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Urgent Action for Women Supporters: Write Laura Bush

On Thursday, August 18, women who have been sitting with Cindy Sheehan at the vigil in Crawford, Texas, will be writing and attempting to hand-deliver letters to Laura Bush. As part of a woman-to-woman, mother-to-mother appeal, Cindy’s supporters will ask the First Lady to urge her husband to take time from his vacation to answer the questions of a grieving mother. Cindy’s supporters, led by her sister Dede Miller, will then conduct a three-mile march from Camp Casey to the gate of George Bush’s ranch.

Send us your letters asap so we can take them to Laura Bush on Thursday!

Click Here to Take Action Now!

Help Cindy demand an explanation from President Bush. Donate Today!

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You protestors have no decency or respect. Go about this in a professional setting. Protest at the White House you inconsiderate whiners!!!

If little George Stupid HAD any decency or respect we wouldn't need to protest you inconsiderate jeck!!

George Bush is a lying murderous coward who deserves no respect as he respects no one. The man is definately going to Hell.

Well Mr. Perkins,
I'm glad that you feel that you are God? Only God judges who goes to hell? And, prove to me that George Bush has murdered anyone! The real murderous cowards are Osama bin Laden and Sadaam Hussein, they are the ones that hide in caves and use terrorism against the innocent. Wake up, you morons!!!

Yup. We've been taking lessons from Rove and his pro-war advocates. How are we doing so far? :-p

As one of those "whining Liberal Protesters", I feel/think there is quite a difference between an "Open in Broad Daylight" Appeal of women to band together to protest the insanity of illegal wars of conquest AND the "In the behind-closed-doors shadows" Machiavellian Hatchetman tactics of Karl Rove & Company.

From the "Rape of Sabine Women" to "Mother Jones", women in history have shown that they CAN band together and protect the children from being "sacrificed" to the Moloch god of War.

What's Machiavellian about that?

I was, of course, being facetious. It was supposed to be a reply to the item below, but I hit the wrong button. My bad.

Do you (message above my last post by Trad and the immediate reply by Arvy) really consider this Machiavellian?

I don't understand how my post supports the argument that Cindy
Sheehan has been "hookwinked" by the anti-war "Fanatics".

I guess I see it as:
1. Cindy Sheehan wants a one-on-one with Bush
2. Bush refuses
3. Women that support Cindy's request and feel that Bush's refusal is unjustified are asking other women to do a letter writing campaign to the first lady. I've been doing political actions for years and this is a pretty standard thing (letter writing/phone calling campaigns)

I guess I would see it as Machiavellian if these women approached
Laura Bush and said, "You either arrange the meeting or we are going to publish those photographs we have of you" or " . . . we will make sure that someone you love loses their job, etc."

What am I missing here?


Didn't mean to create confusion. In attempting to respond to the person who first suggested a lack of decency and respect I accidently hit the wrong button. Thus what was intended as a purely facetious reply went up as a separate "anonymous" item - the one to which you responded intially.

To answer your question directly, NO, I do not think there's anything wrong or underhanded in contacting Laura Bush. NO, I do not seriously think that it is comparable in any way to Rovian tactics. I was merely "tweaking the nose" of the person who suggested that the tactic lacked decency and respect by suggesting (facetiously) that the Rovians were getting beaten at their own game.

Hope that clears it up.

Whoosh!!! Thanks! I was really going, "huh?"

I'm a big fan of your posts!!


Looking at your response to Anonymous, I would say that those who say Cindy has been hood-winked by the anti-War/Anti-Bush fanatics may be correct.(Are correct)

That was just me and my slightly warped sense of humor.

As for Cindy being led astray, it appears to me that she's the one doing most of the leading, at least in terms of setting the agenda. Personally, I don't think it has always been broad enough, but that's just me again.

Dear Laura Bush:
My dad was a War Hero. He screamed in his sleep on a daily basis and couldn't make my wedding because he was dying from a bullet left in his chest.
Of course when I went to college I met all the Vietnam Veterans. One of them stands out in my mind because he jumped out of a window and broke every bone in his body.
Will we have all the money to support these people when they come home broken???

I went to see poet Robert Bly (the guy that wrote "Iron John") speak a couple of years ago. He said that more Vietnam veterans have
died from suicide than died in the actual war.

My brother in law was one of those that died in the war, but I've had
several friends that just couldn't adjust and chose suicide.

That's very intersting. But, in terms of Iraq, how could anyone attempt suicide after realizing they fought for the freedom of 50 million people who had been under so much opression that they could not even fight efficiently once their dictator, Sadaam, was gone!?!?

Uh, ever been in a war zone, there "anonymous"?

Might have something to do with being 19 years old and seeing
lots of dead burnt bodies, including the ones of your friends.

Might have something to do with being forced down into low level
survival circuits where you are afraid to sleep.

Might have something to do with being in a uniform that makes you
a target for people that don't see you as "Liberators", but instead
imperialist swine there to steal the only real resource their
country has, oil.

Might have something to do with these scenes playing over and over and over in your head every time you try to lie down and try to sleep
or that you go into major "Fight or Flight" syndrome everytime
someone slams a door or a car backfires.

But your version sounds "nice." GO TEAM!!! Rah-Rah!!!

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