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Support Congressman Holt's Demand for Truth About Plame Leak

Congresman Rush Holt's Resolution (H. Res. 363) has 76 cosponsors so far. Here is the summary of what it does:

"Requesting the President and directing the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Attorney General to transmit to the House of Representatives not later than 14 days after the date of the adoption of this resolution documents in the possession of the President and those officials relating to the disclosure of the identity and employment of Ms. Valerie Plame."

Ask your congress member to co-sponsor.

List of who is already co-sponsoring.


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Wouldn't it be nice is some truth came out of Washington? Does anyone represent the American people? Does Hayworth think that we don't know what an up and down vote really means? Does Hayworth think that we are all stupid? We certainly did not all vote for him and should tell Congress something.

thank you for your time

Now, why are we not seeing anything going forward on the Sibel Edmunds case? Before you say, I can only do so much. I will say to you that case is of utmost importance. This case is as much a concern to national security as the Plame case.

It's time to get the liars out of Washington. Wake up people!

It's time to hold these liars accountable for the great price we have paid in money and lives. To knowingly lie to our nation about this is an impeachable offense. GET THIS MESS OUT OF WASHINGTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



It'd be nice to see the party affiliation of the cosponsors to the above legislation. In an ideal world Party Affiliation wouldn't be relevant, and we could all sit back and consider truth justice and honesty meant the same thing to all people everywhere. In the list of cosponsoring house members, though is this the case? We won't find out here.

importance to our real national security. Go to her website at Just A with very good articles and interviews with Sibel and link to her government national security Whistleblowers link.

I am glad that the AfterDowningStreet site has grown so much and offers so many activism choices for people. The post your Congresspersons replies to your letters is a very good idea and will start using it soon as I am now getting more than an automatic acknowledgement of receipt of my emails!

Please participate in a dialogue with Cindy Sheehan. Please invite her to tea and listen to what she has to say. She represents a growing segment of the population, worried about the war in Iraq and even more important Cindy and the rest of the country is now asking why innocent people have to die in Iraq when the WMD used by Iraq was supported by the United States in the war against Iran.

Isn't it ironic to celebrate the freedom of people in Iraq and Afghanistan? Through the PATRIOT ACT, BANKRUPTCY ACT, and CAFTA, economic security as well as Civil Liberties is eroding.

Recently there was a note on a Southwest Airlines flight that threatened that a bomb was on the airplane. 140 passengers were safely landed and ordered off the airplane in Houston, one at a time. What if the people in the WTC were ordered to evacuate one person at a time in a single file line on 9-11?

The question that Cindy Sheehan so eloquently asks is who sacrifices?

President Bush, have you ever lost a family member who wanted to do good by defending our country? Cindy's son died after only 5 days in Iraq. Cindy wants to honor her son, as well as support the men and women serving in Iraq, by calling for a resolution to end the war in Iraq?

Who benefits from this war in Iraq? We captured Saddam, who was a monster, and still there is destruction on a scale of mass destruction of innocent people and a culture that is 4,000 years old.

The United States will spend 1 Trillion dollars on the war in Iraq in the next 5 years. Disabled and Sick Veterans are coming home and we owe it to support these men and women, by seeing to it, that they receive proper medical care and family assistance, as many of the families of those serving in Iraq are living on food stamps.

The Pentagon Budget is between 400 billion and 500 billion dollars and every few months Congress is approving emergency appropriations for the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Homeland Security. I watch and respect, Lou Dobbs, a conservative, who asks the question, how can we protect our borders and the borders of Iraq, as the national debt continues to climb?

People do not believe the war in Iraq is making us safer in the United States or Europe. It doesn't matter if you are Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, Lou Dobbs is expressing concerns of how sustainable is our security while we are draining the National Treasury? An Example is the claims that the Social Security Trust Fund will run out in 2041. But under plans to privatize social security, the Administration would borrow interest and funds immediately from the Social Security Trust Fund which would immediately line the pockets of Wall Street Executives.

We can not talk about “culture of life

Karl Rove leaked and it must be addressed. The Congress must act to get the appropriate response.

Please help the people of the US reestablish Democracy

The GOP has already shown their colors. During the Clinton administration nothing was done without an investigation. During this administration NOTHING is investigated and there has been no accountability. For Tom Delay they went so far as to change the ethics rules to accommodate bad behavior. They call themselves a party of values but their actions indicate they have no values and certainly no ethics. Their actions have indicated they care only about the Corporate CEO. Ordinary citizens they value not. Look at their legislation: bankruptcy for the corporation is fine, not for the individual (but the the fact that the corporations charge interest rates of 21 or more % on credit cards is fine, just dont ask for interest from the bank on the money you have put into that bank!), they want to end class actions (which may be the only recourse to keep a corporation from issuing products that are harmful, their new ruling on Eminent domain is subject to abuse as is the Patriot Act and the new idea of a national id with a database tracking everything about you. We have seen reasons for war which prove untrue, we have seen our local taxes rise because of their "UNFINANCED" no child left behind, we have now seen gas prices rise to levels unprecedented while salaries remain stagnant. However Exxon Mobil reports unprecedented PROFITS. I hear the Caryle Group is also rolling in profits. That is also why they dont want to pay estate taxes while we pay for the deficit they have created!

This is a government which is no longer for and by the people, but instead for and by the large corporation!

We deserve real representation and we are NOT getting it.

Something is very wrong with this adminstration as well as the current Congress and Senate. No one has been accountable, and the mistakes made are rewarded. How many lies and misleading information should we have to listen to. The media has not done their job in years. They are governed by corporate owners who also have profited at the people's expense.

Karl Rove should be held accountable for leaking the information and Novak for using the information. Anyone with any common sense would realize that the leak could endanger the lives of those in which Ms. Plame came in contact. Even a child could recognize the evil intention of Karl Rove.

Do what you promised you would do if a member of your cabinet was found connected to a treasonous act of leaking information about a spy operative! You sounded so strong and intent in this action before, and your father sure sounded like he supported this action. Why do you protect and harbor criminals? Doesn't that make you an accomplice, if I interpret the law correctly, as it would apply to the rest of us?

I think that it's time we know the truth about something. This administration has caused so many people to lose their lives.....and all for lies. An investigation would not be opposed, if there is nothing to hide.


I think it is time for some honesty to come from our administration. I would like to hear who is really responsible for the Plame leak and then see our judicial system perform its job. There has been enough delay, lets see some results.

I suggest that you liberals should be asking for the real truth about Valerie and and her husband Joe Wilson and the arrangement that led to a far left liberal and opponent of the Iraq War being sent to Nigeria to report on Iraq's request for "yellow cake" uranium.

You might be surprised by what you find out.

Please pass on my best wishes to Congressman Holt, a real patriot in this country's time of need.

Bob Moore

Bob Moore just have the same smear and innuendo and childish name calling. (Yep..we're liberals and least we're not corrupt like the mafia-like neoCONS!)

We want to know the truth. But WHY is the REPUBLICAN congress afraid to find out the truth and investigate.

Something tells me YOU're too chicken to ASK CONGRESS to investigate too. A little truth about your party is not on your list to know.

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