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More Reich-Wing Horse Pucky

By Cindy Sheehan

Karl Rove and his manipulative, behind the scenes machinations continue even though he had to resign in disgrace from BushCo. Also, the willing tools of the Republican killing machine, including Karl Rove, with whom they have formed an unholy alliance, Move America Forward, are helping Rove whip a group called “Gathering of Eagles” into a frenzy over something that is not and was not ever going to occur. Okay, I am not sure that Karl Rove started this particular pile of horse pucky, but it sure has his stank all over it, so we are going to pretend for the sake of argument that it was Karl, or someone just like him. BushCo employees Roves like McDonald’s employs fry cooks.

The Gathering of Eagles is supposedly a veterans’ ad hoc group who are allowing themselves to be despicably stage-managed by Rove and Move America Forward using fascist tactics to lie about an anti-war group, just like BushCo lied our country into two abominable wars that have cost hundreds of thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars. The actions around this are very similar to the Swift Boaters---who I believe are also involved in this current Reich-wing, Squawking-Head brouhaha.

The Rove backed tools of hatred and misguided propaganda are saying that in the March 17th march on the Pentagon that I am participating in which is sponsored by A.N.S.W.E.R. is planning on desecrating the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, by spitting on it, or throwing paint on it. What a monumental load of Reich-wing horse pucky!

I have participated in dozens of protests: small, medium, and large, in DC---we even held a candlelight vigil in the Vietnam Memorial, and we have never desecrated it. Why would we begin now and why did Rove start this scandalous lie? Recently, there was a lie-filled article floating around the Reich-wing pucky-o-sphere which claimed that I threw paint on Congress on a day when I was 3000 miles away in Los Angeles. Do Reich-wingers ever tell the truth? Is honesty even in their genes? Is the word “fact” in their vocabulary?

The so-called Gathering of Eagles says on their web site: “We will not allow them to spit on Iraqi Veterans again (itals mine).” First of all, it is not “Iraqi” veteran that is like saying “Vietnamese” veteran. It is “Iraq” veteran. Secondly, I have never spat on any veteran. I know no one who has, or who would spit on a veteran. Saying this is just pure propaganda horse pucky and the small minded people that are manipulating proud veterans with these deceptions should be ashamed of themselves. But we know they aren’t. They aren’t even ashamed of killing, torturing, or maiming innocent people. Why should they suddenly be ashamed of or disavow their tactics now? There tactics only become more contemptible as their positions become more indefensible and untenable.

One fantastic irony is that the only time that I can recall when memorials to fallen Iraq veterans have been desecrated is when Reich-wingers have been the ones doing the vandalizing. The first time was in August of 2005 when Larry Northern mowed over hundreds of crosses at Camp Casey. How do the people who say they honor our fallen heroes feel about this act of violence against these fallen heroes? I know I was appalled and heartbroken that Larry didn’t respect our memorial, our soldiers, and particularly my son.

Another time that a memorial was in January of this year when The Camp Casey Peace Institute put 3000 American flags down Prairie Chapel Road to commemorate the 3000th American soldier killed in Iraq. One woman broke every flag in front of her property (on public land) and left the pieces strewn all over in the bar ditches. Is this respecting our fallen heroes or the American flag? Maybe the Reich-wing suspects that we will desecrate a memorial because they are so good at it?

I wonder how Reich-wingers who bind themselves up in the flag of false patriotism and lift high a cross of self-righteousness feel about two of their symbols being demolished by some of their own ilk. I know there are many falsely patriotic Iraq Memorials around the country that I don’t want my son associated with, but I would never even think of destroying the monument or demanding that Casey’s name be removed from one.

The March to the Pentagon on March 17th will be led by Vietnam Veterans, Iraq Veterans, First Gulf War Veterans, military families and Gold Star Families followed by many other peace and justice groups and individuals. The veterans will be there not to protect a Wall that never should have had to be erected in the first place, but to protect our First Amendment rights to be there; rights that supposedly, Casey and millions of other Americans have died protecting, including the names on the Wall. Rights that all service members swear to uphold. The veterans with us will also be there to make sure that the calamitous Iraq Memorial is not nearly as long as the one that the Eagles think they have to protect.

I believe a Gathering of Vets should surround the Constitution and protect it from further desecration by the Bush Regime. I think a Gathering of Americans should surround the Bill of Rights and refuse to allow BushCo to spit all over that document any longer. I think a Gathering of Patriots should surround the White House and demand that the world’s number one terrorist remove himself and his puppet masters from our house before they do any more damage to our planet and/or to humanity.

Get a clue, buy a vowel, Eagles. You are being played like a banjo by Karl Rove and Move America Forward. You are becoming all irate for absolutely no reason. We are not even going into the memorial. Even if we did we would not desecrate it. How many of your VA benefits to the crooks in the White House have to cut before you finally wake up? They don’t care about you! Don’t let them shovel any more Reich-wing horse pucky down your throats. Refuse to be used. Don’t be minions of, or in league with devils.

Eagles, if you come to DC looking for trouble you won’t find it from me. I honor your service to our country as I deplore George and Dick’s cowardly avoidance of that same service.

The first time I visited DC just six short months after Casey was killed, I placed a picture of him at the base of the Wall next to a picture of Sgt. Mike Mitchell, who was killed in the same battle as Casey on 04/04/04. Two more boys murdered for the Military Industrial Complex. Two more families destroyed for the lies of their leaders. Two more lives wasted.

Just relax, OUR Wall will not be desecrated and if it is, it won’t be by us.

Cindy Sheehan is the mother of Spc. Casey Sheehan who was killed in Bush's war of terror on 04/04/04.
She is the co-founder and president of Gold Star Families for Peace and the Camp Casey Peace Institute.
She is the author of three books, the most recent is: Peace Mom: A Mother's Journey Through Heartache
to Activism.

