contributed to the conversation with a concerned spirit that no one could find offensive. Congressman Obey showed what must be his frustration at the bind the Democrats are in. We have to recognise that, while we who worked last year to elect new 'war-ending' Democrats to Congress made quite a difference, it wasn't enough. We failed to change the Senate enough to get our changes enacted. We must support the Democrats in this difficult time.

does obey have skin in the game? if not, the way he treated tina is even worse! if he has such a clear idea of how this supplemtal ends the war, then why isn't he writing this all out for us 'liberal idiots.! the way he slams the door on her, after yelling at the gentleman near tina that he must be smoking something illegal!!! yikes, things are getting more and more bizarre!

kudos to our brave tina!!

I hope Congressman Obey apologizes to her someday. I don't think he meant the remarks and that it was displaced anger. I think he is mad as hell at Bushco and was venting in the hallway to Tina because she represents Congressman Obey's powerlessness to help her son. I hope we can get all the Congresspeople who really CARE in one room someday and ask them to do everything humanly possible to be a cohesive team to STOP this madness and bring all our soldiers home NOW.


Bad things happen to good people. That's the way I see it in this case. Dave Obey has busted his butt to fight mercury pollution to stop autism and other pervasive developmental disabilities. This man does give a shit. He stood there quite a while trying to explain things from his perspective, how the political wheels turn. He is just tied up in frustrated knots. If he didn't care he would not be so beside himself with frustration . You can hear the frustration in his voice and see it in his body language.

I think we need to take the bull by the horns to help Congresspeople who care . We may need to do work strikes, school strikes, boycott corporate companies and do marches , sit-ins and rallies until Congressman Obey gets the number of votes he needs to help us help the soldiers come home NOW!

That some peasant is interrupting him in the Congressional Palace.

That's how he is to everyone. He's gruff.

I don't know Obey, but if cares, it must be so much more frustrating to have the people he wants to protect jumping on him. He's right... The Pentagon and Bush have the connections to turn this into an illegal war if they wanted too. Obey seems frustrated that these 2 constituents think that the issues are really so simple. Unfortunately, they are not. Legality and due course of action has nothing to do with it,.

idiot liberals

Congressmen Obey is a grown up. He has been through this before. I feel better that someone out there is ready the legislation and acting like a pragmatist.

These folks obviously hadn't looked at the supplemental and obviously don't know how Congress works. (Her suggestion that we should de-fund the troops that are currently serving and his suggestion about a filibuster in the House are good examples of that.) That's fine, but they shouldn't pretend to know what they're talking about. Obey was the wrong guy to confront for these people. He's their ally -- he's OUR ally.

I do feel sorry for the Mother, but the Dems are doing all they can...and the nutroots like attacking friends like Obey doesn't help the scenario. They should be talking to Republican leadership, not attacking allies. The idiot guy who comes up in this video has no idea what he's talking about, especially when he mentions a "filibuster" in the House. There is no such thing. Not to mention that even if this was in the Senate, you wouldn't filibuster your own bill. Way to go progressives! Attack a progressive Congressman who's doing what he can to help your cause.

Obey is for once correct. The liberals do not have the correct facts, only visceral emotion. Even the idiot guy who tried to save the argument by stating that the Church commission during Vietnam ended the ground war. The Church commission did not end the ground war, just as Obey said and what was left out by Obey was the fact that Congress later went on record stating that not only was the Church commission full of errors, but the information provided it was incorrect. Jesus Christ guys, you might be a little more effective if you did as Obey said and got your facts together and right.

Liberals are imbeciles.


No one responds to foolimentarianisms here, (except me, of course, to tell you that no one is responding).

He's another closet Repuke like Loserman.

Obey telling it like it is. Plain and simple. Definitely no apology needed.

Unfortunatley for Congressman Obey, his resolution to repeal authorization is unconstitutional and they don't have enough votes for it anyway. Congress has the power to declare war and they have the power of the purse. They do not have the power to undeclare war as Obey seems to think they have. When are Democrats going to stop trying to muscle everything through without working with the other party? They scream for bipartisanship but they don't want to follow their own advice and help the president WIN the war which is the best way to end it.

Dear Anonymous:

Reread your copy of the constitution, and take a quick detailed skim of a decent US history text. The Congress of the United States has the power to create and maintain armies, the power to fund armies, the power to set military policy, the sole authority to declare war, and has historically exercised the rightful power to end war. As the Iraq war was authorized under false pretenses and as it is undeniably unwinnable without a troop presence that is absolutely unacceptable to the American public,(see Draft or first year level of successful occupation of Germany and Japan i.e. 1 million foot soldiers on the ground each) ending the war through a Congressional resolution to rescind the president's authorization is not only constitutional but the ethically sensible and responsible thing to do. Try to think a little more critically before you just buy into whatever Rush tells you.

This is just an outward manifestation of how screwed up the democrats are. How in the hell will this nation survive with people like this guy as a legislator in Washington. God bless America and a pox on those that do not support our troops 100%. I served my nation in uniform for 32 years and I am embarassed by folks like this guy!!!!!

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