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It's Time for Labor to Join the Impeachment Movement

By Bob Fertik,

Dick Cheney spoke to a business lobby group today and promised to veto the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), which has strong bipartisan backing in Congress. ThinkProgress has the video - transcript below.

Why should the labor movement take this pre-emptive attack lying down? Fighting powerful bosses is the only reason why unions exist.

Labor should fire back at Bush and Cheney by joining the movement to impeach them both - not for threatening a veto, but for all the impeachable offenses they have already committed.

If organized labor supported us, we could definitely get a few Representatives to introduce Articles of Impeachment, which would galvanize our national movement and transform the national political debate.

In a few short months, Bush and Cheney would be gone, and a moderate caretaker acceptable to both parties would move into the White House.

The American people overwhelmingly want the Bush-Cheney regime to be "over." All of the great labor leaders in history would love to lead this fight.

John Sweeney, do you want to make History? Andy Stern, do you?

Vice President Cheney 2/14/07

America is also a country that takes very seriously the right of men and women to work and to organize under the law. The American labor movement has a proud history and has long reflected a basic principle of our democracy: fair elections, as decided by secret ballots. This principle will be put to a test in Congress this year. It’s important for everyone in the debate to remember that secret ballots protect workers from intimidation and ensure the integrity of the process.

Beyond that, if workers do decide to form a union, they and their employers should be able to negotiate without having terms forced on them. Our Administration rejects any attempt to short-circuit the rights of workers. We will defend their right to vote yes or no by secret ballot and their right to fair bargaining. H.R. 800 violates these principles, and if it is sent to the President, he will veto the bill.

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Yes. It is indeed time for Labor to join the Impeachment Movement. It is also time for Labor to join the 9-11 TRUTH Movement. Many of the first responders have questioned the officicial government "lie" about that fateful day. They were at Ground Zero. They SAW the CONTROLLED DEMOLITIONS. They have every right to ask questions; and demand answers. These people have been silenced. (This is indicitive that something is very wrong.) The heinous crime of 9-11-01 has been used to "justify" every other illegal, and immoral atrocity which this administration has perpetrated. The victims of 9-11 need the voices of Labor to seek the TRUTH about what really happened on that day. Do it in the name of Dan Wallace, son of a brave firefighter( who died at the World Trade Center on 9-11-01, because of the building's demolition with explosives). In his father's memory, Dan was a passionate spokesperson for 9-11 TRUTH. At age 23, he was recently found dead in his bed of "unknown causes". Before he died, this 9-11 firefighter's son vowed (in a speech) to: "not give up the quest for 9-11 TRUTH, under any circumstances". Lend your voices, Labor, to this most important cause, for BOTH Wallaces. And ...for America.

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