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On CNN's Latest from Crawford

By Sandra Jurgensen

Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN) did his best to bring a balanced full hour live telecast from Crawford, Texas.

He had to try to 're-educate' several times to show there was no linkage between 9/11, terrorists, and Iraq. But, I have to say some of the people he interviewed in the opposition could not grasp the concept.

I think it's more than the Kool-Aid -- something must be said for the education cuts done by this 'dictator' administration because ignorance is systemic! Either that or it's the arsenic and mercury in the drinking water.

Please email him for his efforts at:

Try to catch the re-broadcast later tonight.

And, welcome to the club: we're now the 'extreme left wing' and radical liberals!

"This effort is more than me, a movement has begun for peace and long after I'm gone the movement will continue" Cindy Sheehan

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If you want to know why there are people out on the road demonstrating against Cindy Sheehan ask Carl Rove. This is just another one of his dirty trick campaign to discredit another true patriot.

Go Karl Go.... Keep stoking the fires of hatred. I know, Karl, you have the military, but are you willing to kill 51% of the American public. Dear Karl, get you head out of your butt and realize this isn't a winnable war. No, not Iraq, but your treason. Impeach Bush, hang Rove.

I think they're paid adjutators and thugs, myself. Companies have been hiring them for years for union busting.

Right wing texans: ignorant and proud of it..

"Just 43% of American adults now approve of the way George W. Bush is performing his role as President. Fifty-five percent (55%) disapprove."
Is that a mandate or what?

"Hello, Mr. Bush? This is Bank of Public Opinion calling. It seems your political capital account is overdrawn. I'm afraid we'll need to freeze it until you are able to provide the American public with an actual plan for Iraq and explain to the families of your dead troops exactly what the noble cause is..."

Capital depreciation.

Yeah, 43% is such a mandate! (sarcasm)

Right-wingers should take that and compare that to Clinton's 68%!

Anderson really does deserve a Thank You for alerting the whitehouse spokeswoman to the fact that she is selling rhettoric.

Anderson really does deserve a Thank You for alerting the whitehouse spokeswoman to the fact that she is selling rhettoric.

The best way to "Support the Troops" is to educate our leaders to make sure they have a damn good reason to put our troops lives on the line to begin with, or to keep them in danger. An Ambassador Peck said it best as follows:

"Without question, every American supports our servicemen and women. The most meaningful support is to insure that their lives are put at risk ONLY when the nation faces a realistic, serious and imminent threat, a basic fact that those who urge us to blindly Support the Troops appear to have forgotten. There never was such a threat from Iraq, as the administration has long since admitted, but it is becoming one now precisely because of the invasion".
Ambassador Edward Peck, Tue Aug 16,2005, 11:28 PM ET (in Huffington Post)

The problem is'nt "educating" those in power; the problem is educating you to understand that the problem is the concentration of power,not the question of how "educated" they who wield the power are.Mussolini was highly educated.Stop being so naive as to believe human nature will allow dictatorship to work; on the contrary, human nature requires a very high degree of individual autonomy,and comensurately, minimal governance.Authoritarianism can't be made to work, simply because human nature will not permit it.Human nature leaves no rational, functional system other than libertarianism.

---The Bikemessenger

We're not dealing with lack of education of our leaders - notwithstanding Bush's C avarage and lack of interest while attending the finest halls of learning - we're dealing with lust, for power, for gain, unadulterated "damn-you-if-you-get-in-my-way" lust. It isn't education they need, it's maturity and a true sense of decency. I have my doubts, it is too big a reach for them.

Education has been deteriorating for numerous decades, ever since the government took it over.
Before that, and compulsory attendence, Americans were amongst the most educated people in the world.
Education is'nt bad because the White House war criminal cuts funds,but because it's run by the government.
As with any government system,coercively insulated from competition,the incentive is for the bureaucrats is to fail at their avowed purpose.
This goes hand-in-hand with the entrenched(by YOU, I've NEVER voted for a Republican or a Democrat in my life) politicians promising to "fix" or "reform" "public" education in their election campaigns, which means higher taxes for you, more money and power for the politicans and bureaucrats.Of couse,this leads to more failures, requiring more "reforms", etc.
And of course, since the GOVERNMENT RUNS THE SCHOOLS,you are indoctrinated to view government as the solution to everything and private enterprise as evil.
In reality,a free market system, with the government fulfilling it's proper function in economic matters of enforcing contracts, settling disputes, and prosecuting fraud and coercion, leaves no source of income to a business enterprise but the satisfied customer; and thus, without government protection, all businesses must service or sink.This is the only real"fix" for education, but of course, that would mean return of responsibility and control to parents.Parents conditioned to view themselves as helpless, incompetent wards of the state.
The education system does'nt "fail" because of ineptitude or bad intensions on anyone's part,it "fails" because that's what you pay it to do,those are the incentives the structure of the system provides.
When Alexis de Tocqueville visited the United States in the 19th century, he found the American people the best educated society in human history.You know what else he found? Zero "public" schools.
The fundamental and unique nature of government as the only institution which we sanction to impose it's will by force, makes requisite strict and clear limits on precisely what matters the government may address; this is what the of framers of the constitution had in mind; not the handing out of pork-barrel goodies,or the micro-management of the life of the private citizen.
The problem is not the megalomaniac in the White House. The problem is you choosing to make it a perfect fit; if he did'nt exist, overwhelming evolutionary pressures would have to invent him.
Of course, next election cycle(?), you can throw his anionted successor out, and replace him with the Democrat that's ruthless and power-driven enough to claw his way to the top of their heap.
Nothing like a new absolute dictator to fix everything, right?
"Government is not reason; it is not eloquence.It is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."---George Washington
Try thinking about that next time you go to vote for a politician based on what he's going to "do" for you.
Instead, try finding people like congressman Ron Paul to vote for.

---The Bikemessenger

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