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I am nauseated by this - fomenting hatred and divisivness, and smearing a human being who is working for the cessation of this disgusting war. Makes me sick. How the hell can we fight it? christina

I guess, like Cindy, Jane, et. al., you just haven't got a clue. Non of us will be there to make ANY STATEMENT on the war,regardless of our opinions. That is not our purpose. We will be there to see that our Memorial, & the other Memorials to those who served are treated with reverence and in no way defiled. Contrary to urban myth, we are not paranoid. We are going by past history. Unless you missed it in school, or an unfortunate member of the generation who was only taught what is PC, the 67' March on DC was the begining of the Anarchy phase of Protest that saw a great amount of Destruction in this country. You know, harmless little pranks such as the SDS & The Weathermen blowing up College Chemistry Labs, etc. After having read the list of the people & Organizations who will be participating in your Protest, we feel that it looks like a replay of the groups from the 60's. Fair Play for Cuba??? What is their agenda? Are they trying to bring back Lee Harvey Oswald? Not to be insulting, but if you have no point of reference for that you may want to do some research.
Again, our agenda is to keep the Wall safe. Period. Why? Because, contrary to what your Fearless Leader Cindy said; It IS OUR WALL, NOT YOURS! It was paid for by public donations, and given to the government to be it's caretaker. More importantly, it was paid for by the Blood of the men & women whose names are on it.
Nauseated? If you want to experience Nausea I have a suggestion. First, watch the first part of Born on The Fourth of July, & pay particular attention to the scenes of Ron Kovac in the VA Hospital he came home to. Then, after you finish your March on the Pentagon, take a side trip to Building 18 at Walter Reed Hospital. Same scenes, not Hollywood Fantasy, just a different War. If you think the Movie scenes were overblown, just ask Mr. Kovics, as he will be there Marching with you.
If, instead of Protesting, waking up every morning in your nice safe home, in the safety that has been given you by Veterans whom are being refered to by your Leader as "Rightist Hater's of America", you want to see what the real world is like, you might want to travel to Iraq or Iran, or any other Muslim Country. I am sure you will enjoy being a woman in a society where on the Humanity Scale you are below the level of Whale Dung at the bottom of the ocean.
Two final thoughts. No one, I mean NO ONE, despises war more than the warrior. Lastly, only the dead know the end of war.
tetvet, USN, RVN
As to "Rightist Hater's of America"; that is the verbal equivalent to a "Spit" to us and besides, most of us have finally learned to say "Alcoholic, drug addicted, Warmongering Baby Killers".
We are getting older now, so have a heart. We don't learn as fast as we used to.

First off we don't have to be, nor are we, guided by Rove, Bush or anyone else. We, as opposed to the Socialist-Communist backed and led Sheehan worshipers, have not been brainwashed. We have minds of our own and are capable of independant thought.
Don't believe they're led by Communists and Socialists? Have a look at who's backing them.
Who's this that you speak of as "fomenting hatred and divisiveness"? Who are the ones mobbing themselves against our troops? Who are the ones aligning themselves with the enemies of our freedom? The Eagles are not gathering there to confront, foment or divide anyone. They're gathering there as a defense against those who've already proven that they're capable of desecration of things others hold sacred.
You've fallen right into the trap that was set for you by the Muslim extremists. You've given them hope just like Hanoi Jane did in Vietnam
Sheehan's pontification of mindless drivel is taken right from the enemy's playbook.
Do you know the difference between your ilk, the Boy Scouts, and the troops? The Boy Scouts and the troops have adult supervision. You've got Sheehan who's only divided slightly from being a classic example of someone suffering Munchausen's by proxy. The only difference is; her son's dead. She's drawing attention to herself through her son. This is not about Casey, this is about Cindy!! This is not about Bush, (who I don't like either), this is about Cindy!! This is not about the War on Terror, this is about Cindy!! This is not about anything but Cindy Sheehan!!!
Go to Google, as I did, enter "Cindy Sheehan" and click on "Images".
Find all of the images where Cindy has contorted her face to appear that she's crying. Magnify the images, (I went to 300%). Try to find one tear. The only thing I found was the fact that she needs a shave.
Remember Susan Smith who was in the news a few years ago? She's the one who drowned her two children in her car. The absence of tears is what tipped the investigators to believe that she had killed her children. This leads me back to my subject line. WHERE ARE THE TEARS??

---AL--- Logan, Al.---Vietnam '66-'69

That the smearing of a gold star mother would even be allowed in this country is abominable - it is very hard to believe this could happen.

Hey Anonymous,

It's called freedom of speech. It's on the Constitution, you might want to read it some time. That's just one person's opinion, and they have the right to it.

Too many people don't understand that this is a war of THEM against US. The only sinister force at work is the one made up of extremists who want to destroy what we have. When is it going to be considered detestable for soldiers to be treated the way they are at home? If a large group of service members organized on Saturday and demonstrated against the anti war protesters, they would be called names and be treated badly. THAT is detestable. Memorials to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice being defaced in the intrest of some fantasy peace movement is detestable.

The comments below are from a soldier currently deployed. Perhaps if Casey were alive, they would have come from him. I feel for Mrs. Sheehan. She lost her son, and now she is being used by the same people who would call her son names if things had been different.
She has absolutely no understanding of the mindset of the people she proposes sitting down with and talking to. In an absolutely perfect world, none of this would matter, but in this world, the real world, those are very bad people.

"...I am tired of Democrats who tell me they support me, the soldier on the ground, and then tell me the best plan to win this war is with a “phased redeployment” (liberal-speak for retreat) out of the combat zone to someplace like Okinawa.

I am tired of the Democrats whining for months on T.V., in the New York Times, and in the House and Senate that we need more troops to win the war in Iraq, and then when my Commander in Chief plans to do just that, they say that is the wrong plan, it won’t work, and we need a “new direction.”

I am tired of the decisions of Sergeants and Privates made in the heat of battle being scrutinized by lawyers who were not there and will never really know the state of mind of the young soldiers who were there and what is asked of them in order to survive.

I am tired of CNN claiming that they are showing “news,” with videotape sent to them by terrorists, of my comrades being shot at by snipers, but refusing to show what happens when we build a school, pave a road, hand out food and water to children, or open a water treatment plant..."

People like SSG D don't need you people to speak for them, just to support them and let them accomplish their mission.

"That the smearing of a gold star mother would even be allowed in this country is abominable - it is very hard to believe this could happen."

I know. Especially the smearing of gold star mothers who support their sons who volunteered and died and don't behave like Sheehan. Such an abomination.

I think that you haee become so overcome with all the attention that you are getting that you have failed to look at the true meaning of this cause.

