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My Mom

by CindySheehan

I spent a majority of the day in the hospital with my mom. She seems to be getting stronger by the minute thanks to all the prayers and well wishes from the world. I am so grateful for all of the love and support we are getting right now.

My mom is still in ICU and I don't know if she will ever be able to come home, but I know she knows we are there and we even made her laugh a couple of times today even though she can't speak.

I hear things are going great at Camp Casey and more Gold Star Families for Peace members are arriving every day. They want to say..."we want to speak to the President, too. He killed our sons, brothers, and dads, too. We are tired of being disrespected and lied to. We deserve the truth and we deserve respect."

Something George Bush et. al. refuse to acknowledge is that HE WORKS FOR US. He is our employee. Did we forget that too, as a nation? I think we did, but I think we are waking up and remembering that we have the power. WE are the government. We have everything it takes to make change possible. I used to have doubts about 2006 and the progressive's chances of taking over at least one branch of our government, but now I think it is so possible. We will kick some fat booty in 2006 and we will change America for the better. WE CAN DO IT!!!

What started in Crawford on August 6th is an amazing testament to the American people. I knew we had it in us. I knew we could do it. I had faith in us, and my faith was rewarded.

Thank you all for your prayers, phone calls, and emails. With the love of my family, friends, Camp Casey, and you all, I will be back soon.

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I am sure that all concerned with Cindy will pray for her mother. I even believe, or I want to believe, that all who have slandered Cindy will even turn to prayer askig for God's help for her mother. This is a time when we all should banded together and support Cindy in her time of helplessness.

Regardless of what Rush, O'Rielly and Fox News have said about Cindy, This IS the time to bring home our troops...we are fighting a no win situation...and the sad part about it...the President and his spinners believe he is winning.

President Bush, YOU have lost the war in Iraq because of your incompetence, arrogance and illusions of grandeur of being the greatest commander in chief...which indeed you are not.

Vice Presidnet Cheney says "we will stay the course"...of course he "demands" that, his company, Halliburton is stealing the United States blind in Iraq. (Secret Energy Meeting) remember?

It is time to fight your representatives and DEMAND they they support Represetative Lee's resolution....
God bless America and our Troops.


The prayers of millions are with you and your family for your mother. Please spend whatever time you need for your family. We WILL carry on without you because of the message of compassion and caring you have instilled in all of us. You have renewed our faith in humanity at a time where kindness, compassion, decency, helping others,sharing, etc has been replaced by greed, selfishness, arrogence, violence, to name a few. You have been compared to Ghandi, Rosa Parks and many others of whom I wholeheartly agree, but the greatest gift you have given to us is hope.

Yes , Cindy thank you for hope again
There is achance now that we can reverse this criminal takeover of our govt. Thats all they are is criminals

Is anything too evil to contemplate for people who would send other people's children to their deaths for their greed, out a CIA agent and approve of torturing detainees to death? Cindy Sheehan is the biggest threat to their plans that they have faced so far. After realizing that she could inspire over 1600 vigils in every state involving over 100,000 people by a last minute request, something had to be done to get Cindy to leave Crawford. I hope Cindy's mother's doctors do all the tests they can to see if there is anything unusual in her system that could possibly cause a stroke. I know this might sound paranoid, but remember the Tuskeegee experiment and secret reseach on unknowing citizens to test radiation.

When I read that both Cindy's mother and Senate Minority Democratic leader Harry Reid both had strokes, my "spidy sense" started tingling a bit, too.

From a Machiavellian strategy point, whether the AIPAC-PNAC NEO CONS had anything to do with it or not, I think their Propaganda machine was hoping that Cindy Sheehan would have stayed in Texas. That would have been a "gold mine" of ad Hominem material to attack her with.
(i.e. "See, she has no real compassion, her mother is dying and she stays in the spotlight with her bed-wetting-commmie-pinko-faggot LIBERALS" . . . or some such nonsense.)

One is reminded of the "Anthrax" scare that accompanied 9/11 which went out to folks the AIPAC-PNAC NEO CONS might consider hostile to their agenda . .. total coincidence, mind you. It was interesting how quickly that story dried up in the Main Stream Media once some clever fools pointed out that all weapons grade Anthrax has a "finger-print" and it was traced back to a US weapons installation.

There are those that say these PNAC NEO CONs killed Dr. Wilhelm Reich by slipping him potassium chloride, thus making it appear that he had a heart attack while he was in prison.

It is hard for civilized people to accept the mindset of a Fascist Leader or that of a mercenary. In Fascists systems, EVERYONE is expendable to maintain Power. If you kill for a living, anyone can be a target, or "job" as they call it.

"You got a lotta nerve
To say you got a helping hand to lend
You just want to be on
The side that's winning"
- Bob Dylan


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