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More Vigil Photos

Here are more photos from Wednesday night vigils, these ones in Arlington VA and New Orleans LA.

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We're making a big effort to centralize photos from all the related vigils in one area, Camp Casey online. I really hope you'll join us and add your own photos, as we've got almost 400 photos so far, and are gaining new photos and new members all the time.

Even if, for some unimaginable reason, you won't join us and add your photos, at least come by and browse through what we've gathered so far. It's really amazing and inspirational to see!

Cindy said "The opposite of good is not evil, it's apathy."

Yes - and to let Saddam remain in power in a post 911 world would have been a perfect use of the word apathy.

It's not hard to understand that to end terrorism, one needs to change the political landscape of the Middle East (which seems to be a few centuries behind).

That's my moral stand. I stand with George W. Bush.

Well, George "Bring-'Em-On" Bush and his merry band of PNAC crusaders are certainly changing the Middle East landscape in more ways than one.

Having bombed all of Iraq's scenery (except the oil fields. of course) and having left behind lots of nice cluster bombs and "depleted" uranium to get rid of all those nastly little urchins who clutter up the nice sterile sands, they're now working on the political stuff.

So far, it looks like the biggest (only?) political winner will be Iran. So now Cheney's working on a few nukes to change their landscape too. That should bring in at least a few more players and probably some bigger ones to assist with a worldwide seismic shift and we'll all have a beautiful new landscape to admire as we watch all the cascading climate changes -- assuming any of us survive that long.

It is ironic that you bring up apathy. This entry on was to share pictures of two vigils (Arlington, VA and New Orleans, LA). I was not at the New Orleans vigil but I was at the one in Arlington and am glad I was. Ray McGovern was there and is featured in two of the pictures (271_7149.jpg and 271_7150.jpg) and he gave the keynote speech at the vigil. What was his main theme? You guessed it, apathy. His words were moving and eloquent. They reinforced to all attending the rightness and justice of why we were holding the vigil in the first place. Indeed, we would be remiss to remain apathetic and not to challenge the illegitimacy of the Iraq war. The speech Mr. McGovern gave can be read in full on this site. See:

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