Noone of us want this war. I am a vietnam Era Veteran. You are not even old enough to remember what exactly took place with Vietnam. You said that there is a memorial that should not have been erecteedd in the first place, what do you know, we Vietnam Veterans paid for it to honor our brothers and sisters who gave not lost, but her gave their lives for their country, the same way that Casey did. He knew when he joined the Guards that anything could happen, did he fight you on i, did you go to the Governor of your statee and try to get him discharged because you did not want him to go to Iraq. Did you do anything to stop him and even if you had triedd would he have listened to you. He gave his life in true contrast of what war is all about. Like I said no one wants this war and we all wish that it was over with, but all you are doing is making George Bush strive and push harder to make it continue, by asking for more funding, by sending more troops over there. the more you fight the harder he is going to fight before he lets the world see that America is weak and that they aree ready to give up. Look at past wars, has America ever given up on any war. Instead of focusing so much on what has already happened, why don't you for once mourn for your son, you are not doing this for your son, if you were in the his name, he never would have joined the Guards because he knew what might happen to him, but was he afraid no, you were and are more afraid than he was. You go ahead and continue to cut down the Veterans and how they are going o gather at the memory grdens, you go ahead and trash them, they are only doing and protecting what they believe in also and protecting something that belongs to us. It does not belong to you and you group, you had nothing to do with it being built or adding the names on it. You had nothing to do with it, so why should you be able to park you behind in front of something that does not belong to you. Woman you have a veery disgusting, filthy mouth. You think that the only way that you ae going to win this plight is to carry on all across the country. You have talked to people who were willin to let their son or daughter rest in peace and got them all stirred up. For years heir sons, daughers and husbands have left them to rest in peace and now you have brought back the skeletons from long ago. 'What is wrongg with you. I don't think you are trying to win anything, I think you just like to seee people suffer, suffer from bringing back sad memories of long ago, when their layed their loved one to rest. I think tat before this all started ou were a obody, livedd everyday as a boring housewife and mother. Now you have your name all over the TV, the tabloids, the newspapers, the magazines, the talk shows and what have you. You have a name for yourslef becaause you staked your but outside the Presidents ranch and stayed there, gathering in the flock. You said all you wanted was for him to come out and talk to you, he did talk to you as welll as many other mothers and fathers, they arre not marching wih you. Their sons and daughterrs fought, they don't wan to fight any longer, fighting is what got their son or daughter killed. But they all knew what they were getting into when they enlisted in the Guad's, noone wisted their arms, just like it was my choice to join the military. I had my mind made up and noone was going to stop me and I really elieve that you wuld not have been able to stop casey. Give this up and go home, Pay homage to your son, mourn for him, put flowers on his graave and thaank him for serving his country and making it possible for ou to continue on to live in the America way.

you are a disgrace to the uniform you wore, and I'm calling you that for attacking Cindy Sheehan for being a patriot that she is.

Standing up for what you believe in is patriotic indeed. However, calling the counterprotesters names, for doing that EXACT SAME THING is not. Attempting to convince people that they're counterprotesting not out of legitimate belief, but because they've been brainwashed is intellectually dishonest, and anyone capable of manipulating the media like Sheehan has KNOWS IT. Her family knows it too, which is why they've all distanced themselves from her.

The loss of her son is tragic, as is the loss of every American soldier. Sheehan would have us believe nothing is worth that cost, while at the same time enjoying the fruits (right to freedom of speech!) of those sons and husbands who died to make this country what it is today.

I don't think any self respecting veteran would call that respondent an 'asshole' for speaking their mind.

You are wrong sir. Cindy is no patriot, she is a communist sympathiser who has desicrated the memory of her brave son.

Well, bully for you, Vietnam Vet.

Cindy is no patriot any more than you are. You must be so proud that the likes of you, Jane Fonda etc. helped undermine the war in Vietnam to stop the tide of communism in Asia.

Hey, asshole. How do several million Cambodian civilian deaths sit on your shoulders? Huh?

Bet you loved Pol Pot too, eh? Most likely, you could have cared less about his atrocities, just like you probably think Stalin or Mao were geniuses.

People like you make me sick.

you're a fascist son of a bitch, no veteran.

It's nice to see you stand behind one gold star mother. What do you think that thousands of other Gold Star Mothers whose child's name is on The Vietnam Veterans Memorial? Their child who is named there and believed in what he was doing in Vietnam.My mother is devasted to think that protesters want to use that as a back drop to make a political statement. That is not the purpose of a memorial. The protesters during Vietnam said the same thing, stop the killing of our troops. A common story that runs with other families who lost a loved one in Vietnam is that not one protester contacted them to give condolences. Another common deed was to read all the names at a rally to show their respect for the dead while they were saying the war unjust, the same way Cindy tried to use names at Camp Casey. My mother and the rest of my family detested the use of my brother's name during a protest because he saw that the enemy was oppressing the people. Just as the families showed up to remove the names from the crosses at Camp Casey. In essence this whole charade of saying you support the troops by using the names and numbers for reason to stop is Bravo Sierra. I saw my brother insulted by protesters a year before he died and then he was insulted by having baggage placed on his coffin on the airplane.

Two items on Cindy. First did you know that an undercover reporter volunteered to work at Camp Casey and witnessed Cindy cry for the cameras then retreat to her trailer to take a phone call and the reporter heard her laughing and saying how the web site was making $2,000 more a day than previously. That is not $2,000 a day that is $2,000 more than the day before. Second has Cindy used any of the $250,000 to buy a headstone for Casey? The VA offers financial assistance there also.

Cindy, you still haven't figured it out. What the hell does Bush or Karl Rove have to do with the Eagles? I suppose, in your Paranoi you think they control Rolling Thunder, the VFW, American Legion, Dav, Purple Heart, and all the other Vets Groups who will be there.
You really need to get over yourself, and stip believing your own PR. You, like Jane, are not really that important to anyone but your own ego's. The only reason you have the freedom to spout your verbal diarrhea is due to the service of Vet's such as we, and your son Casey. We preserved this freedom for you and contrary to what you espouse, we also have the right to free expression.
As to "Just relax, OUR Wall will not be desecrated and if it is, it won’t be by us", it is NOT YOUR WALL! It belongs to Vietnam Veterans who built it, to their families & loved ones, and most importantly to the people enshrined on it, NOT a publicity & money seeking psychotic who refers to Viet Nam Vets as "Rightist Haters of America" and infers that "They (Nam Vets who are supporting the Eagles) aren’t even ashamed of killing, torturing, or maiming innocent people. Why should they suddenly be ashamed of or disavow their tactics now? There tactics only become more contemptible as their positions become more indefensible and untenable."
Why don't you just jump into Mr. Peabody's wayback machine, go back to 1968 to the Airport in San Francisco, & throw fresh manure at us & scream Baby Killer. Not an urban myth. just fact.
See you at the Wall Cindy. Oh yes, I will be armed. I am bringing silly string in case any of your naive clowns confront me. Seems like an appropriate defense to me!
USN, RVN, 6770

I was returning home for my grandfathers military funeral, in full uniform, since was delayed getting there, due to the march Hanoi J and her friend V. R. had planned for Ft. Dix., NJ. I arrived in Houston, took the train at airport around to where meeting my parents to head to funeral at the veteran memorial grounds there and several hippie looking people spit at me and called me names. when nixon quit the war which was in the winning stages, I was in transpotation to move returning troops from afb to nearby hospitals, saw the public yelling many disgusting stuff at the men and women coming back from VM. That war was not a choice of the soldiers but the elected officials, so yes we believe you'd do anything to trash those who serve for the cause of freedom, and not for the president, whose mother didn't leave him behind. Or you right there in the same group who are and will.

