You are herecontent / Not in Our Name organizer Jeff Paterson reports from Camp Casey

Not in Our Name organizer Jeff Paterson reports from Camp Casey

Jeff Paterson
Not in Our Name, national staff
August 19, 2005

Crawford, Texas: The stand off continues in Central Texas as about 200 folks from across Texas and the country hold vigil along the road leading to the Bush vacation ranch. Every day Cindy Sheehan has greeted newly arriving Gold Star Families for Peace and other military family members -- and yesterday was no different. Over and over again, this ongoing vigil has grown far larger than the grief of one mother, but that of “the pain of a nation

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It is a sad day when we have to offer $70,000 college tuition to get an American citizen to sign up for a tour of duty as a U. S. Soldier. And then we feel so asshamed that they lost their life for this cause that we pay their beneficiaries $374,000 for 1 lost life.

They never provided other older Veterans with any benefits without a fight. Many of them got drafted, or voluntered. They were lucky to get a $5000 life insurance policy for their loss of life.

Where have our values gone?

Oglesby, Il

Sorry, but if you're a voting age citizen of the United States of America, it's all done in your name. Furthermore, even if those in power ultimately abandon their myth about bringing "freedom and democracy" to other lands, you can be damn sure that they will never voluntarily abandon their actual mission.

Quoting Robert Higgs, Senior Fellow in Political Economy at The Independent Institute: "The United States began its occupation of Germany and Japan sixty years ago, yet large U.S. military bases remain in those countries today. Does anyone really believe the Americans will walk away from their mega-bases in Iraq just because the Iraqis want the Yankees to go home? Why, that would spoil the big plan, wouldn’t it? The pretext, it now appears, is dispensable, but the plan most likely is not."

SOURCE: What Does the Administration’s Leaked Mea Culpa on Iraq Portend

To prove this war was not legitimate, why did we call up the National Guard? There was no National emergency to fight in this country. The National Guard is supposed to fight the invasion of this country, state by state, not to invade other countries.

Republicans, so called, have only one value...greed. The rest is a mask. All the christian rhetoric and patriotic chants are phony shams Their BEHAVIOR is neither christian nor patriotic. Its criminal. They talk old values to fool people who remember when America had values, and some in our govt respected our moral, ethical standards
Its a new game now. For many its about money/profit and consolidation of power. Nothing else.

There is a very interesting movie called "Enron: the Smartest Guys in the Room". It documents the mind set of these businessmen or white collar criminals bush chronies. Bush calls the chief ceo of Enron (ken lay) kenny boy (cheney's buddy in the energy czar secret meeting)

It shows the complete disintegration of ethics/ moral values for many in the business community; aided, abetted, in fact in cahoots with the upper echelons of republican party DC politicos. Its a revolving door, out of business into repub govt and back again. The dems do it too, but bushco has taken it several paradigm leaps past anything we have seen. Its amazing that people are just now getting it

They are exploiting everyone and every sector they can for profit. Just look at the billion dollar give aways to exonmobil etc while they are reporting record profits and americans are paying thru the nose at the pumps. These corporations used to exploit 3rd world countries. Now they are turning America into a 3rd world country with the same degreee of violence, corruption, lose of hope, repression, contaimination of the environment and growing apathy Ourlower,working, and middle classes are all fair game. There is still a lot more to squeeze. Unless we get off our duffs and educate ourselves and others it will continue.

The Republicans control both Houses and the presidency, but they could not get away with there many crimes without support and cooperation from a large majority of the Democrats. The brain dead gutless Democrats voted for this war and continue to vote to continue funding for the war. A pox on both your houses!

It's not just one political party. It's the entire system (governance, commerce, media) that has been perverted to serve the interests of the "influential" ($$$) almost exclusively. The Repubs just happen to be better at manipulating those current realities.

Until ordinary Americans take control of their so-called "free and democratic" system back from the establishment elite and their multinational corporate interests, the "choices" between Tweedledum and Tweedledee are largely illusory.

And, if you don't, you can be sure that the last remaining bastions of real freedom (Internet, etc.) won't remain so for much longer.

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