You are herecontent / Day 32: It's Becoming Clear That Perjury Charges Are Being Prepared

Day 32: It's Becoming Clear That Perjury Charges Are Being Prepared


A daily service of the DNC, "Mr. Bush, Tear Down That Stone Wall!" will highlight a specific fact that has been revealed and what Americans deserve to know about the White House's involvement in the improper and possibly illegal disclosure of an undercover CIA agent's identity for political gain.


Fitzgerald Had History of Pursuing Perjury In Previous Investigations. According to individuals familiar with his case history, special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has pursued perjury charges in a significant portion of the cases he has investigated. The Los Angeles Times reported, "Fitzgerald's tendency to invoke the laws against lying comes from two things, colleagues say: the particular way he uses grand jury testimony when he conducts an investigation, and his deep-seated aversion to being lied to." [Los Angeles Times, 8/15/05 ]

Rove Told Different Story Than Novak to Special Prosecutor. White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove told Fitzgerald that he first learned the identity of the CIA agent from syndicated columnist Robert Novak, according a person familiar with the matter. Novak, who was first to report Plame's name and connection to Wilson, has given a somewhat different version to the special prosecutor. Robert Luskin, Rove's attorney, declined in an interview to comment. [Bloomberg, 7/22/05]

Rove Told Different Story Than Cooper to Special Prosecutor. There also is a discrepancy between accounts given by Rove and Time magazine reporter Matthew Cooper. The White House aide mentioned Wilson's wife -- though not by name -- in a July 11, 2003, conversation with Cooper, the reporter said. Rove says that Cooper called him to talk about welfare reform and the Wilson connection was mentioned later, in passing. Cooper wrote in Time magazine last week that he told the grand jury he never discussed welfare reform with Rove in that call. [Bloomberg, 7/22/05]

Libby Told Different Story Than Russert to Special Prosecutor. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff, told special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald that he first learned from NBC News reporter Tim Russert of the identity of Central Intelligence Agency operative Valerie Plame, the wife of former ambassador and Bush Administration critic Joseph Wilson, one person said. Russert has testified before a federal grand jury that he didn't tell Libby of Plame's identity, the person said. [Bloomberg, 7/22/05]


With Fitzgerald's history of pursuing perjury in his investigations, and with Rove and Libby's contradictory testimonies it is becoming increasingly clear that perjury charges are being prepared. Why are there two people still working in the White House? Why do they still have their security clearances? What reason does Bush and Cheney have for keeping these two staff members when they are embroiled in an investigation? Is this part of a larger cover-up? How high does this cover-up reach?

Since the American Public Learned That A White House Official With Security Clearance Leaked The Identity Of A Covert CIA Operative


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... when will the people's representatives in Congress indict and prosecute the perjurors who deceived and misled America into a needless and counter-productive war?

Oh, wait. Silly me. The "people's representatives" aren't really there to represent the people are they? They still call themselves "Republicans" and "Democrats", but that's just for advertizing and marketing purposes like the elephants and donkeys and colored balloons.

Can it be any clearer.

Can it be any clearer.

I have watched over the years in disbelief as the Rove attack strategy helped raise our leader, (and others), into places of great power and wealth. And somehow it never was challenged, much less investigated. No matter how all of this works out it has been a small vendication and thrill to see such a horrible person finally twisting in the wind.


Lets not let Bush/Cheney and the pentagon try to combine 9/11 and Iraq during the upcoming 9/11 anniversery. Just keep on reminding our representatives that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and the efforts of this administration to make us think they did is nothing but evil rhetoric and a condemnation of our liberty and free will.
We will win the fight aginst the right wing neocons in "06" and then, and only then can we impeach George W Bush and Co.

I believe the results of the Fitzgerald investigation will be the lynchpin of this administration's downfall. Let's lay out a scenario. for the rest of this month Cindy Sheehan's vigil will continue to make the news as hopefully the MSM, especially the print media, will continue to write news stories and maybe just maybe decide that the main issue of going to war in Iraq is worth doing some good old fashioned Woodword/Bernstein investigative journalism. With the planned Sept 24th event maybe becoming bigger with Cindy's participation (thank god those people already had something in place) from now to then, all of this will continue to be front page news. Congress ,who except for a few Demos helping John Conyers, will be back in session, after being asleep at the wheel like Bush ,will be saying what the f** has been/is going on? Let me stop a minute to insert something here. I am just as pissed as many of you are that the Democratic leadership is stangely not been very visible as they are embarrased that they supported the War Resolution way back been. But that being said we will NOT succeed in any impeachment proceedings unless all the Demos and hopefully some moderate Republications come together in the House. So grouse if you have to, but after Bushco is out we can always form a new party and draft Cindy for President. What this country needs is a strong woman president!! Anyway after the weekend of Sept 24th, maybe Moveon could organize protest rallies across the country to coincide with the DC/SF LA rallies like they did for Cindy's vigils (thanks guys...wouldn't have been possible without you!!). If Congress sees millions not just thousands coming together I GUARANTEE you they will respond. Fast forward to early Oct or maybe sooner.... out comes the Fitzgerald grand jury results. If various highly placed admin officials are indicted for perjury, ie lying, then the grounds for impeachment will be right in Congress's face. I then believe they will be awake. But our work will not be over. We will have to keep the pressure on Congress to do it Constitutional duty and impeach the bastards so we can get on with bringing the troops home letting the Iraqi's decide what kind of government they want and we the people get on with our lives and restore this country to what it has stood for for the last 225+ years.

Sound like fiction?? No I think it sounds like a plan!!