On return home for my grandfathers funeral at the Veterans Memorial in Houston, was spit at and called names by civilians, when on the tram to meet parent to head to the funeral. I had come in full uniform cause wasn't able leave my permanat duty station until could be released due to the base closed down to let Hanoi J and her pal V. R. could march through, they didn't cause the star ladies didn't show. So trust me it happens, Seen it at end of the war we had won, but the president withdrew for some odd reason, seen many civilians yelling disgusting stuff at the returning wounded. So best watch your lack of info is showing, your son, am sure he embarrassed once again by you. One thing missing up this one is the lack of military controls due to the lock on military jobs by non field trained civilians running the show. We serve for the idea of freedom, which due to these people we are there fighting are threatening to take from us here and slowly are doing it bit by bit. And now you the all present mom all of a sudden, absentee mommy.


A mother asked President Bush, "Why did my son have to die in Iraq?"
Another mother asked President Kennedy, "Why did my son have to die
in Viet Nam?"
Another mother asked President Truman, "Why did my son have to die in
Another mother asked President F.D. Roosevelt, "Why did my son have
to die at Iwo Jima?"
Another mother asked President W. Wilson, "Why did my son have to die
on the battlefield of France?"
Yet another mother asked President Lincoln, "Why did my son have to
die at Gettysburg?"
And yet another mother asked President G. Washington,"Why did my son
have to die near Valley Forge?"

Then long, long ago, a mother asked..."Heavenly Father, why did my
Son have to die on a cross outside of Jerusalem?"

The answers to all these are similar -- "So that others may have
life and dwell in peace, happiness and freedom."

This was emailed to me with no author and I thought the magnitude and
the simplicity were awesome


Have you not figured out that you have been used. You have allowed this to happen and you have degraded the memory of your son. Would he be proud of you, I think not. I think you are loving the limelight right now and you are too blind to see that these idiots are using you. You and the likes of Hanoi Jane are doing to our current soldiers what she, and others, did to the Soldiers who served in Vietnam. You will see just how many people do not stand with you on March 17th. You will see the real heroes of this world. They will be surrounding the Wall. Did you think that by using it as your backdrop that the world would think that all who it represents are behind you? Well they are not. I hope that Wall is so surrounded by Veterans, their families, and our current soldiers that your cameras cannot even use it as a background to you spiteful and treasonous gathering. If you are so pure and lilly white maybe you better watch the videos of how your group treated our Veterans at the last so called peace rally. You are sick and you are being used. Go get some help

Please just take a little time to ask yourself a few question's 1 is where is HANOI Jane why is she not standing by yor side. Because she is working behind your back for one party are the other for her own good???? Because she is not as cute now is she??? Could it be she is backing some of the money for you to do it??? Could it be that she all ready knew that one of Iran's some mucky de mucky son was caught with his hand in the cookie Jar or maybe that she already knew about the capture of a high ranking Genral being in custody are maybe she thinks that a bounty might still be on her head for HANOI for the note she gave the Cong??? It does not matter you are her turkey now. While your poor son gets used for the cause and as for as your son's friend being told he did not know about your son. When you go into battle and trust a ( MAN ) to cover your back you become closer then family. Lady I don't think you are covering his back now. I have more respect for your Husband at least he admitted his wrong and now is morning his son. It never goes away not even in your sleep. Before long I will be there and be proud to give him a big hug.

I think people should spend less time bitching about things that are none of thier buisness. I want to know who told you that you can go to war without loosing lives. And yes you should honor the soilders who have died by supporting the ones left instead of making them feel like they are dying for nothing. I think it takes a lot balls to sit there on your computer and talk about impeaching the president expecially when every one of you bastards thought clinton was great. Its very simple ladies and gentlemen If you dont love it Get the HELL OUT

leave? I'll start shooting fascist bastards when we have our 2nd revolution, before I leave. you go fuck yourself, you right wing son of a bitch!

It is a shame that the lunatic Cindy Sheehan defiles her son's honor and memory by cozying up to anti-American freedom-stifling thugs like Chavez, Castro, Galloway, Ahmadinejad, and the ANSWER Communists.

Senator Feingold makes a much more rational and respectable case (even if still wrong) against US military action in Iraq than Cindy ever could. She lumps the Afghani campaign in along with it. Will Cindy get on a plane, fly over, and tell the women of Afghanistan that it is evil for the US to defeat the Taliban and fight al-Qaeda. In keeping with her principles, Cindy should tell those women face-to-face to put their burqas back on, pull their daughters out of school, hide in their homes, and prepare for al-Qaeda death squads to publicly execute them. But hey, it would end the evil US "occupation." A similar fate awaits millions of Iraqis if we leave there too soon--bigger than the killing fields of Cambodia.

How on earth could anyone think that the war in Afghanistan is wrong? Cindy, I know you've been off your meds for a while, but have you forgotten about 9-11? Have you forgotten about the nearly 3,000 men and women who were vaporized that day by Islamofacists who were trained in Afghanistan? Have you forgotten that the Taliban was hiding and giving aid to Osama Bin Laden?

What happened on 9-11 was an act of war. We responded by invading Afghanistan, toppling a disgusting regime, and freeing hundreds of thousands of people. The war in Afghanistan is not over yet. There's still hard work to be done there. There are Taliban and Al Qaeda remnants that need to either be captured or killed, and a government that needs strengthening. Why don't you stop exploiting your son's death for money and fame for a while and work with us so that all the troops can come home when the job is done rather than in full retreat and shame like the ANSWER crowd wants?

I can only say, that if Rove had the manipulative capabilities Cindy claims, if he really had that kind of all-encompassing power, and was so eager to use it to get his way, I seriously doubt Cindy would be around to write such naiive diatribes as we see here today.

Claiming our veterans who are showing to watch over the memorial are mindless, misinformed, or tools of hate really shows that Cindy herself is full of hate. . .for the troops that remain alive since her son (sadly) was killed.

