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Camp Casey is Still Growing in Crawford

Cindy Sheehan Requests Privacy

Statement by Cindy Sheehan:

As you've probably heard by now, my sister and I left the other Gold Star
mothers in Crawford last night, after our mother had a stroke. I plan on
returning to Camp Casey very soon, but while I'm in Los Angeles please
respect that my sister, brother and I are here focusing on our mother, while
the moms in Crawford focus on Bush. The President is not off the hook.

More and more mothers come to Crawford daily with their stories of grief and
hope, so we can prevent more moms from losing their children in a war based
on lies.

Reports that I'll be holding any kind of media events or talking to the
press in LA are false.

My heart is so grateful for the outpouring of support and love from my other
Gold Star moms in Crawford and Americans across the country who have sent
their best wishes for my mother's recovery.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, August 19, 2005
Contact: Michelle Mulkey (415) 987-7377 or Michael Khoo (202) 669-7911

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Cindy Sheehan is wrong... her son wanted to be in the military! That was his decision not hers! She is telling everyone to face the truth and the facts... but she's the only one that isn't willing to.

One would assume when you join the military that you will be led by leaders with intergrity and honesty. Unfortunately - Casey was led into war by a liar - OPEN up your eyes and see the truth of this war!!

Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 - WAKE UP!

It must be nice to just sit back and believe everything your leader tells you - you do not have to expend any energy thinking.

I see the word "liar" used frequently on this site when referring to the President. Nowhere have I seen anyone point to a specific lie that he is alleged to have told. What part of the following justification for the war against Iraq are you having a problem comprehending?
"Our enemy is a radical network of terrorists, and every government that supports them...Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists. From this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime." (September 20 2001 statement by President Bush to a Joint Session of Congress)
Note that nowhere in this statement is there a mention of WMD, even though Saddam Hussein did everything in his power to convince the world that he had them. And everyone in the world believed him then. Today we know that his capabilitiies didn't match his intent. The focus of the President's statement was on regimes that support terrorism. Did Iraq support terrorists? Did they have a terrorist training site geared to teaching how to hijack an aircraft? Did they pay the families of suicide bombers a bounty? Did they mount an attempt to assassinate a president of the United States? Did President Clinton make regime change in Iraq a matter of national policy in 1998?
If you can't comprehend the link between Iraq and terrorism, I refer you to your own words, "it must be nice to sit back and believe everything (your Bush hating friends) tell you - you do not have to expend any energy thinking."

Hey -

Again - open your eyes! Sadaama and Osama disliked each other and it is well documented. Now - there is more terrorists activity in Iraq than there ever was prior to 9/11.

You tell me - are there more terrorists willing to blow themselves up now or on September 12th, 2001. The answer is obvious.

Bush lied (Downing Street Memo - read it) and now we are paying a huge price.

Remember - critical thinking has nothing to do with party loyalty.

You see the word liar alot because people on this site have read the Downing Street Memos. Read the memos and compare them with Bush's statements (and Cheney and Rice)and there is no other word to describe it, except "Liars". Making regime change a goal (or national policy) does not mean that we have the right to invade a country to force regime change. That in itself is not a legal or moral justification to invade another country. Even BushCo knew that, hence the reason for "creating" the WMD threat. You say "today we know his capability did not match his intent". Bush knew that then...which is why we call him a liar. As far as "countries that harbor or support terrorism" being justification, what about Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia. Why did'nt we invade them? Are they exempt, and if so why? Bush clearly tried to make a direct connection between Saddam and al Qaida to justify his invasion...more lies and deceit. By the way, the terrorist training camp was controlled by the Kurds, not Saddam. Saddam was a secular dictator so Muslim extremism and Jihad did not fit in to his goals. The attempted connection was created by Bush and our only major ally, the UK, did not even believe it. Read the memos, then you will understand the lies.

Oh....My.....God! How can people be so ignorant in a time of 300 channels, unlimited's unreal.

Mr. McCollum, to answer your questions, please be referred to the Republican led 9/11 Commision Senate investigation that concluded, as well as an independent CIA investigation, that Hussein had NO LINK WITH AL-QUADA!!! Osama was in Afghanistan when they were a part of the coalition against Hussein in 1991!!! Osama hated Hussein, no love loss! Ironically, 15 of the 19 highjackers on 9/11/2001 were from Saudi Arabia! Now you would think that with the diplomatic and business ties that the Bush family has had with the Saudi Royal family and the Bin Ladens over the last 30 years that an open door policy for an investigation for following up on these terrorist who were "harboring" there until an opportune time would not be a problem. WRONG! As we speak Saudi Arabia will not allow, nor will Bush Co force the issue of, an investigation in Saudi territory!

