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Colorado vigils offer support for protest at Bush ranch
By Jim Kirksey, Daarel Burnette and Christopher Ortiz
Denver Post Staff Writers

Hundreds of Coloradans joined thousands of people across the country Wednesday evening in supporting the mother of a soldier slain in Iraq who is camped out near President Bush's Crawford, Texas, ranch, protesting the war.

About 100 people joined hands in a line and stretched across Interstate 70 in Golden, about 80 gathered at a busy intersection in Fort Collins to wave anti-war signs at passing traffic, and as many as 700 formed a circle of lighted candles in Denver's Civic Center to sing and show their support for Cindy Sheehan.

Sheehan, 48, of Vacaville, Calif., has been outside Bush's ranch for nearly two weeks demanding an accounting from the president on the war in Iraq.

Anti-war groups were part of more than 30 vigils scheduled Wednesday evening across Colorado in what one organizer called "a prayer to end war."

The organizers - Political Action, True Majority and Democracy for America - said there were 1,600 such vigils across the country, some with a handful of protesters, some with hundreds.

A vigil was also set for Paris' Peace Wall, a glass monument near the Eiffel Tower that says "peace" in 32 languages.

The vigils included about 100 protesters in Crawford; 150 in Concord, N.H.; 200 in Cincinnati's Fountain Square; 300 in a Nashville, Tenn., park; and 200 on the steps of the Oklahoma Capitol in Oklahoma City.

A Denver crowd estimated at 700 by organizer Azlan White formed a large circle in Civic Center on Wednesday evening.

"This is about moms," Angela Lawrence said at the Denver vigil with her two young daughters. "Cindy has lost her son, and that's what this is about."

Steve Brose had another slant. "I want to support the troops," he said. "I want to help the troops get out of this stupid war."

Bill Holman, a Vietnam War veteran and president of Colorado Veterans for America, said with dismay, "Thirty-five years ago, I was doing the same thing on college campuses."

Drivers honked their horns in support as they passed the vigil in Fort Collins.

"I agree with her," Toni Theisen of Loveland said of Sheehan. "She's a grieving mother. How can the right be so callous?"

At the Golden vigil, Rich Farley of Denver, paralyzed from the waist down by wounds he suffered in the Vietnam War, said, "This war's a farce."

Sitting apart from the others, Farley said, "This war is the same thing all over again. When we came home, nobody wanted us here. We want these guys home. They deserve that."

Gaye Lowe of Wheat Ridge said her soldier son just returned from Iraq and is to leave for Afghanistan next month.

Lowe said she is against the war for a selfish reason. "I don't want my son to die," she said.

Some critics say Sheehan is exploiting her son's death to promote a left-wing agenda. They say many Americans, including relatives of soldiers killed in Iraq, support Bush and his plans to keep troops there.

Staff writer Jim Kirksey can be reached at 303-820-1448 or

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I think this lady needs to get her stuff and go home to her husband and deal with the lose of her child .I dont think causing more problems is going to help anyone . I do have very close friends that are in the Navy and I worry all the time but on the same note I could have joined when they did and I would be in the same place , but I didn't. I just think that it was their choice to join the military and get the bennefits but the family dont want them to do what they are trained to do , also lets just let the reserve keep playing G.I. Joe every other weekend and pay them and not let them do anything. I think if ask anyone of these guys or gals they are proud to stand up for their country and most will tell you that . Lets just keep spending $$$$ training our friends and children on what to do in war but never have them do it thanks. Lets support our family and friends that have chose to do this with their life and stand behind them so we can get them home as soon as poss .

That is precisely the objective. Cindy Sheehan and her supporters simply don't believe that Bush's "noble cause" is actually noble enough to justify more deaths like that of her son. That's why she's asking Bush to explain that cause to her in greater detail.

When they chose to join the military they agreed to DEFEND America. The Iraq war had nothing to do with defending America, therefore they are being used illegally and should be brought home.

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