Pot, kettle, black.


What, you mean like this?

"I know no one who has, or who would spit on a veteran. Saying this is just pure propaganda horse pucky and the small minded people that are manipulating proud veterans with these deceptions should be ashamed of themselves. But we know they aren’t. They aren’t even ashamed of killing, torturing, or maiming innocent people. Why should they suddenly be ashamed of or disavow their tactics now? There (sic) tactics only become more contemptible as their positions become more indefensible and untenable."

We will be at the Wall as a precaution, because you all have established a record of vandalism and physical violence. You desecrated the Navy Memorial when Hanoi Jane spoke there, and painted the Capitol steps at the last mall rally.

During your rally, you should issue an apology to the Navy and the country for your desecration of the Navy Memorial. You should have your whole crowd pledge that all vets and active duty soldiers will be treated with the utmost respect and deference, even if they disagree with you. You should apologize for the Pink ladies protest against wounded soldiers at Walter Reed every Friday. Do your protesting at the White House or the Iranian consulate, or Sadr City, if you really want peace.

Leave our wounded in peace to recover.

To reiterate, the Vietnam Memorial was paid for entirely by private donations. Many anti-Vietnam protesters agitated against the Memorial being built at all. It does not "belong" to "all of us."

Cindy, I feel very, very sorry for you.

You are no better than Jane Fonda and her ilk, and Jane didn't even lose a child in battle for our country, freedom, democracy, etc.

Your son did that and you can't even bring yourself to honor him for what HE believed.

People like you live spiritually and emotionally crappy lives.

Where were you and Jane when millions of my people were being killed in the aftermath of Vietnam? Huh? Where were YOU? Nowhere. Just like you're nowhere now. Because you don't understand consequences.

Karma will catch up to people like you.

Sheehan claims that this group will not even be at the Vietnam Memorial. WRONG! According to a later post by David Swanson, they will be at the memorial. Sheehan is wrong once again.

I am DISGUSED that this so called "mother" pretends to mourn her son when she has not even bothered to make sure his grave has a headstone!! How sick is that? She received over $200,000 from the government and plus she would not even have to pay for one anyway, as one would be supplied by the Defense department, but she still has not bothered to honor her son in the way HE would have wanted!! This vile human being had given him up anyway, she did not raise him, and she is giving up custody of her other son, too, because she doesn't have what it takes to BE a mother! She is NOT a greiving mother, she is using her son's heroic death to slander the soldiers he fought with and loved and respected! But she does not care, as this is NOT about her son, but it is all about CINDY! She is not being used! SHE is the user!! She has no soul, no heart, she uses her own son's death, AND the deaths of his fellow soldeirs to promote herself and her extreme far left causes! All of you who support her, ask her if her son has a tombstone yet? How many times in all of her travels has she managed to go to his grave and mourn? If you have traveled with her, offer to go out of the way and stop at his grave, see if it has a marker, and see if she even cares about going to it. Don't buy that hogwash it would be too painful, I have NEVER met anyone who does not go and visit their loved ones grave, never! I know, because I see them when I go see my loved ones grave! Oh, too busy hugging CHavez to bother, right? Too many celebs too cuddle and hang out with, just not enough time to do what a REAL greiving mother would do, MOURN your son!!! You have to fill up that scrapbook with your memories of all the people you met, and the places you have been, just remember to include one of the person who enabled you to do all of this,the one who DIED FOR YOU TO BE ABLE TO DO THIS, YOUR HEROIC SON, CASEY!! WE HONOR and RESPECT him and his sacrifice, you, Cindy, well, I just hope someday, I can tell you to your face exactly what I think about you, one Cindy to another, but the difference is I AM a REAL MOTHER, of 3 kids, who I LOVE with all of my heart, YOU however, are a broad who whelped some kids and abandoned them, and then used one's heroic life to futher some stupid, Anit-American, Disgracing his memory and what HE believed in, "causes!! Think of your son for ONCE, Cindy, and let him rest in peace!!

It is My Opinion that Cindy Sheehan's unholy jihad against traditional America on the side of the men who murdered her son is
the surest case of projected munchausen's syndrome I've ever seen.
She uses her son's death like a shield, disgracefully clinging to it
while she spews venom at others, then hides behind his grave and snivels like the little rodent she is when anyone retaliates.
My analysis:So hungry for attention was this horrid, pathetic creature, if Casey Sheehan had not been killed in Iraq, he would have been killed by her to garner more attention for herself.

P.S. Anyone who kisses Hugo Chavez needs a straitjacket.