... the so-called "people's representatives" in Congress will carry out their sworn constitutional duties only in circumstances where, kicking and screaming and against all of their normal inclinations, they are forced to do so by popular demonstrations approaching mass insurrection.

This is the wonderful and marvellous "democratic system" that is to be imposed on others worldwide by force of arms?! One wonders how any wretched ingrate could possibly question such a "noble cause".

For the first time in 4 1/2 years, I'm beginning to have hope again! And, I'm actually feeling patriotic again! At last,due to Cindy and federal prosecutor Fitzgerald, there is a beacon of light on the horizon! Finally, due to the REAL patriots of this country, the truth is being shouted out and nothing is going to silence us now! No more fear! No more slinking in the shadows and whispering our complaints! I feel free again, as we all should feel in this country. Bush is coming down! Thank you, thank you Cindy!


When the neo-cons come to town to invoke the memory of 9/11 we should be out in force telling the truth about 9/11. The Bush administration dropped the ball. We need a patriotic handout pointing out that fact.

I can only hope that Cindy and Plamegate can turn the Ignorance of the masses into a collective outrage heard around the world. That Bushco and every traitorous SOB that supports him are impeached, imprisoned, humiliated and stripped of their citizenship and sent to Abu Ghraib until their miserable lives expire. Only then will they face their final judgement in front of the God they all claim to believe in, yet by their actions, only prove their hypocracy. For their murderous lies, the death of thousands, the tens of thousands mained for life, and the grieving families whose hearts will never heal, there can be no forgiveness.

May you all burn in Hell for all eternity.

Why don't you leftists stop whining about what the Democrats won't do, and support the party that's really promoting your beliefs?:


For Immediate Release:
Thursday, June 9, 2005

Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-518-5624,
Nancy Allen, Media Coordinator, 207-326-4576,


"The Downing Street Memo proves that invasion of Iraq wasn't the 'last resort' but Bush's intent all along, leading to cooked intelligence and other impeachable offenses; Greens note bipartisan and media complicity in overlooking evidence of deceit, urge public protest

"The invasion and occupation of Iraq has caused the deaths of over 1,600 U.S. military personnel, as well as untold suffering and tens of thousands of civilian dead in Iraq," said David Cobb, the Green Party's 2004 candidate for President of the United States. "The Downing Street Memo confirms what we already knew -- that a conspiracy to deceive the American people led us into the war, and that this conspiracy constitutes 'high crimes and misdemeanors' according to the U.S. Constitution."
The Green Party of the United States called for the impeachment of George W. Bush during the party's 2003 national meeting ."

"Greens have organized and participated in numerous protests against the war since early 2003, and have called for an immediate end to the occupation, cancellation of further war spending, and removal of military recruiters from schools as U.S. troops continue to face death and injury in Iraq."

When I posted this on the Libertarian Party Blog(Weekly Update 8/12/05),as part of yet another attack on their ridiculous "Iraq Exit Strategy" ,which violates our party platform(see page five)

I got this:
Fri 19 Aug 2005
"Censored in the Libertarian Party"

It seems the LP has been taken over by a bunch of right-wingers who like to talk about fredom of speech, but will tolerate no dissent in the ranks.
Hopefully, that will be corrected in the future.

Still, I see no hope accept through third parties.

Historically,whenever wide-spread dissatisfaction with one or both of the two major parties occured, third parties would arise. Ironically, this is how the Republicans first got into the White House.

But ever since the middle of the last century, the Rep/Dems have gradually made it more and more difficult for third parties to thrive.
Recently, campaign finance laws have been tailored to limit parties that don't already have a broad base of support;ballot access requirements state by state, get more difficult to meet(exempting guess who).

The Rep/Dems will continue to collude to maintain the status quo, masquerading their sham competition for the top spot as an ideological difference, willing to settle for the comfy number two spot when they lose.

It's time to stop veiwing the two major parties as two distinct entities,and see them for what they really are;the two competing wings of the power expansion party.

So the real dilemma for the Dems is not so much their embarrassing complicity in the war,as the dissolution of the power they covet and crave that bringing the White House war criminal to justice might bring.

Well, from my personal experience, I have to agree with you that the Libertarian Party has been infiltrated by NEO CONs.

My wife and I left the Democratic Party to try and find allies to fight the insanity of the "War on Drugs". (I worked at Research Triangle Institute, NC when the famous "Reagan Drug Study" was done that justified the "War on Drugs" . . . talk about BULLSHIT Science.
Of course, RTI also had the AIDs study and I almost got fired getting into arguments with the chief-scientists that refused to include the possibility that HIV was man-made and of US origin in this multi-million dollar study) Anyway . ..

The Libertarian Party "seemed", at least on paper, to be a logical choice. While we made some good friends in the party, we left due to the constant harrassment of the "Born Again NEO CONS" that kept trying to justify BushCO and this Illegal War with "Deuteronomy" and "Revelations." Talk about some "Uptight White Folks!!!!" ;-)
Our running joke was that "Libertarians have to pull out Robert's Rules of Order just to order a friggin' pizza."

Maybe we should have gone "Green", instead!!! :-)


Mr. blackburn:
You may find of interest:

LPmembersagainsttheexitplan (yahoo group)

Also, please sign our petition:

And of course,all are welcome at

---Thank You,
The Bikemessenger

Thank you for the links. Yes, very interesting developments in the Party, indeed. ;-)


Mr. Blackburn:

You may also find of interest:
LPmembersagainsttheexitplan (yahoo group),

Also, please sign our petition:

And of course, all are welcome at:

---Thank you,
The Bikemessenger

lOOK UP 18 USC 794

God please help us turn this around.

It will take a very large number of people and sustained effort
it can be done. Kick the bums out. Lock em up.

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