Millions world-wide have seen Davis Guggenheim and Al Gore's Academy Award nominated documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth." A jarring portrayal of our planet in peril. The film is monumentally important. Yet as much as I've considered the content of the film, I've considered its title even more. "An Inconvenient Truth." No flowing alliteration. No catchy phrase. Just the fact. "An Inconvenient Truth." It's brilliant.

In this world, more specifically in this nation, where convenience is highly prized, inconvenience is the enemy. It's a sign of failure. The cornerstone of this capitalist society is the acquisition of enough wealth and power to hand all inconvenience over to someone else. The gardener. The housekeeper. The nanny. Perhaps the driver. Maybe the chef.

After decades of creature comforts, heated/air-conditioned homes, luxury cars, comfy couches, big screen TVs, filled to capacity refrigerators, and home-delivered food.

After lifetimes of basic freedoms, ordained law and order, secured and protected futures, abundant entertainment, free primary and secondary education, vacation resorts and retirement oases.

After generations of overindulged children whose only inconvenience was homework and cleaning their room, Americans have become passive observers. Unmotivated, inconsequential citizens suffering severely for not being involved. Endless war, world disdain, an ever growing military industrial complex, and increasingly diminished personal rights are just a semblance of the price they have paid.

Other than the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, Americans have never fought for their nation, as a nation, on their own soil. There have been social justice battles. But they've been segments of the population. Fractions of the population. Union Organizing. The Women's Movement. The Civil Rights Movement. The Anti-War Movement during Vietnam. Each was powerful, purposeful, valiant and vocal. Each launched a public challenge that couldn't be ignored. But today, regardless of how much peril this nation is in, the majority of Americans subsist on convenience, passivity and complacency. They may be angry. But not angry enough to take back their nation. Not angry enough to take to the streets.

Love of convenience has taken its toll. Activism and patriotism take a back seat to comfy couches and dumbed-down TV. But the time has come to get involved!!

According to all major polls, most Americans oppose the War on Iraq. 51% of the population of 300 million Americans, the lowest possible majority, equals over 150 million people. If 10% of 150 million people took to the streets on January 27th, the date of the last major anti-war protest, there would have been 15 million people on the streets. But they didn't come out. They remained home, shirking their responsibilities just to avoid inconvenience. They left the media less reason to cover us, and the world more reason to hate us. As well it should. By virtue of our inaction we support George W. Bush.

I've read several accounts of the January 27th march in Washington, DC. Many say the march was peaceful and much too civil to make a difference. I agree the march was civil. I witnessed it. I was there.

But for those who complain that those present were too civil, why not direct your disdain toward those who weren't there? Fifteen million activists across the nation would have made a difference. Five million in Washington, DC would have made an incredible difference. When one's nation and world are in peril, there's no excuse for staying home.

I urge all who want peace to get active. Convenience is not patriotic. Inconvenience can end the war.

For those who want to get involved. For those who believe their nation and world are worth a bit of inconvenience, please join us in the creative non-violence Occupation Project taking place across the nation.

The Occupation Project encourages ongoing visits, sit-ins and non-violent acts of civil disobedience in the offices of elected officials to put pressure on them to end the war. This past week I joined a group of dedicated Americans to visit the offices of two California Congressmen, Democrat Adam Schiff and Republican David Dreier, to express our desire to end the war. I can assure you the visits were well worth our while.

To learn more about the Occupation Project, and how you can get involved, please go to

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Selling a book on line about impeachment, making speeches about impeachment, holding forums about impeachment. John Conyers did all this before Democrats took control of the Senate. Now, John is making excuses why Bush can't be impeached. Saw you on Democracy Now John you looked pityfull trying to explain why you won't impeach Bush. John you lied like Bush did. What does that make you?

Conyers 180 degrees makes me wonder if Bushco and Friends are making use of that Drag Queen, J. Edgar Hoover's Legacy...."I've got something on you". Hoover spied and kept thousands of files on myriads of people. Too many Dems do the 180 soon after they make waves. Hmmmmm.....

Or they have a gun to his head . .. or a loved one's head . . .

Newsflash, kidz!!! You are dealing with Patriarchal Fascism, here ya know . .. that means, "Kill thy enemies" . . . if they can't be seduced, blackmailed, enslaved or broken . . . KILL THEM!!!"

One of the most disturbing images of this concept is in a DC "Graphic Novel" . . . (I still call 'em "Comic books" much to the chagrin of the D&D-ers at my local "Comic Book Store") . . .a graphic novel called, "Indentity Crisis" by Brad Meltzer .et al . . . AWESOME . .. dark as hell . .. but AWESOME!!