Dr. Madd

"...I was a red-hot leftist (marxist) revolutionary back then, and I did spit on a couple of returning vets. From the safety of a crowd, behind a barricade and a police line.
I was an America-hating asshole and a coward. I’ve learned better, and I’ve learned to feel regret for my shameful actions then. Can’t say the same for the current crowd of shameless, cowardly, America-hating leftist jerks, though. (Hat tip: Glenn Reynolds).
-Bill Quick
Daily Pundit
Rick Atkinson, Pulitzer Prize winner and former assistant managing editor at The Washington Post, writes in his book, "The Long Gray Line: The American Journey of West Point's Class of 1966," of Captain Tom Carhart's return from Vietnam, pp. 324-5:
"Still in uniform, he was strolling through the O'Hare terminal in search of a telephone when a group of hippie girls darted up and spat on him. The shock and pain could have been no more intense if they had slashed him with knives. Reeling with surprise and uncertain what to do, he did nothing. His assailants scampered off through the airport crush as Tom wiped the saliva from his face, now aflame with humiliation. That night he got into an argument about the war with his friends' daughter, who was home from college. This is great, he told himself sardonically. I'm back less than twenty-four hours, I get spat on, then I get hassled by my countrymen over a cause for which I got myself shot twice. Welcome home, Johnny."
"Yes, I am a Vietnam veteran who was spat upon -- literally and figuratively. By hippies? I don't know. In the airport? Yes. San Francisco International Airport on October 11, 1971 at 3:15 p.m., and yes, I was still in uniform. To be exact, it was the same uniform that I wore during the last Fire Support Mission I was involved in, just 36 hours before landing in San Francisco Airport. No, I didn't have mud, dirt, or gunpowder on my uniform. A very kind Vietnamese woman at the Transit Company washed and ironed it for me so that I could come home to the country I love looking nice. This was one hell of a lot more than I received upon arrival.
If I were the only one to be spat upon, the score would be : not spat upon, 1,999,999, spat upon, 1. Of course, I know this score to be wrong. Literally because I saw others spat upon, and figuratively because to spit on one Vietnam veteran is to spit on them all.
The person who spat on me was wearing a shirt that said 'Welcome Home Baby-Killer.' ...
About that image of a burly Green Beret walking through the airport and being spat upon by a war protester -- let's also remember that most war protestors or hippies or whatever name you want to attach to them were also becoming very aware of their rights as U.S. citizens, and they knew that if this burly Green Beret did nothing they (protesters) had won, and if the burly Green Beret retaliated, they (protesters) still won. How could they lose?"
Robert E. McClelland; Massillon, Ohio, pp. 41-43
Bob Greene, "Homecoming: When The Soldiers Returned From Vietnam", 1989
"I think the date was March 7, 1972. I was in the San Francisco airport. I had just showered and put a fresh uniform (Air Force) on for my first leg home. Walking out to my gate I passed a 'hippie' who spat upon me and continued walking in the opposite direction, without a word.
I made nothing of the incident for two reasons:
(1) I was happy to be going home after 367 days in Thailand, and didn't want anything to screw it up, and
(2) Officers who get in public fights, while in uniform, are dealt with in a fairly severe fashion."
Chris Ramel; Denver, Colorado, p. 37
Bob Greene, "Homecoming: When The Soldiers Returned From Vietnam", 1989
"I am a retired Catholic chaplain who served the Air Force community for twenty years. I had two tours in Vietnam (Phan Rang and Bien Hoa). I left Bien Hoa on November 18, 1968, flew military contract aircraft to Philadelphia, and then on to New York for two weeks' leave.
While I was leaving the JFK airport to catch a bus to the city, a lady (around 43 years old) told me that 'I napalm babies' and she spit on me. I didn't take her for a 'hippie' though.
Needless to say she ruined my two weeks' leave."
Father Guy Morgan; Fort Collins, Colorado, p. 44
Bob Greene, "Homecoming: When The Soldiers Returned From Vietnam", 1989
"I am a female veteran of the U.S. Air Force -- 1967, 1968, 1969, and 1970. I was in Southeast Asia though not actually in Vietnam. I returned to the States in 1970 through Travis Air Force Base, and from there I visited a friend for a week and then flew back to the Midwest through O'Hare. I worked at a vegetable canning factory and at a local ski resort before returning to college at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in the fall of 1971. This is where my spitting story takes place.
I had joined a veteran's group called Vets for Peace. We were active in anti-war protest marches in Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago. We usually marched with a group of veterans from Chicago called Vietnam Veterans Against the War. It was in Madison, on Veterans Day, 1971, as I was walking to the Capitol building from campus (all alone). I was wearing my Air Force overcoat and my Vets for Peace hat when a man about 19 or 20 years old looked me in the face and spit right into my face. He was a normal looking man, nothing to distinguish him from a thousand other people. But I will never forget what he did to me."
Rose Marie McDonough; Green Bay, Wisconsin, pp. 43-44
Bob Greene, "Homecoming: When The Soldiers Returned From Vietnam", 1989
"Late at night in mid-August 1969, I was spat upon in the San Francisco airport by a man in his early twenties. I had just returned from my tour of duty in the Republic of Vietnam, processed through the mess at the Oakland Army Depot, and was waiting at the airport for an early morning flight to my Denver home. The man who spat on me ran up to me from my left rear, spat, and turned to face me. The spittle hit me on the left shoulder and on my few military decorations about my left breast pockets. He then shouted at me that I was a "mother-fucking murderer." I was quite shocked and just stared at him, probably with a stupid look on my face.
The spitter then called me a "mother-fucking chicken-shit." He was balling up his fists when he yelled this. A cop or security guard then showed up and grabbed the man from behind. I did not see where he came from, nor do I have any notion of how much time went by between the spitting and the cop's arrival, though it could not have been too long. A pretty good struggle went on between them for a few seconds, and then two more cops showed up. All the time the man who spat on me was calling me (and, I suppose, the cops) names, indicating we lacked bravery.
Having talked to other servicemen during the remainder of my service, I found two other young men who told me that they had similar experiences, one in an airport, the other in a bus station. I have no reason to doubt them. I also related my experience that same night to the man at the San Francisco airport who was running the USO center there. He confirmed what the police had told me: that a number of similar confrontations had occurred there recently."
Douglas D. Detmer; Farmington, New Mexico, pp. 83-4
Bob Greene, "Homecoming: When The Soldiers Returned From Vietnam", 1989
"Yes, I was spat on. I returned from Vietnam in July of 1970 after a year in country with the 12th and 11th Marines. We flew into Norton Air Force Base in Southern California and, after processing, several of us took a cab to LAX. After saying our farewells, I went to the terminal in which I would catch my flight back to Illinois (I'm from Peoria).
While walking down the corridor, I encountered a young man, no older than myself I'm sure, who looked me in the eye and without hesitation, spit on my ribbons. I didn't know what to do. I still don't. For all these years, I've remembered that experience."
Scott Brooks-Miller; Spokane, Washington, p. 18
Bob Greene, "Homecoming: When The Soldiers Returned From Vietnam", 1989
"From January of 1969 until February of 1970, I was stationed in the city of DaNang, as part of the U.S. Navy's support unit there. In February I returned to the States, where I was separated from active duty at Long Beach, California. After processing, we were driving to the Los Angeles International Airport.
