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The Loonies Are Out

I just got a call -- OK, two calls (I hung up on the guy twice) -- from a man calling himself Norman Simpson of Tejas Media Group (whatever that is; I had to ask him five times before he would identify himself). On the first call he wanted to know why I was abusing Cindy by making her stand in a ditch. On the second he wanted to know whether I would be a guest on some kind of show in Houston (I declined). He originally called, he said, because I was listed as the owner of

Let's make a few things clear. Going to Crawford was Cindy's idea, nobody else's. She's choosing to be there, although Bush could invite her in to his ranch if he chooses to at any time. Cindy is not a pawn. She's running the show. And she has a bunch of talented people running her website, headed by David Taylor.

I've never seen a campaign attract more attacks from the rightwing loonies. Maybe we're onto something.

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Onto something, indeed. When opponents get that desparate, it's usually a good indicator of success.

Here's an article from Hong Kong I hadn't seen before: "Nicknamed 'Attila the Honey' by admiring friends, Sheehan and scores of supporters had shuffled through baking conditions as they started moving tents, anti-Bush banners and portable lavatories in time for their nightly candlelit prayer vigil."

SOURCE: 'Attila the Honey' draws backlash from Bush camp

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