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Hypocrites and Liars

by Cindy Sheehan

The media are wrong. The people who have come out to Camp Casey to help coordinate the press and events with me are not putting words in my mouth, they are taking words out of my mouth. I have been known for sometime as a person who speaks the truth and speaks it strongly. I have always called a liar a liar and a hypocrite a hypocrite. Now I am urged to use softer language to appeal to a wider audience. Why do my friends at Camp Casey think they are there? Why did such a big movement occur from such a small action on August 6, 2005?

I haven't had much time to analyze the Camp Casey phenomena. I just read that I gave 250 interviews in less than a week's time. I believe it. I would go to bed with a raw throat every night. I got pretty tired of answering some questions, like: "What do you want to say to the President?" and "Do you really think he will meet with you?" However, since my mom has been sick, I have had a chance to step back and ponder the flood gates that I opened in Crawford, Tx.

I just read an article posted today on by artist Robert Shetterly who painted my portrait. The article reminded me of something I said at the Veteran's for Peace Convention the night before I set out to Bush's ranch in my probable futile quest for the truth. This is what I said:
"I got an email the other day and it said, 'Cindy if you didn't use so much profanity ... there's people on the fence that get offended."

"And you know what I said? "You know what? You know what, god damn it? How in the world is anybody still sitting on that fence?"

"If you fall on the side that is pro-George and pro-war, you get your ass over to Iraq, and take the place of somebody who wants to come home. And if you fall on the side that is against this war and against George Bush, stand up and speak out."

This is what the Camp Casey miracle is all about. American citizens who oppose the war but never had a conduit for their disgust and dismay are dropping everything and traveling to Crawford to stand in solidarity with us who have made a commitment to sit outside of George's ranch for the duration of the miserable Texan August. If they can't come to Texas, they are attending vigils, writing letters to their elected officials and to their local newspapers; they are setting up Camp Casey branches in their hometowns; they are sending flowers, cards, letters, gifts, and donations here to us at Camp Casey. We are so grateful for all of the support, but I think pro-peace Americans are grateful for something to do, finally.

One thing I haven't noticed or become aware of though is an increased number of pro-war, pro-Bush people on the other side of the fence enlisting to go and fight George Bush's war for imperialism and insatiable greed. The pro-peace side has gotten off their apathetic butts to be warriors for peace and justice. Where are the pro-war people? Everyday at Camp Casey we have a couple of anti-peace people on the other side of the road holding up signs that remind me that "Freedom isn't Free," but I don't see them putting their money where their mouths are. I don't think they are willing to pay even a small down payment for freedom by sacrificing their own blood or the flesh of their children. I still challenge them to go to Iraq and let another soldier come home. Perhaps a soldier that is on his/her third tour of duty, or one that has been stop-lossed after serving his/her country nobly and selflessly, only to be held hostage in Iraq by power mad hypocrites who have a long history of avoiding putting their own skin in the game.

Contrary to what the main stream media thinks, I did not just fall off a pumpkin truck in Crawford, Tx. on that scorchingly hot day two weeks ago. I have been writing, speaking, testifying in front of Congressional committees, lobbying Congress, and doing interviews for over a year now. I have been pretty well known in the progressive, peace community and I had many, many supporters before I left even left California. The people who supported me did so because they know that I uncompromisingly tell the truth about this war. I have stood up and said: "My son died for NOTHING, and George Bush and his evil cabal and their reckless policies killed him. My son was sent to fight in a war that had no basis in reality and was killed for it." I have never said "pretty please" or "thank you." I have never said anything wishy-washy like he uses "Patriotic Rhetoric." I say my son died for LIES. George Bush LIED to us and he knew he was LYING. The Downing Street Memos dated 23 July, 2002 prove that he knew that Saddam didn't have WMD's or any ties to Al Qaeda. I believe that George lied and he knew he was lying. He didn't use patriotic rhetoric. He lied and made us afraid of ghosts that weren't there. Now he is using patriotic rhetoric to keep the U.S. military presence in Iraq: Patriotic rhetoric that is based on greed and nothing else.

Now I am being vilified and dragged through the mud by the righties and so-called "fair and balanced" main stream media who are afraid of the truth and can't face someone who tells it by telling any truth of their own. Now they have to twist, distort, lie, and scrutinize anything I have ever said when they never scrutinize anything that George Bush said or is saying. Instead of asking George or Scotty McClellan if he will meet with me, why aren't they asking the questions they should have been asking all along: "Why are our young people fighting, dying, and killing in Iraq? What is this noble cause you are sending our young people to Iraq for? What do you hope to accomplish there? Why did you tell us there were WMD's and ties to Al Qaeda when you knew there weren't? Why did you lie to us? Why did you lie to the American people? Why did you lie to the world? Why are our nation's children still in harm's way and dying everyday when we all know you lied? Why do you continually say we have to 'complete the mission' when you know damn well you have no idea what that mission is and you can change it at will like you change your cowboy shirts?"