While walking down one of the concourses, I was stopped by a young lady wearing typical flower child attire - a long maxi-dress, with granny-type glasses. She stopped me and, seeing my campaign ribbons, asked if I had been to Vietnam. When I told her was just coming from there, she spat upon my uniform and ran off.
I had a military duffel bag slung over one shoulder, and I was carrying both a briefcase in the other hand. I immediately dropped both articles and proceeded to run after her. After running about twenty yards, I stopped, said a couple of choice curse words, and thought: Welcome home."
Chester J. Leblanc; Lake Charles, Louisiana, p. 19
Bob Greene, "Homecoming: When The Soldiers Returned From Vietnam", 1989
"After a year of unbelievable hell in Vietnam, I was at the "repo depo" in Long Binh awaiting my flight out. The last thing I was told by the sergeant in charge as we boarded the aircraft was not to expect any welcome home committees when we got off the plane.
I arrived at Oakland Air Force Base [sic, more likely it was the military terminal of the Oakland airport] on April 14 (my mother's birthday), 1970. I had sat near the front of the plane, and therefore was one of the first to get off. As I looked out toward the terminal, I noticed a large crowd, maybe 200 or so people, on the far side of a cyclone wire fence. In front of them, on our side of the fence, were MPs, wearing ponchos. As we started to file out of the plane, the MPs shouted to us to move quickly, and began holding up their ponchos.
We were in khaki short-sleeved uniforms, and I was surprised that it would be raining in California. As I got closer to the MPs and the crowd, I still could not make out what they were yelling. Then the first egg landed near my foot. At first, like a fool, I looked up in the air, still not putting together what was going on. As my ears popped, adjusting to the change in pressure, I began to hear for the first time the chant: "How many babies did you kill today?"
Several of them were leaning against the fence, spitting at us and at the MPs blocking their view. Others were heaving eggs over the fence and into our midst. The MPs were covered with spittle and eggs, which explained the ponchos. They were obviously used to this ritual. The fellow behind me said, "Jesus, I wish I had brought my M-16!," and my stomach dropped as I realized for the first time what was going on.
I stopped to ask one of the MPs who these people were, and as I did so a woman about forty years old, not a teenager by any stretch of the imagination, leaned back and spit on me with all her strength. It landed on my shirt pocket, near the ribbons that I was wearing for the first time. "Bull's-eye!" she yelled. An MP lieutenant took my arm and said, "Go inside, son, and ignore them.""
David McTamaney; Newburgh, New York, pp. 21-23
Bob Greene, "Homecoming: When The Soldiers Returned From Vietnam", 1989
"I take no pleasure in a 'Yes, I was spat upon' vote, but here it is.
In June or July of 1969 I was going to take a college entrance exam at Palomar College near Oceanside, California. I had plans of going on to college in the fall after getting an early out from the Marines. While waiting on the steps leading from the parking lot, I was approached by a female and two males -- average looking, nicely dressed, 17 or 18 years old.
The girl asked if I was in the Marines -- I guess because of my haircut. I said yes. She then said, "So you're one of those baby killers." Then one of the boys spit on me, hitting my neck and shirt collar.
I punched at him while his buddy ran away and his girlfriend screamed at me, calling me all kinds of vulgarities.
I didn't take those exams. I just drove back to Camp Pendleton, as I had no desire to be further reviled by my fellow countrymen, for what I perceived to be a hatred of those who served this country.
I still feel the slime on my neck."
Ronald L. Trousdale; Las Vegas, Nevada, p. 23
Bob Greene, "Homecoming: When The Soldiers Returned From Vietnam", 1989
"I was medically evacuated from Vietnam in November, 1969, to a Naval hospital in Japan where, after my recovery, I was stationed. During my tour there I married a Japanese lady and adopted her son. She became pregnant; in early 1970 I was transferred back to the U.S.A.
My family and I landed at San Francisco International Airport after a very long flight from Japan. We were going into the cafeteria to eat and, of course, I was in my uniform with all my Vietnam medals, including the Purple Heart adn the Gold Star.
My family and I were standing in line, when, out of the blue, this middle-aged lady walked up to me with a bowl of potato salad in her hand.. She threw the potato salad smack in the middle of my chest and spat what salad she had in her mouth in my face. Then she proceeded to call me a "baby killer," "war monger," and a lot of other vile names.
I became so angry and humiliated that I balled my hands into fists and would have hit this 'lady,' had it not been for two other servicemen who grabbed me and got me out of there. I'm glad they did get me out of there before I'd had the time to react, because I later thought about headlines that could have read: "Craze Vietnam Vet Assaults Middle-Aged Woman."
That is how I was welcomed home. That is how my family was first introduced to America.
This 'lady' was no hippie. I sort of get the feeling it has been easy to 'blame' hippies for things like this because they were easily identifiable, and because they did dramatically, in many cases, communicate their opposition to the Vietnam war. But the verbal and physical abuse of returning Vietnam veterans took place in all levels of American society."
Frederick H. Giese; Arlington Heights, Illinois, p. 24
Bob Greene, "Homecoming: When The Soldiers Returned From Vietnam", 1989
"It happenned to me, and it was no joke.
In September of 1967, I was called to active duty with the U.S. Army Medical Corps. I was a neurosurgeon then (as I am now), and had recently completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California at Berkeley. I was fortunate during my military service (two years of active duty) to be stationed at a large hospital facility stateside -- although I did not actually go to Vietnam, I was responsible for the treatment of a large number of wounded Vietnam soldiers.
I was stationed at Letterman General Hospital in San Francisco, and I commuted between the hospital and my home in Berkeley. ... In any case, when I would come home from the hospital (of course wearing my uniform, which was required), I would receive many negative comments from other residents of Berkeley. One afternoon a youngster, approximately twelve years old, who lived across the street from us, literally spat on me as I got out of my car. He shouted, "How many did you kill today?"
You can imagine how I felt -- especially since I had spent that day trying to reconstruct the skull of a Vietnam soldier who had suffered severe shrapnel wounds, and who had recently been transferred back to the United States for surgery."
Dr. Robert A. Fink; Berkeley, California, pp. 26-27
Bob Greene, "Homecoming: When The Soldiers Returned From Vietnam", 1989
"When I got back to the U.S. I had what they called burial detail. That's when you have to escort a person's body back to his next of kin and represent the U.S. and tell them their son, husband, or whoever had given his life for his country and you had to stick around until he was buried -- you were there to make sure the next of kin was okay.
Well, I had to take this fellow's body to his wife -- she was nineteen years old. It was in 1966 and his home was in Sacramento. ...
But to get to the bad part, I was helping the mortician take the casket out of the hearse. Of course, I was in my dress uniform, medals and all that, and the American flag was over the casket and some guy walked by when we had it out about halfway and the fool spit on it and said, "Good, he deserved to die.""
Tony J.; San Francisco, California, pp. 26-27
Bob Greene, "Homecoming: When The Soldiers Returned From Vietnam", 1989
"During August of 1966, while I was assigned for duty in the Munitions Building on Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C. I was spat upon by a complete stranger while returning from lunch.
