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Osama is smiling on Cindy.

You're right about one thing. Osama is certainly smiling. But it's not because of Cindy Sheehan.

He has been smiling ever since the most moronic U.S. President ever to disgrace that office granted him all of his most fervent wishes to expand, solidify and enrage worldwide sentiment against the United States of America. Who could ask for better allies in that effort than George "Bring-'Em-On" Bush and his band of PNAC crusaders.

Yes, Osama's grin is is as big as a Cheshire cat's, and it'll keep on getting bigger as long as idiots like Bush and Cheney continue to manage U.S. foreign adventures (they can hardly be called foreign policy) and as long as other idiots like you continue to support them.

Osama Bin-Laden, like George W. Bush and the Neo-Cons controlling this country, thrive on hatred, fear and violence. If you remove these ingredients, like removing oxygen from a fire, they will all suddenly lose their very purpose in life. Fan the fire of hatred and you fan the fires of Osama Bin-Laden; remove the fear, violence and hatred and they all will just fade away.

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