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Conyers and Kucinich for Impeachment if Bush Attacks Iran

Congressmen John Conyers and Dennis Kucinich have suggested that they are for impeachment of Bush if he attacks Iran. Here's a two-and-a-half-minute audio clip of both of them being interviewed by John Nichols. Here's the full broadcast from which this is taken. Here's a statement Kucinich made on the floor of the House, which he refers to in this broadcast: "The degree to which this President continues to take steps to go to war against Iran without consulting with the full Congress is the degree to which he is increasingly putting himself in jeopardy of an impeachment proceeding."

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Go ahead George, make my day!

No deal

I think ALL FUTURE GENERATIONS should have the correct information about G. W. Bush. He and his bunch have committed high crimes and misdemeanors, killed over 3 thousand of our kids and MANY thousands of INNOCENT Iraqi citizens, spent all our money and are trying their best to drag us into war with Iran.
They MUST BE IMPEACHED if only to have correct information in future text books!
Further if Nancy Pelosi continues to refuse to begin impeachment proceedings against them for conspiracy to defraud the citizens of The United States when they lied their way into war with Iraq, she too must be impeached. Congress is a witness to these crimes! Shame on them for not doing their jobs.

I agree. The crimes of Bush and Chency, as well as Condoleeza Rice and Albert Gonzales, must be the subject of Impeachment proceedings. The health of our democracy depends on it. If this Administration gets away with the abuses, crimes and excesses it has committed, then what will the next President do? No matter which party is in power, we all have lost freedoms, privacy and integrity because we have allowed ourselves to be lied to and marched into this illegal and immoral war, and we are on the verge of watching the same thing happen again with Iran as the victim. These goons need to experience the just consequences of their bad behavior. Why wait for another tragedy? Impeach them now- dispassionately and resolutely.

If he attacks Iran, I'm in favor of assassination.

A British film (a faux-documentary) portrayed the President of the United States being assassinated at the end of this year. I have been wondering if that might be the Shadow Government's plan for getting rid of him - now this his usefulness is beginning to reach its expiration date. An assassination would almost be more useful to them, than a legitimate (and precedent-setting) impeachment. But now I'm beginning to wonder. Bloody George and Bloody Israel have killed too many people already. How _will_ we stop them from bombing Iran??

Honorable Kucinich,

You would wait until after Bush invades Iran to impeach? What would be the point? There won't even be a table after that.

Save us from ashes, Dennis. Impeach now, first thing in the morning. Impeach immediatley.


Why not impeach him BEFORE he attacks Iran? Everyone knows that if he convinces this fickle Congress that an attack on Iran is "necessary," there will be no way the Congress will impeach him. Conyers and Kicinich are just copping out.

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