I was in Class A uniform, a CWO in the Army, walking along the street when I passed this man in casual civilian dress. As he passed he spat and made a remark: "You dirty (obscenity) killer."
I didn't realize he had spit on me at first, and decided not to cause a scene over what he had said. But I noticed his spit on my tie shortly after. His only possible provocation was my being a soldier in the uniform of my country.
He was not a hippie. He could have been a tourist, and both he and I were walking alone walking in different directions. I had never seen the man before.
As a result of this instance and to avoid other problems, our commanding officer encouraged us to wear civilian attire to work instead of our uniforms."
Claude A. Smith; Gaithersburg, Maryland, p. 31
Bob Greene, "Homecoming: When The Soldiers Returned From Vietnam", 1989
"In June 1969, the LST I was on sustained implosion damage from the grenades used to ward off 'zappers.' The damage required dry docking, and the ship was sent to Japan. I had been overseas for 19 months already, and the majority of that time was spent in Vietnam. I got lucky and was able to get a hop all the way from Yokota, Japan, to Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, which was great, considering home was a suburb of Cleveland.
I was sitting in a chair in the Columbus airport talking to some of the infantrymen who had hopped in with me, passing time. We had some girls come over to us and one or two hippies had a word to say, but we ignored them (not the girls, of course). ...
Shortly thereafter another hippie-type person came over to us, stood directly in front of where I was sitting and, in language flowered with the best vernacular of the day, was pointing at our service ribbons and other accoutrements, and calling us sarcastically 'war heroes.' He then proceeded to spout a line I had not heard before, but I would live to hear over and over: He called us 'baby burners.' At that point he spat on me. I'm sure he never expected the response he got. As a reflex action, I sprang up and put his lights out. It was the proverbial two-hit fight.
Before I even realized what I had done, one of the local constabulary had grabbed me and was escorting me to the Security Room, despite the objections fo the other servicemen present. The person I hit was not detained even a moment. He was helped to his feet, asked if he was okay, and summarily dismissed. They didn't even ask him if wanted to press charges. ... I think the only reason they did, in fact, let me go was because they had neglected to have the guy sign a complaint or press charges. ... Looking back on things, it is obvious to me now that the guy who spit on me was performing for the others nearby."
George M. Householder; Painesville, Ohio, pp. 35-36
Bob Greene, "Homecoming: When The Soldiers Returned From Vietnam", 1989
In January 1969 I joined the Army due to a draft declassification back to 1A while attending college at Texas Wesleyan in Fort Worth. ... Aprile 1970 and I am at the airport in Dallas on my way to Nam. The airport Bible flippers wouldn't even approach you because of the uniform. I think 'Mother fuckin' baby killer' was the favorite line we heard. In Frisco, we had to change flights with a one hour wait. I was spit on twice -- once by a female hippie-type who smelled as bad as she looked and secondly by a well-dressed young business type who would be called a 'yuppie' today. Him I flattened with a left hook in the gut and a right to his big mouth. My fellow officers and I were escorted to our plane by security and held there until the plane left. The average American in the airport only called us names without any physical violence threatened. Terms such as 'Murderer,' 'Baby killer,' 'Mercenary asshole,' 'Rapist,' and 'Fucking Bastard War Monger' were the parting words from our fellow Americans we were getting ready to die for.
These taunts came form men and women, young and old. ...
Vietnam was Vietnam. I came back on a stretcher with seven bullet holes in me, 57 combat decorations (two Silver Stars), and spent two years in an Army hospital due to my service.
Some of my friends that didn't come back on military Medevac told me the name-calling and spitting got them again in Frisco and other major airports. We all resolved this in our future assignments by not wearing our uniforms in public. This worked well, because the Army was letting us wear our hair longer and we purchased civilian-type luggage and did not use the bags issued to us by the military. As long as you didn't look like military, you were left alone. ...
If we ever do go to war again and I decide to participate if the Army will have me, I'll shoot every SOB who curses or spits on me for defending our country."
Lou Rochat; Universal City, Texas, pp. 37-39
Bob Greene, "Homecoming: When The Soldiers Returned From Vietnam", 1989
"The circumstances of my being spat on were somewhat different than the stereotype, and, frankly, I never realized that there were other veterans complaining of similar occurrences.
I served in Vietnam during the height of the war, September 1967 to September 1968. If you recall, the war sentiment at the time was such that when I went to Vietnam I was still considered by many to be a patriot. By the time I was ready to return home, the United States had experienced the Chicago Democratic Convention, the riots in Detroit, the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy, the riots in many cities -- and Haight Ashbury in San Francisco had blossomed. Frankly, I felt safer in Vietnam.
When I returned from overseas duty, I was to leave the Army and 'outprocess' in San Francisco. My girlfriend, who became my fiancee in San Francisco and now has been my wife for eighteen years, met me upon my arrival. One day while simply touring San Francisco, in uniform, a rather nondescript man on the street spit at my uniform because he was obviously in disagreement with what it represented at the time. Nothing was said, but the incident saddenned and confused me. I took off my uniform later that day and never put it on again during the rest of my stay in San Francisco.
What bothered me the most about the incident was that, having been born in 1944, I grew up with World War II movies which made soldiers heroes, and always showed them coming home to ticker-tape parades down Fifth Avenue. If there is any aspect of the war I have trouble coping with, it was trying to understand spitting on a uniform. I was an officer involved in covert intelligence work in Vietnam, so I did not experience some of the horrors of the infantrymen who were in the heat of battle every day. The only 'mental scar' that remains with me today was the unwelcome display of that man in San Francisco.
I had effectively put the incident out of my head to the point that I do not remember anything about the man except that he was not a hippie. Until now, I always thought my experience was somewhat isolated."
J. Leonard Caldeira; Chicago, IL, pp. 40-41
Bob Greene, "Homecoming: When The Soldiers Returned From Vietnam", 1989
"I attended a military reunion in New York in 1968. I was standing in front of the Waldorf waiting for a cab when a young girl walked up to me and spat. She said something and walked away. The doorman told me that it was not a 'good idea' to wear a uniform in New York."
M. Tierny; Las Vegas, Nevada, p. 41
Bob Greene, "Homecoming: When The Soldiers Returned From Vietnam", 1989
"Upon my return from Vietnam in March 1969, I was assigned to duty in Detroit, Michigan. I was given the duty of notifying and providing assistance to the next-of-kin whose loved ones were killed in Vietnam. This job required special care and sensitivity to assist people who had lost someone they cared for. While walking through a local shopping mall I was spat upon by other Americans. It was quite a shock to have people so hostile toward me. I felt rejected by my country, and still do. The same country I was willing to die for, if necessary. To the American people: please, for my sake and for the sake of other Vietnam veterans, understand that we want to come home. Unfortunately for many, the horrors of war will last a lifetime. And also to the American people: thank you for listening to our stories."
Fred G. Alderman; Denver, Colorado, p. 47
Bob Greene, "Homecoming: When The Soldiers Returned From Vietnam", 1989

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