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Here's mine: I went to a vigil with about 50 people in the small town of Cheverly, Md. Several people took turns speaking. We sang "Give Peace a Chance." Then we broke up the circle and talked to friends and new aquaintances. The Prince George's Sentinel and the Gazette were both there. We're assuming that the Washington Post was either covering the event over at the White House or had decided this was all beneath them.
-David Swanson

White House photos

White House report and photos.

Gallery of photos sent in from AZ, MI, DC.

Video of Tulsa OK vigil.

Orlando vigil photos.

Gallery of photos sent in from Highland Park IL, Sacramento CA, Pacific Grove CA.

Video of Baltimore vigil.

Photos from Oceanside, Calif.

Many more photo galleries.

Gallery of photos sent in from Arlington VA and New Orleans LA.

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Kia ora (Hello)

Watching the actions of the US from the other side of the world I am really glad that not every american is behind the war because, to be honest, thats what it seems like from here. For those who wish to enlighten themselves as to a possible direction that the US may take is very interesting (& a bit scary to be honest). There are some pretty big fish involved.

Not all Christians support the war but, unfortunately, some do. You can only be responsible for the actions and beliefs that you yourself hold.

Well done to all those who are informed about the war (by INDEPENDENT news etc) and those who have formed an opinion that they can JUSTIFY and does not involve rheotoric.

The Soul of Politics by Jim Wallis is (in my opinion) a very good book if you can get hold of it.

Sympathy and best wishes to those in New Orleans and the other areas hit by Hurricane Katrina.

A quote from Dwight D. Eisenhower:"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, in a final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed."

Inaction is a weapon of mass destruction.

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Posted: 31 Aug 2005 07:46 pm Post subject: Protest Rally


Protest Rally

I went to a protest rally at the Hotel Del last night.
There were hundreds of people lined up along the ocean walk with
candles. Mostly women they were organized, focused, and very reverent,
A young man in his twenties with short cropped hair all dressed in
white played Taps, (it buckled my knees) he was standing behind me on
the rocks and he played like a virtuoso.
I was with a friend i have known for close to forty years, and who lost a brother (23 years old) in Vietnam,
She had hung his picture along with a list of all of her relatives
who had fought and died for this country going back to the civil war.
We all sang protest songs and for just for good measure, I left and
returned in my car blasting "Dixieland" to the waving and smiling crowd, a very nosey,undercover person walked alongside of my car
"Shuuussing me, (trying to ssshhhhuuussshhh me) to no avail, but the crowd started singing along with "The KIng"
"Glory Glory Halleluhya, His truth is marching on"
The not so secret, secret fellow, did not join in with us ( I was now
singing with such gusto) but he did give us a half cool/groovy smile.

Out of nowhere like a flock of black ravens, a hundred people mostly
teenagers, mostly stupid and all wearing black t-shirts bearing
"Protest the Protesters" and a hundred matching hand held signs
announcing the same. They were also organized, but by a radio
station,who bussed them in for the rally.
They booed and jeered during the solemn ritual of Taps, so the young
man played it again,louder this time, a very ugly woman ran foward and
yelled across the street...........
"you guys ain't patriots" I yelled back "Sit Sit ..Stay Stay...Lie
Down" she gave me a puzzled look but kept barking like a poodle, her
friend joined her and she looked like the winner of the 1948 Kentucky
Derby, so I ran across to Starbucks and grabbed a bunch of sugar
cubes,I returned and she was stamping her hooves on the pavement.
I put two lumps in my hand then i held it out flat, she slurped both
of them and trotted back into the paddock.

A shaven headed and just retired military officer, came over and
started trying to ridicule the protesteers about their lack of
patiotism ,he was confronted right back by yours truly, I told him that
those "patriots" across the street were a bunch of bussed-in shitheads
who should volunteer to go and fight the war, he did not like it and
started trying tell people not to protest the war because it was
I know this man very well in fact his son is a friend of my own son,
and it is ironic that just last year he was ordered to go to Iraq and
he refused, because he was soon to retire after 20 years and did not
want to leave his two teenage children alone again, So they fired his
ass, yes they fired his ass for refusing to fight and die for his
country during a time of "War".
Now that is what is known as "FUCKING IRONY"
I gave him a severe douching ( excuse me Lady hyacinth)
then sent him back to the "Claque" with his tail chopped off"

Commander Salamander

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