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Letter to the President from Families and Vets

August 19th, 2005

Dear Mr. President,

Cindy Sheehan, a Gold Star mother who has been camped outside your ranch asking you to take one hour out of your five week vacation to meet with her, left Camp Casey yesterday when her mother had a stroke.

While Cindy Sheehan is temporarily not in Crawford, we want to be clear that we, Gold Star and Military Families and Veterans who've stood by Cindy these past 11 days, remain encamped outside your ranch and will stay here until you meet with us and answer ours and Cindy's questions about the "noble cause" for which our loved ones have been killed or placed in harm's way; Cindy Sheehan may have started this, but we are committed to carrying it on, on behalf of Cindy and the thousands of Gold Star and Military Families acorss the country who have the very same questions and concerns.

Many of our families have paid the ultimate price for your administration's lies leading up the war in Iraq, and we all deserve answers. Harm, danger, death and grief entered our living rooms the moment you sent our nation and our loved ones to war with a country that posed no threat to America and had nothing to do with the terrible tragedy of September 11th.

We need answers, we need the truth. You put our loved ones and all of our troops into harm's way based on lies. Too many of our loved ones have already paid the ultimate price. For those of us with loved ones deployed or about to deploy, every day threatens to transform us from a military family to a Gold Star family. We call on you, Mr. President, to support our troops and bring them home now.


Charlie Anderson, Iraq Veteran
Rebecca Bahr, Mother of Soldier
Lynn Bradach, Gold Star Mother
Cody Camacho, Iraq Veteran
Michelle Deford, Gold Star Mother
Linda Englund, Mother of Returned Soldier
Mimi Evans, Mother of Deploying Soldier
Linda Jansen, Family of Soldier
Doug Met, Familiy of Soldier
Tammara Rosenleaf, Wife of Deploying Soldier
Beatriz Saldivar, Aunt of Fallen Soldier
Nancy Towson, Mother of Deployed Soldier
Allison Towson, Sister of Deployed Soldier
Pat Vogel, Mother of Returned Soldier

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I just heard the coward of a president on the radio saying that the Iraq war is the result of 9/11 and he compared Iraq with ww2. He praised our military, athough he didn't mention Vietnam, when he was a deserter. All our veterans should know that Bush lied to invade Iraq...He trumpt up the intelligence to invade Iraq, he leaked the CIA operative to get even with her husband that said Niger wasn't selling wmd to Iraq...his WMD were never found, Sadamm missels could only go as far as 90 miles, what kind of a threat to the USA was that?

This president must be impeached.

vote the republicans out in "06" and lets go after the lying, scum in the white house.

A veteran of the Korean War

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