The line that really sums it up for "Super Heroes" like John Conyers and Dick Grayson is:

"Anyone who puts on a costume paints a bull's-eye on his family's chests" - Ralph Dibney

I still feel bad about the poor way I responded to brother John Conyers several month ago when we were first really starting to put the pieces together on all this "Mess-O-Potamia". The e-mail from John Conyers was asking for financial help to fight against the people coming "after him" . . .

. . . what struck me about the tone was that it seemed to be that "shock" of "THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING TO ME" . . . you know, like when you suddenly realize that you are in the same "chamber" with the BIG bad MAIN MONSTER in your favorite video game like World of Warcraft or Diablo II (LOD) . . .

. . . I guess I was feeling sorry for myself that day, mainly because I sure as hell didn't have any money to send him because I didn't have any money to send to my sister and niece when they were living like refugees after Katrina . . .

So, I sent back something like "No Impeachment - No Support" . . . What an asshole thing to say to a brother asking for help, ya know? . . . especially when I started figuring out exactly which "Super Villains" we were up against . . .

So, like in WOW and Diablo, we got to work at this thing from ALL SIDES and ALL ANGLES . . . Sorceresses, Druids, Barbarians, Amazons, etc. are going to have to use our "Synergy" one this one. . .

So, to my brother John Conyers . . . I appologize for "volunteering YOU to go kill the monsters by taking a step backwards myself" . . . these BushCo "Minions of Meanies" are some pretty high level characters . . . with some NASTY attack skills and defense points . . .;-)

We need to PARTY UP, KIDZ!!!

. . . of course, I still ain't got no money to send 'em, but I can fly this "Internet" Millennium Falcon "good enough" to offer some cover . . . lol. . .and hey, Rush Limbaugh even talked about "Grown-Ups" in his FOX News "1/2 Hour News Hour" teaser . .. no shit! Check it out . .

. . . who knows, maybe this ol' fool has moved up on the BushCo "Radar" and I can draw their fire while Brother John Conyers gets busy trying to convince Ron Paul and Ralph Nader to Party with the NEW AMERICAN PARTY in 2008!!! . . . ;-)

Anyone have Bob Geldoff's phone number? . . . we may need an International Party organizer . . . and that dude can throw a PARTY!!! I was at his LAST one . . . LIVE 8 . . . ;-)

After all, I think from my travels around the world . . . seem folks might be a touch tired of the "Ugly American" . . . they might just support a "NEW AMERICAN PARTY" don't you think? .. . We used to be the "cool" kidz, ya know . . .;-)

Now we worry about our beloved leaders being assassinated or broken by an invisible hand . . . not cool. . . Hang in there brother Conyers!!!

"He wear no shoeshine he got toe-jam football
He got monkey finger he shoot coca-cola
He say 'I know you, you know me'
One thing I can tell you is you got to be free
Come together right now over me"
- Come Together by The Beatles


They all have lied and totally disregarded the American electorate which will result in their being "out in two". Any politician not actively participating in ending the war AND impeachment is complicit in the crimes against America and the world.

Is AIPAC, the Israeli spy mafia war-machine on US soil, more powerful than John Conyers, head of the Judiciary Committee & duly elected Congressman by the American people ?

My American brothers and sisters, this bullshit has simply got to stop!


I have been active in the community since I was 11 years old when I went door-to-door passing out literature for Adelai Stevenson. I spent most of my adult life in the League of Women Voters. I figured that by the time I reached 65 years of age I could relax and be a "support person" for younger people who could take over. But this was not to be. The entire atmosphere of this country shifted in the past 30 years to one of indifference and laziness, a sense of entitlement to indulge in oneself, and to not care about your neighbor or the greater community. I really appreciate all that Linda has said about the "Let someone else do it." She is correct when she points out that contemporary Americans have never had to fight for their rights or for our Constitution; they just assume God has blessed this nation and nothing bad can ever happen. Add to that the lowering of educational standards, the takeover of the public airwaves by anti-government, anti-public interest propaganda, and you have a society that is brainwashed into believing they don't have to pay for what they get: clean air and water, good streets and transportation, public education, decent healthcare, and so on. Somehow it is supposed to fall from the skies like manna from heaven. And it is believed that "those in charge" will be benevolent and honorable - no need for government oversight or regulations. This "fantasyland mentality" has brought us to NOW, a time filled with homelessness, less investment in our infrastructure such as healthcare and education, good jobs, and hope for the future. Instead we have become a bellicose nation bent on world domination at the cost of a civilized society and a civilized planet. Our progeny is being cheated and deprived. I could go on, but Linda really hits it when she says we must get off our chairs and join with others to insist on a sane and caring and healthy society. As people continue to isolate and self indulge, the crisis comes closer. I fear what will be if everyone waits when is too late to sensibly restore order, decency and justice. The time is now to call town hall meetings, teach-ins and demonstrations to take back the power: your elected officials, your bosses, and the corporate behemoths who run this nation depend entirely on you buying into all of what they offer. We can stop this by declaring non-violent walk-outs, work stoppages, and sick-ins. We can use the internet, freeway blogging, and distribute flyers to our neighbors telling them when and where we can meet to get involved. Everyone has the same need to care for their families and to promote justice. Without this, we descend faster into a polarized society of the few rich and the many poor. We must all get connected, we must all act before the situation gets worse and there is no turning back. Responsibility and working for justice is not easy nor convenient, but is ordained that we do it. If not, the "bad guys" will take continue to take more charge of your life and we will return to the land of the lords and serfs.