Camp Casey has grown and prospered and survived all attacks and challenges because America is sick and tired of liars and hypocrites and we want the answers to the tough questions that I was the first to dare ask. THIS is George Bush's accountability moment and he is failing miserably. George Bush and his advisers seriously "misunderestimated" me when they thought they could intimidate me into leaving before I had the answers, or before the end of August. I can take anything they throw at me, or Camp Casey. If it shortens the war by a minute or saves one life, it is worth it. I think they seriously "misunderestimated" all mothers. I wonder if any of them had authentic mother-child relationships and if they are surprised that there are so many mothers in this country who are bear-like when it comes to wanting the truth and who want to make meaning of their child's needless and seemingly meaningless deaths?

The Camp Casey movement will not die until we have a genuine accounting of the truth and until our troops are brought home. Get used to it George, we are not going away.

Learn more about Cindy at or about Gold Star Mothers for Peace at


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The one thing that drives me crazier than anything else is the talking heads on TV and the talking headles on radio always qualifying there criticism of little Geoprge Stupid by implying he was miss informed, he is exagerating, he was missled, he made an honest mistake,etc. what bull. George "shit for brains" Bush is a liar, he knew hw was lying because he knew the truth, he is a hypocrite, he is a war criminal and is the worlds leading terrorist. The only difference between little George Stupid and Osama bin Laden is the number of people they have killed, and little George Stupid is the hands down leader in the body count.

Another thing that drives me crazy is everybody refering to little George Stupid as a conservative. Well, I have been a conservative all my life, first as a Republican and now as a Libertarian, and little George Stupid does not represent anything I believe in. Little George Stupid is not a conservative, he is a fascist and a fascist in every thing that word implies. I want this insanely stupid war to end now, not next year, I want to see little George Stupid impeached and then in jail for war crimes.

Amen. Reality trumps all eventually - even for the neocon masters of the universe. It's Cindy and those of us who support her who should "stay the course" and be relentlessly stubborn about it. My best wishes to Cindy, her sister and her mother, who are embarking on a fight almost as tough as stopping an illegal war - that of getting good healthcare in W's America.
God bless Camp Casey

Don't back down, don't let the propaganda artists scare you, you've got millions of Americans standing behind you. One of the problems with liberals is we tend to pull our punches. Follow through and let 'em have it.

As usual Mrs. Sheehan has eloquently expressed her consistent message. There is no "noble cause" that Bush can describe and he knows it. Two weeks ago I used the chess analogy and suggested that Cindy and the protesters had cornered Bush as the pawns check mating the king. Well, it has been the king's move for over two weeks now!
I'm not a chess player but I am aware that championship matches are "on the clock". If time has not already expired on Bush's next move, time is certainly running out quickly.

Cindy, Good Bless you, your Mother and Sister. We all hope and pray your Mom makes a complete recovery as soon as possible. Please know that we American patriots ("lefty liberals" to the morons who smear you) are here to fight to take back America from the clutches of Bush & Co.

Dear Cindy,

Talk about holding George's feet to the fire!! Wow!!

Bush and his cabal, along with the mainstream media, ran around telling us the sky was falling and to prevent it we needed to go to war in Iraq. Americans have been in sore need of someone to grab us by the shoulders and shake us into hearing the reality that this war in Iraq was based on a pack of lies that appealed to our survival instincts. We needed a strong mother like you to kick us in the pants - to make us understand that the sound we heard in the run-up to this war was a landslide of deceit rather than a falling sky.

My brother was killed in Viet Nam. I know the anguish of having to face the reality that a loved one died for a lie. I know the pain of discovering that our leaders are capable of deceit. Many Americans who intially supported the war in Iraq are now having to face the fact that we were once again duped by our leaders. This isn't an easy task.

I would hope that all of us who support you will have some empathy for those folks who are in the process of discovering they were misled into this war. The Lord knows that Bush, along with a powerful media machine, used the fear factor to the extreme. Many good Americans based their decision to support this war on the best information they had at the time. We have new information now that shows that Bush and his gang of evil-doers worked pretty hard to hood-wink the public into this war. Let's make sure that we avoid the temptation of making folks eat crow - I can guarantee many will resist swallowing even though they know the evidence is true.

Evil flourishes in the absence of empathy.

Keep drivin' on Cindy.

Jerry Joseph

I know I have said this over and over, but I feel very strongly that we should really push our 2006 "New Congressional Members" to not only IMPEACH Bush and hold the entire PNAC NEO CON cabal accountable for the crimes they have committed, but to also repeal the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

Just like AT&T showed that it couldn't be trusted with a monopoly on telephone service, the Media Giant Corporations have shown that they cannot behave in a responsible manner that serves the American People.

