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"Your son volunteered. He knew what he was getting into ..."

By Arthur Ruger

So did I ... in 1968 five months after the Tet offensive. I dropped out of college and enlisted.

And like the current volunteers who are described by worn-out conservative flag-wearers, I had a rough idea of what I was getting into. That "rough idea" was based on trust ... trust in a system and, ultimately, trust in a specific leader and a specific governing political party.

The specific leader of course was LBJ, the specific party was the Democratic Party and the specific system was and is the system that allows us to hang our political opinions on buttons and sanctimonious drapery of stars and stripes from which we belch our prejudices.

When you sign up you endorse a contract on the bottom line. It's a contract with specified written obligations on the part of both parties, but also with unspecified but powerful assumptions on the part of both parties.

In the case of joining the military knowing what you are getting into is based on very powerful unwritten but nationally accepted assumptions:

(1) The integrity and honor of the commander in chief of the military and that CIC's skill, wisdom and understanding of all reasons when and why military citizens are to be placed in harm's way.

As a volunteer you are at the mercy of that individual, his party and their combined priorities - with a strong expectation that those priorities extend beyond a desire to remain in the driver's seat.

(2)As a volunteer you are at the mercy of your own fellow citizens (including your own family) whom you trust to be willing and supportive in making sure the leadership does not waste your vital blood, devotion and patriotism in pipe dreams, self-interested agenda's and ideologies; That leaders are driven by a genuine desire to involve the country in on-going mutual participation and compromise regarding foreign policy before resorting to force as a last resort.

(3) Volunteering to become a soldier is volunteering to preserve and protect - with your own power and will - the country, its borders, its citizens and its institutions. It isn't volunteering to keep a political party in power. The only way to avoid that circumstance is for the citizens to assume their rightful role in the triangular relationship with the troops and the CIC.

The troops are expected to trust the CIC's wisdom as well as the patriotic participation of the Citizens who will keep the CIC honest.

The CIC is expected to trust the troops to follow orders and expects to sustain by honesty and integrity the support of the Citizens.

The Citizens expect the troops to do their duties and expect the CIC to sustain by honesty and integrity his political authority. The Citizens must be willing to hold the CIC accountable and willfully resist when the honesty and integrity of leadership is absent.

That is what is going on right now. The President has demonstrated a lack of leadership at a time when leadership is needed. The killing continues daily .... and we are witness to a repeat of a leader who is like a deer caught in the headlights ... sitting there ... doing nothing ... pondering what ... while pretending to enjoy "My Pet Goat."


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Everytime I turn on the NEWS, I see the faces of the young men and women that were in my training classes. I know they are adults, but they still look like kidz to me. It breaks my heart and infuriates me to know that these "trusting souls" are willing to do their very best to "get the job done." (The Communications folks always go out first, ya know)

I just feel that these so-called PNAC NEO CON "men" (frat-brat boyz in my opinion), do not appreciate this effort and sacrifice in the least. They are psychologically incapable of it. They just want to "Win" so that they will be "Cheered" and continue their little "Power Trip."

I think Dr. Wilhelm Reich had their psychology nailed fairly well in his book, "The Mass Psychology of Fascism". This was of course one of his many books that the FDA burned after he was arrested and died "mysteriously" in prison on a trumped up "Contempt of Court" charge in the 1950s. His research, along with Maslow's and Leary's continue to be "taboo" in the American Universities. Hmmm, . . .

Perhaps if America had listened back then, you would not have had to suffer along with thousands of others in Vietnam and my wonderful "Techno-Geek" soldiers would not be dying today on foreign soil. (Love you guys! Keep yer damn butts DOWN!!!)

"Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time passing."
- Peter, Paul, & Mary


I do agree that when one volunteers for millitary service, they except this service with the understanding that they may (however remote) be called upon to enter combat situation's large or small.
And i agree that these service personel are required to place a degree of faith in the wisdom that directs them into hostile situation's.

I beleive the faith factor has been betrayed with the present situation we currently have going on in Iraq. Clearly, there were never any WMD. Subsequently, there was no genuine risk to the region, or to the conus. We certainly havent brought any stibility to the Iraqi people. so much for freedom and democracy. Essentually, we have gone in and destroyed an entire country. But for what purpose, absent the original claim's of risk?

Pure and simple, this is a grab for control of what may be the last of the major global oil reserve on the planet. In order to fully understand what im refering to, i invite anyone who reads this to google "oil production peak" or "peak oil", AND LEARN ALL YOU CAN ABOUT THIS SITUATION! Also, in "9-11 busters" site, at the bottom of the lower portion of their home page is a listing of wmv video's, one in particular, called "THE END OF SURBURBIA". After becomeing educated about this "peak oil" situation, then it is possible to form an oppinion, based on the facts related to "oil production peaking". What you'll see is, absent the original threats, there still had to be a motivating reason to get control of Iraq. Logically, if there was no genuine threat, then why were the U.S. Congress and the American population deceived on such a level? And we all were deceived by the Bush Administration! The trust our service personel are required to place in the command structure has also been betrayed! THIS LEVEL OF BETRAYAL EXCEEDS THAT OF WHAT OCCURED WITH THE VIET NAM WAR (I served from 69 to 72)TO THE EXTENT THAT THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION HAS COMMITTED CRIMINAL ACT'S THAT CONSTITUTE IMPEACHMENT PROCEDING'S BEING INITIATED AND WOULD BE, BUT FOR THE REPUBLICAN MAJORITY IN BOTH HOUSES THAT SHIELDS PRESIDENT BUSH FROM ACCOUNTIBILLITY. (The scales are tipping however)

Once the peak oil production situation is understood, it will then be clear what this administration is attempting to do. Im not going to reveal it. It's there, go look for yourself. get yourself informed on your own like i did.

In closing, let me say this. We need to do two things immediatly. we need to get control of our government and stop this senseless killing before the entire world turns on us. We need to imediatly begin a lifestyle change from gross waste of fossil fuel energy to one of serious conservation! WHY? WHY? GOOGLE "OIL PRODUCTION PEAK"

In Viet Nam it was the size and shape of a table. This war it is the size of the ego.

This is an excellent explanation of the relationship between soldier, citizen and the CIC during war. Your point that a citizen has a duty to resist when the honesty and integrity of the leadership is absent needs to be said over and over and over.

Another triangle exists that overlays the triangle explained in this article - the triangle of the Constitution, Congress and the President. As was the case in Viet Nam, Congress avoided a declaration of war as mandated by the Constitution and allowed Bush to use our military in an undeclared war in Iraq. As a consequence, the citizens, via their elected representatives, were cut out of the decision making process. More importantly, once we find ourselves in an undeclared war, the citizens are not obliged to bear the burden of responsibility. A few are required to donate the bodies but for the most part the rest can simply sit back as mere spectators and watch Monday Night Bush War. We end up having a rooting section on one side of the stadium screaming in support of the war and another group on the other side opposing it. For the most part we can all walk away from the stadium unscathed.

Had the Constitution been followed, the citizens (through their elected representatives) would have had to do some studying and debating as to whether or not this war was justified. As citizens, we too have an obligation to uphold the Constitution and thus our leg of the triangle.

We need to hold accountable not only Bush but those in Congress who failed to abide by the Constitution. If we don't, we will be having this debate again. Just ask a Viet Nam vet.

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