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With Cindy's mother ill, that must clearly be her top concern. Watch for news on that front.

It's important to note that Cindy has not dropped her request for a meeting with Bush.

It's also worth noting that many families of soldiers killed in Iraq are at Campo Casey and are not going anywhere. Again, watch for updates.

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and we'll hold down the camp while she's gone.

With Cindy gone, now would be a good time to scrape together 100k for Cindy to give to George, in person. The Republicans have been stating that George has no reason to see Cindy, yet we know that he is more than willing to visit with major donors. So, by gathering together 100k and giving it to Cindy to contribute (in person) to George we would be removing the Right Wings rationale for George not talking to Cindy.

It's a lot of money, but the effect it would have would be worth it. Either he refuses the money and it becomes obvious that he is just hiding from Cindy (and the money then goes for some other predetermined purpose,) or he shows up and accepts the money, allowing Cindy to confront him, and showing him for what he is, money hungry. Even that would be worth the investment of a few bucks from each of us. Such a pledge drive would keep folks busy and maintain public interest and be just the opposite of what all the Karl Roves are expecting. If you think this is a good project to work on while Cindy is gone, please suggest it to the folks at Camp Casey. I have no idea how to get a message through to them.

John West

But...she has already paid the highest price yet: her first-born child.

Besides, then the press/GOP/right-wingers would claim she's "bribing" him.

John, your idea gave me a chuckle. Very clever! But I don't think Bush would fall for it in a million years. Well, maybe Bush would, if it were just him making the decisions. He'd probably go outside if the Camp Casey crowd offered him a lollipop. But his advisors would tell him to steer well clear of any kind of "campaign contribution" because (a) it makes him look weak, and (b) it makes him look greedy.

Bush has no answers. Never did. Never will. He is "detached" absolutely, in every conceivable way one can imagine. The galvanization that 9/11 created has made its way to a schism-polarization in this country, the likes of which, to me, smack of failed "intelligence", abysmal planning and an undeniable lack of any iota of spirituality, unlike their claims to the contrary. The Truth is One, and no one can ultimately escape that.

BECAUSE HE ALREADY DID A YEAR AGO YOU MORONS!!!!!! He has nothing more to say to this woman and she deserves nothing more from him.

Get over it, you libs will be on a fresh topic in a few weeks anyway. What will it be then that doesn't make sense but it pushes your agenda????? Only time will tell...

please have people sign up so they have to use their names and get a password. "they" are destroying this site and the Crawford site....
you can at least ban the ones that just post crap ...we cannot get news or read what's going on if you let them stay.....and thats exactly what they run us off!!

You should need facts to post on this site before everyone learns that all you liberals are phonies and all you post are lies about what is going on in Iraq. Oh wait, we already know!!! HAHAHA!!!!

You hate Bush for freeing 25 million people??? It isn't even Iraqi's blowing themselves up... Lefties...What are we going to do with you? Keep up the good work!!!

BTW - Have you noticed that this is the ONLY parent of a fallen soldier with this opinion???? And she already met with the President a year ago... Here's to your hopeless cause!!! KUDOS!!!!

The facts are in front of you. If you can not see the facts, then you are just as ignorant or just plain stupid as Bush. You have been Bushified. Like all of King George's subjects, the only way that you can get your point across is to stoop to name calling. Grow up! If you do not have any substance to say, then please go tell it to BillORiley.

Are you freakin kiddine me????

I love how you liberals will do anything to divert the attention away from the fact that it was the Clinton Admin that had bin Laden but didn't take him. It was the Clinton Admin that had the info to stop 9-11, but didn't want to take them because they had "legal green cards." Can you say Able Danger!?!?!?!? You are so out of touch that it makes me laugh.

You liberals say you are so smart, then why does the right control corporate America? Why do we own the Presidency, the House, and the Senate? Because we are so stupid right? You are the party that cast illegal votes and still got MURDERED!!!!!

You are so devoid of reality that this Sheehan woman comes out and you use her like Michael Moore uses you to push his agenda. And the right are morons? Get a clue!!!

I must say that I appriciate your lies and the non-fiction you spew. It helps the MAJORITY of America see why they voted on this side of the ticket.


You right wingers are so quick to blame Clinton for everything and ask absolutely no accountability from little Bush.

Able Danger was blocked by the military - the military's lawyers would not let them share their info with the FBI. Clinton didn't even have a chance to hear this info because it was never shared by the big brass at the military.

Open your eyes - and unplug your ears - Rush and Hannity have exploited you beyond belief.

I would like to see your "facts"? The FACT is that they do not exist. Your agenda is dead and us federalists are on the way out? RIGHT!!!

You speak of no substance? What substance do you have? The libs have one lady on your side and you are riding her like Clinton rode Monica. That got him real far, can you say impeachment????

You don't have the economy, you don't have the war, you don't have Rove, you don't have anything exept this lady. And she is wearing out her welcome. Again KUDOS to the 50-60 people nationwide that agree with, the soon not to be, Mrs. Sheehan. What will you lefties do when she is gone???? OIL again maybe?????

Bill I think that it is terrible that our government hasn't come to the aid of the american citizans like they should have. We are so eager to go and help other countries and we let our people down when in the time of need. It is just a terrible shame. I believe we need a change in government. We need a new government period.

I think that the price of gasoline is terrible. It won't be but a few days until the United States will come to a stand still. We can not function with the gas prices so high. I live on a limited income and can not go to work because I can't afford to buy the gas for my car. I will just have to sit at the house and hope that I can survive somehow. I know there is a lot of people in the same shape that I am in. I pray for all America because our Government wants the Gas Companies to be rich and the heck with the working class people.

I pray for the citizans of Mississippi and Louisana tonight. I feel so sorry for them. I know they are in a very bad way.

Thanks for listening .

Mildred Cosner


Baaa! Baaa! ...and the sound that lemmings make!

(It's getting very near the end for you federalists!)

Fire Karl Rove!
Bye Bye Abramoff!

I got bet I can guess what it would be...


Well, "we" are here to shed some light on this mockery you call a site because "you" are trying to destroy this wonderful country.

God bless you, He will only give you what you can handle. Forget about Bush for now, he really ain't worth it.

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