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Impeach the two of them

BY ROCHELLE RILEY, Detroit Free Press

How long would it take to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney? A day?

It could be the day after impeachment hearings ended in the conviction of President George W. Bush for high crimes and misdemeanors. It would take only one courageous member of the House of Representatives to propose an article of impeachment against Cheney. Then it would take a majority of the House and two-thirds of the Senate to send Cheney packing -- almost as quickly as former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

Cheney could go back to making millions of dollars off the America people while out of office. And Congress could begin the work of righting government, repairing our global reputation and bringing our soldiers home.

Concocted intelligence

What could Cheney possibly be convicted of? Here's a thing: He used intelligence created -- and I use the word created as it is defined -- by Rumsfeld's top policy aide to convince America and the Congress that there was a connection between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein.

That aide, former Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith, produced "alternative" intelligence reports wrongly making such a connection. Those reports were among many false ones that the president used to convince Congress to endorse the invasion.

A new investigation instigated by our own U.S. Sen. Carl Levin shows that the Iraqi National Congress fed a Feith-led group fake claims that Iraq "was hiding illegal nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs and was training terrorists," according to a report from the Washington bureau of McClatchy newspapers.

A right to be furious

Feith, who arguably can be blamed for starting the war in Iraq, now teaches at Georgetown University and has been absolved of any responsibility. When you work for the Bush administration, and you're not the guy who nearly let New Orleans drown, you're covered.

But Levin called the findings "devastating" and said "the American people will be absolutely furious."

The American people, most of us, are furious. We've lost 3,000 American men and women in a dishonest war. We've lost a global reputation because of the arrogance of our leaders. We can't wait until the next election to do something because there will only be more Americans dying in the meantime.

I've called for the impeachment of President George W. Bush twice before and had correspondents tell me that their greater fear was a President Cheney. Get rid of them both for "high crimes and misdemeanors" against the American people. The best definition of that came from our own President Gerald Ford in 1970: "An impeachable offense is whatever the majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at any given moment."

At this moment, nothing could be worse than sacrificing American lives to make money and prove a point to your daddy. No wonder former President George H.W. Bush has taken to crying in public.

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Those of us who still have some semblance of rational thinking capacity which hasn't been completely obilterated by American Idol, Prozac and the national obssession with tawdry and scandalous behavior, know Cheney has been the real power behind the Presidency of G.W., and that he is the real author of the Iraq War, and other major policy blunders.

His actions have been proven, time and time again, to be treasonous and worthy of impeachment, but not only does he appear to be unfamiliar with the word "treason", he really believes he can continue his treasonous acts and suffer no consequences for doing so.

That's why Americans and the people who claim to represent them in the halls of government power MUST exercise the moral, spiritual and political will necessary to rid our nation of Cheney. The time to take action against him is long overdue and must be done quickly, before he plunges the nation into a Peloponnesian War which the next two generations will be paying for with their money and their lives.

When Cheney falls, Bush will inevitably follow. There's no need to impeach Bush first, then Cheney. The imperative is quite clear -- Cheney MUST be impeached, first and foremost. Once Cheney is gone, Bush will collapse under the weight of his own mental/emotional delusions, and it will be easy to deal with him.

Problem is ... are Americans and their representatives in the House and Senate ready to break with the Cheney/G.W.-promoted culture of fear, learned helplessness and victimization and do what's necessary to fight for a future for those who will come after them, or are they going to exercise "magical thinking" to bring about a happy ending in '08?

Well said. Is it impossible to try and convict the pus-brain after impeaching him? Why not get the money back, imprison those responsible and temporarily nationalize the companies involved under receivership authority of Eliot Spitzer?


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