Before the Telecommunications Act of 1996, an organization or individual could only own 7 TV Stations, 7 Radio Stations, and 7 Newspapers, known as the 7-7-7 Rule.

One group that I know of that is pursuing this is the "Truth In America Project". Their web-site has some really good information:

"Typewriter tappers,
You're all just crappers
You listen to love with your intellect."
- "Jools & Jim" - Pete Townsend


What we need to do is restore the balance of power in DC!!! 15 seats. All we need is to throw out 15 of those bums and Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House!!!

If you tell a lie often enough, you're a republican.

Well said Cindy, and sorry for Casey and hope your mother gets well. You went right to the heart of the issue that transcends everything. A president, or any leader who lies to congress and the public cannot be tolerated--it just cannot be allowed to happen REGARDLESS of the reason, even if it was the best thing in the world for us. Such a precedent of allowing leaders to lie will pave the way to the destruction of this country.

Nixon and Clinton's antics were peanuts compared to the bloody and far reaching consequences of the lies about the unnecessary Iraq war. You have spurred on the public--to spur on the congress-- to hold those responsible accountable, and that will be one of your enduring legacies, no matter what.

During Clinton's hearings I'll never forget an eloquent senator Lindsey Graham (R) S.C. saying about the presidents office that congress must act to "cleanse this office". The same thing applies, only many times greater, to this situation we face today.

The worst betrayal was to the troops who, even though they may be volunteers, were led, like Casey, to believe their leaders will act wisely. Our troops will, on faith and by training, do anything they're told by their leaders and go anywhere to do it, like pawns. It is our leader's responsibility to not require them to risk and give their lives unnecessarily. That's the true meaning of "support the troops". Our leaders have failed miserably in that.

The troops, those who died and those still in Iraq, have our heartfelt sympathy for being disgracefully betrayed and put in the situation they are in, and their political leaders have our disgust. The troops should come home. The situation in Iraq can't get much worse for the Iraq people and might get better if we're out of there.

Wow is right -

cindy - you rock - keep givin' em hell.

The gutless "bought and paid for" press isn't going to do thier job unless we the people make Bush's lies so apparent that even Fox News would have to report the truth.

You go girl - and God Bless You... a personal thanks from the bottom of my heart

mike in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Dearest Cindy,

Thank you so much for having the ovaries to stand up to the true evil-doers. I stand with you and am helping where I can in spreading the truth to the uninformed.

I tried to email you the other day, but strangely, your mailbox was full. I wanted to let you know that I had nominated you for ABC's Person of the Week. I will encourage others to do the same.

BTW, I live in Austin. which as you may already know, is not a very Bush-friendly city. We got to witness plenty of his coke-damaged antics when he was governor. Unfortunately, he has remained popular with a number of misinformed citizens in the area. But lately, I have been noticing an almost total absence of Bush/Cheney bumper stickers, which until now have been a very common sight. People are indeed waking up and I thank you again for all you are doing to win the war against the terrorists within.

In light,
Joel Howard

If only a fraction of our elected representatives spoke the truth as clearly and eloquently as Cindy or stood their ground as firmly against the onslaught of an ignorant, lazy and perfidious mainstream media, perhaps we wouldn't be in this dangerous mess. Thank you, Cindy! We pray your mother makes a swift and complete recovery.

"America is sick and tired of liars and hypocrites and we want the answers to the tough questions..."

This quote from Cindy is the central rallying point of all that Camp Casey stands for. This clear and direct statement encompasses so many people in this country. It includes even those beyond military families and those who have lost a loved one in this war. I have never personally been touched by the military or loss of a close relative in a war, but I have been angry as hell for the last four years.

Start to articulate the deceit, secrecy and arrogance of this Bush administration and you will tap into the Americans, like me, who can't say we lost "a loved one"....but we seem to have lost "our country".

Do what you feel you have to do!God Bless you and yours!

The President won't talk with you because he can't;there isn't one word he can say that will change anything now and by his silence,he is admitting it.

Isn`t there an impreachment process petition been started against Bush, Cheney, Rummie. and the Whole Bunch YET ? What are we doing ? Waiting till They Burn The dress ? ( OOPs ! I meant ' hide more of the evidence about ( 9/11 ) And prime the answers about the Downing Street Memos ! This Will All come out of Hiding soon. { Do a google Search of : WTC7 or go to and do some real Searching for yourselves ! How about All of you intelligent, well-informed ? journalist..MSM Type Do some RESEARCH...And THEN write about What you are Seeing with your OWN eyes? Don`t throw out anymore of this Bologna the White House is feeding you. WE don`t like Bologna. VGF

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