it never ceases to amaze me how quickly we're ready to hand off the unpleasantries of life to someone else, in the vain hope that we don't have to get our hands dirty.

We use our convieniences to deny the truth about ourselves, about those who govern us, and to seek relief from a culture and society which is based on co-dependency, abusive behavior, and a state of continual fear and paranoia.

Our society of convienience has made us weaker people, and that weakness of mind and spirit, combined with learned helplessness, passivity and complacency have played a part in the destruction of the nation. Activism and patriotism is just fine, as long as you don't have to get up off the couch. Too many Americans are tightly bound to their addiction to convienience, and because of their addiction, they're not about to get involved in any activity which would take their convieniences away. Better to give lip service to activism and patriotism than life service.

The American people are angry about the war, but Americans can be (and often are) easily manipulated by oligarchical forces whose desire is to transform Americans into poor beggars who fight each other in order to to eat the scraps and crumbs from the oligarch's table.

Just as the American people were manipulated into supporting the Iraq War by an irrational desire for "payback" against the patsies who had been set up to take the blame for the events on 9/11, once again, the American people have been manipulated into seeing themselves as inconsequential people who are just "passing through", and who have been induced into believing that taking action against the war, and other pressing issues, "won't change anything."

It's a sad commentary on our lack of real morality and our lack of love for others when we choose today's convienience over securing the nation and a future for those who will come after us.

you're referring to the last days of the Roman Empire.

"It sounds like... you're referring to the last days of the Roman Empire."

Perhaps I was, although the reference was unintentional.

Rome began as a republic, but its' citizenry and leaders got caught up in the culture of fear, abuse and co-dependency, just as much as we are. They were addicted to the convienience of their day, just the same as we're addicted to our convienience.

Bread and circuses kept the Roman people in a state of apathy, complacency and ineffectiveness, while corruption in government ran rampant and wars raged on in the name of the empire. Perhaps when Rome's end came, many may have seen their deaths as a escape from their inconvienient lives, just as today's "Christian fundamentalists" look forward to the "Rapture" as an escape from the inconvieniences of mortal life.

What makes this 21st century repetiton of the mistakes of the Roman Empire (and the Grecian Empire, as well) so tragic is that Americans have been cut off from a sense of history, not just our nation's history, but also from universal history. We have no obligation to those who came before us because we don't know who they were (and don't seem to care), and we have no obligation to those who will come after us because we don't care whether they'll remember us or not.

Because we've failed to realize that we don't exist in a historical vacuum, and that we are connected, in a very real way, to both the past and the future, we're paying the price for our historical illiteracy, estrangement and ignorance by repeating the same mistakes which sent both Greece and Rome to their doom.

why do you think that they have sat on their hands thru all of this bullshit and done nothing about it? Oh, you can imagine that with the Total Information Awareness program gathering the dirt on these bastards all this time, that Bush has enough dirt on 98 percent of congress to humiliate them and render them all 'closet republican scum' with the shit he has on them.

this is the only reason any sane person can think of as to 'why' exactly it's okay to squander everyone's kids in this war, let the blatant, out of control war profiteering and lying to continue, and let the U.S. Treasury be pillaged till the nation is essentially 'insolvent' as it currently is. Never mind the bullshit lies about inflation, those numbers are bullshit. so it the stock market, it's all a goddamned charade backed up with smoke and mirrors.

this nation is on the brink of financial collapse, about to attack another nation that posed no threat to us (IRAN) and it is squandering the lives of soldiers every single fucking day of the week, in the name of this bastard who illegitimately holds office (BUSH).

this dictatorship must fucking end. this criminality must end. this goddamned compromised, corrupt, crooked fucking GOVERNMENT MUST GODDAMNED FUCKING END!!!!!!!!

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