Now I'm in the military Mr. McCollum, and Mr. Bush promised our nation that he would get Osama, dead or alive, "smoke him out," but he only sent 10,000 of us into a country more rugged and much larger than Iraq! Plus, Osama is highly skilled and trained from our own CIA during his fight against Russia in the 80's! From a military standpoint, that's a joke! Even so, when we were on the verge of capturing him, DOD recalls our Spec-Ops to do some pre-invasion work in Iraq! Let me tell you Mr. McCollum, no soldier with his black cadillac boots fighting the REAL 9/11 enemy in the highlands of Afghanistan is pleased about our civilian leadership who have proven without a shadow of doubt that they indeed know NOTHING about military strategy, intel, planning, recon, etc.

Bush Sr mobilized a 36 country Arab and Anglo Coalition of over 700,000 strong with UN backing with real stated goals and a real exit strategy. The mission REALLY was accomplished and we came home with an only 148 KIAs! The economical costs of the Gulf War was $82 billion total!!! Split down on countries, this involved $13 billion for Japan, $22 for Kuwait, $29 for Saudi Arabia and $18 billion for USA. Powell's Doctrine of "overwhelming force" proved overwhelmingly decisive in the end.

Bush Jr sends 140,000, not to drive Iraq out of Kuwait mind you, but to occupy 437,000 sq/km of the whole Iraqi country! To wage war, police, secure, maintain, protect infrastructure, provide basic life needs, etc, etc, of an open boarder country with Iran on one side and Syria on the other! Again, from a military point of view, that's a joke, and any veteran knew it going in! Hans Blix and the U.S. Inspectors were literally pleading Bush the night before the invasion to let them finish their mission! They had found NOTHING! But they wanted to be sure! Bush ignored them, ignored the UN (unlike his Dad), ignored his Gulf War Generals (unlike his Dad) took his eye off the ball (Osama) and 4 years later we are in a deep tar pit of a mess having alienated former Arab Gulf War partners (Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia) and NATO allies. Thanks to No after war planning, Bremer told the defeated Iraqi army to take their weapons and go home...with no pay!!! Lack of boots on the ground assured lack of lock down on explosives and weapons depots. Anarchy reigned. THAT, Mr. McCollum, is your "WAR ON TERRORISM" that you believe we are fighting!

I end by adding this recent piece that sadly tells what we already know about the "training grounds" this invasion has created...

NBC, Washington, August 19, 2001:

"At the same time, some Pentagon officials now acknowledge that the two-and-a-half-year insurgent war has turned Iraq into a terrorist training camp.

U.S. intelligence indicates Islamic militants from several African nations — Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan and Somalia — travel through Syria into Iraq, where they get hands-on training in roadside and suicide bombings, assassinations and kidnappings as well as counter-surveillance and counter-intelligence against military targets, constantly changing their tactics to counter American defenses.

“They can change within seven to 10 days,

The 9-11 commision was a 50-50 Dem and Rep. effort.

How does a guy names Roger Cressey have a freakin clue about terrorism? Because he has a degree from a US University? That is laughable. Give me a guy with a name I can not pronaouce that is from Lybia and we can talk. Secondly, your info was from NBC...Great source.

Captain Bray USAF...Prove it. If it is true I am glad you aren't there fighting for freedom. You probably signed up for the free education. I hope you got a day job.

9-11 and Iraq are not related nor have they ever been related but you hatemongers only see that. Bush went to war with the same information that Clinton put before the world in 1998 and everyine was on board then...IDIOTS!!!! Go back and check your history. Yes, we had some bad intelligence. The Clinton admin had barriers so that these various agencies could not talk to one another. So is Clinton a liar to for telling the public this same info??? And can you say Able Danger??

If for no other reason than to free 25 million people from a genocial dictator, what we are doing and those that have been lost have been lost in the name of freedom. No liberal or right-winger can denie that. If you do, you are simply blinded by hate for the republican party and your ignorance for lack of credible information.

You tell us to read the Downing Street Memos? If these docs were so true and accurate, why is the mainstream media, YOUR MEDIA, not beating us to death with them???? Maybe because they are as bogus as your rhetoric???

It must also be nice to sit back and beleive everything that your biased media tells you. You are such hypocrits it makes me laugh.

