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More Photo Galleries of Vigils

Vigils held for Cindy Sheehan

Eugene Oregon

Houston, Texas

Chisolm, Minnesota

Seattle, Washington

Louisville, Kentucky


St. Paul Minnesota



Everett Washington

Paris and New Zealand


Panama City Florida

Seattle Again


Sarasota Florida

Reston Virginia

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Silver Springs Maryland

Auckland New Zealand

Crawford Texas

Many, Many, More - we'll only know how many in the next few days.

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Last evening (Wednesday, 8/17) just over 300 people from Sedona, Cottonwood, Clarkdale and other towns in northern Arizona joined Flagstaff residents and stood in reverence on the grass in front of Flagstaff City Hall in solidarity with Cindy Sheehan and those who wish to end a war that should never have started.
There were representatives of many age groups: teenagers, college students, mothers and fathers of military-age sons & daughters,
seasoned veterans of wars ("Veterans For Peace")and of war protests who were reminded, only too clearly, of events like these that were held during the sad days of Viet Nam.
More attendees took part than were expected and the long, straight line of flickering candles stretched for nearly a mile in the Arizona darkenss.
It was an impressive display of sincerity, sympathy and resolve and it was inspiring to have had the opportunity and the honor have been a part of it all. Let us hope that this demonstration and others like it to follow, will have some positive effect, or at the very least, will show the rest of the world that not all American's support the invasion of Iraq though they still deplore terrorist attacks on innocent people everywhere and honor the brave men and women who have been sent into harm's way by their government.
One can only hope that this administration will seek to deal with those who are truly responsible.

While it would have been great to have them larger, My wife and I were not entirely disappointed by the two rallies we attended the other night, (they were two miles apart !). Each had a little over 100 people in attendance in two predominantly Republican, suburban New Jersey towns (Westfield and Cranford). The vigils were silent candlelit gatherings, one of which included a silent moment and prayers for Cindy, the other Gold Star Families and the men and women still in Iraq. The other was similar but included a call for getting buses arranged for Sept. in DC. Eyes and hearts and minds are opening, thanks to Cindy.

You may want to link to this site or ask Tom if you can post his work here. He has some great pictures of the Twin Cities vigil:

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