Good luck in '06, you had better hope that you can falsify enough votes next year not to lose anymore ground....COWARDS!!!!

All She's asking from the President is to be told the truth.
I think her son would of wanted her to find out if he died for a lie. I think once Americans realize this they
will understand why she's been sleeping in a ditch on the side
of a road. You need to read the Downing Street Memo Report then
maybe you will understand Why.

You make the assumption that because someone is in the military that they support war. Let's expand on that people in the police force support crime, firemen(and women) support fires, or preists and nuns support sin. Casey did join the military, a military that is supposed to be there to protect the United States, it's allies, and it's legal interests. The war in Iraq defines none of these, we were not under any threat from Iraq, they were not an ally nor were they currently attacking an ally, and we had no legal interest in invading Iraq. Those are the facts, and what Casey Sheehan would or would not support is best know by those closest to him, like his mother! Next time you decide to start telling people to face the truth and facts, maybe you should learn some for yourself, and stop basing your ideas on assumptions that are just plain wrong.
Bryant Lister

All She's asking from the President is to be told the truth.
I think her son would of wanted her to find out if he died for a lie. I think once Americans realize this they
will understand why she's been sleeping in a ditch on the side
of a road. You need to read the Downing Street Memo Report then
maybe you will understand Why.

Cindy is right in what she is doing yeah her son wanted to be in the military and he thaught he was doing the right thing but he was lied to and i think his mother has every right to ask for the truth!!!

As a pastor and a chaplain in the Air Force I know that Cindy faces the FACT every day by the absence of her son, Casey, who will never return home again because of an illegal war! So I think it rather arrogant and insensitive for you to be telling her that she is not facing truth or facts!

You are right in that Casey made the decision to go, inspite of Cindy's desire that he would not. However, Casey made this decision based upon loyalty to his friends, his fellow soldiers, the Corp and the nation, but NOT to the Bush political policy based on LIES that put Casey and hundreds of thousands of other human beings into the hell holesd of war.

And since we are on the subject of loyalty and commitment, which both Cindy and Casey exemplify, Bush's own personal military service record is indicative of his present behavior of deception and not showing up! In short, Commander-in-Thief Bush was technically A.W.O.L. for a 12 month period DURING A TIME OF WAR which is, of course, punishable by court-marshal and death! Also, there is no statute of limitations on that dereliction of duty! Naturally, having friends in high political places has its privileges as it is obvious that Bush's record got the wink and nod approval. Conveniently today, some records are still missing! :O Imagine that!

Back to the point. Cindy, you have done your job! You are the Prophet Nathan to this King David! And yes, like Rosa Parks, you have said that you ain't move'n till justice (in contrast to Bush's policy of "just us") is done for Casey, you, and many others in the world! My prayers to you, your mom, sister, and all the rest of your family, friends and colleagues who are standing together for the greatest and perhaps last noble cause left for the sake of the human family: TRUTH!

Cindy has NEVER said that Casey regretted being in the military. He obviously believed in what he was doing.

Cindy (and the rest of us) just want you nutjobs (yeah, that's right Anonymous, that's YOU!) to look at some of the FACTS and for Bush to ANSWER TO THE LIES THAT HE USED TO PUT CASEY INTO HARMS WAY!

All we want is for this PNAC-controlled administration to ADMIT that it lied because it wanted to put military bases into Iraq for the next 30 years and it would do ANYTHING to achieve that objective, including giving up thousands of us lives, injuring tens of thousands more US soldiers, and killing upwards of 100,000 mostly-innocent Iraq's (yeah, those people in Iraq we were supposedly trying to "free").

Why don't you neo-con "ditto-heads" start doing some CRITICAL THINKING and some reading (if you can) and quit harping on the issue of volunteerism.

The fact that this is a volunteer army does NOT allow the Republican Administration to put it in harms way under false pretenses. They do NOT volunteer to be lied to or to follow illegal orders. In fact, I believe that the Military Code of Conduct PROHIBITS the following of an illegal order.

THINK! READ! Don't just listen to Fox and Rush and PARROT what they say!

Charlie L
Portland, OR

Yes, Casey Sheehan wanted to stand with his friends and fellow soldiers. But I'm sure that neither he or nor they wanted to die and I'm even more sure that they didn't want to die in an unprovoked and unnecessary attack on people that had nothing to do with 9/11 or with any other threat to their own country.

So what does Casey's wanting to be "in the military" have to do with his mother's grief or her questions to her son's commander-in-chief about the so-called "noble cause" for an imperial war that resulted in his death?

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