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Did You Go to a Vigil?

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Here's mine: I went to a vigil with about 50 people in the small town of Cheverly, Md. Several people took turns speaking. We sang "Give Peace a Chance." Then we broke up the circle and talked to friends and new aquaintances. The Prince George's Sentinel and the Gazette were both there. We're assuming that the Washington Post was either covering the event over at the White House or had decided this was all beneath them.
-David Swanson

White House photos

White House report and photos.

Gallery of photos sent in from AZ, MI, DC.

Video of Tulsa OK vigil.

Orlando vigil photos.

Gallery of photos sent in from Highland Park IL, Sacramento CA, Pacific Grove CA.

Video of Baltimore vigil.

Photos from Oceanside, Calif.

Many more photo galleries.

Gallery of photos sent in from Arlington VA and New Orleans LA.

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Don't stop now. I can see a full CD coming. Thanks for the lift.
May I have more, please.

I've just posted some photos from the NYC vigil in Union Square here:

On Tuesday, Aug 9th, I was lucky enough to be in Texas on business and drove 3.5 hours out of my way just to meet Cindy in Crawford and offer my suppport. She is, without a doubt, one of the most genuine people I think I have ever met. She took time to walk and talk with me about her situation and her intent to have her questions answered....questions we all deserve to have answered.

It felt wonderful to be a part of something that has grown into a movement!

I attended the vigil at the Veteran's Memorial in Pleasant Hill CA. Ours was similar to most others with reading of the poem written by Casey's sister and singing God Bless America. The people driving by were very supportive, honking and waving.

I BELIEVE THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!!! WE MUST STAND UP TO THIS SUPPRESSIVE REGIME CALLED THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION!! This war, and many other events, have been in the planning for many years. The American people have been hood-winked into believing the lies we have been fed.


Sadly, just impeaching Bush would not be enough....the real puppeteer, Cheney, would then become President. ALL the fascists of this regime, the same cadre that worked in the King George the First's reign, are now in power with King George II. They are systematically dismantling all three branches of government along with OUR RIGHTS. Karl Rove is spitting on the rule of law by outing a CIA agent, who, by the way, was not just a field agent, but supervised several other agents.


The future of our country is NOT being decided by our representatives. It is being decided by a handful of ELITISTS that make up THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY and THE CARLYLE GROUP. These groups include George H. W. Bush, Dick Cheney, William Kristol, Elliott Abrams, Gary Bauer, William J. Bennett, Jeb Bush, Eliot Cohen, Steve Forbes, Lewis Libby, Dan Quayle, Frank Carlucci (Reagan's Sec of Defense), James Baker III (Bush Sr's Sec of State and spear-headed George W's ascent to the presidency during the Florida recounts) , John Major (former UK Prime Minister and chairman of Carlyle Europe), Fred Malek (former Nixon aide), William Barr (former Attorney General), J. W. Marriott, George W. Bush (President), Donald Rumsfeld (Sec of Defense), Caspar Weinberger (former Sec of Defense), Phil Odeen (chairman of TRW, a credit reporting company), Norman Augustine (former CEO of Martin Marietta--defense contractor), Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (Saudi Arabian prince), King Fahd (King of Saudi Arabia--recently deceased), Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz (Saudi Arabian Defense Minister), Richard Secord (of Iran-Contra fame), Richard Darman (former director of the Office of Management and Budget under Bush, Sr.), Colin Powell, Michael Eisner (of Disney), Crown Prince Abdullah (heir to the Saudi Arabian throne--now King), Tom Fitton (president of Judicial Watch), Paul Wolfowitz (former Deputy Sec of Defense and present head of World Bank), Louis Gerstner, Jr. (former IBM Chief Executive), among others.

EDUCATE YOURSELF AND READ ALL YOU CAN ABOUT THE "NEW AMERICAN CENTURY" AND "THE CARLYLE GROUP". Many of the same cast of players are also members of Skull and Bones, an elitist group formed while many of these people attended Yale, including George Bush, Sr. and George W. Bush.

BIN LADEN HAS NOT BEEN CAUGHT BECAUSE THIS REGIME NEEDS HIM TO REMAIN AT LARGE SO THEY CAN JUSTIFY CONTINUING THEIR MILITARY AGGRESSIONS IN THE MIDDLE EAST. Ironically, the bin Laden family was a major investor for the Carlyle Group until the 9-11 attacks (they have since OFFICIALLY extricated themselves from Carlyle). In fact, Shariq bin Laden, Osama's half-brother, was a representative to Carlyle for his family's investments and was at the Carlyle annual investor conference in Washington, D. C., on September 11, 2001.


According to Dan Briody's book, The Iron Triangle, Inside the Secret World of the Carlyle Group, the Carlyle Group "...has established a number of firsts in America, including:" 1)"It is the first time a former president has toiled on behalf of a defense contractor." 2)"It is the first time that a former president advised his son, while holding office, on foreign policy decisions that directly impacted both of their financial fortunes....", among other firsts.

Also according to The Iron Triangle, "With the ascension of George W. Bush to the presidency, the White House is now full of ex-Carlyle employees, friends and business partners. And with the newly fattened defense budget, Carlyle has been able to extract massive profits from its defense holding like United Defense, in the wake of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001."


Thanks maryellen for the info. on the gangsters and organized crime bosses that have been working in the government for along time.yes many of them are republicans but there are democrats working with them also.Senator Kerry was in the skull and bones club at Yale with other democrats.The democrats are heavily invested in the military industrial complex and many voted for this oil war like sen. Kerry did.They know where the money and power comes from and they don't want to change the corrupt system.Let's not let the democrats off the hook.They work for the oligarchy just like the republicans.Why don't the democrats ever talk about the Carlyle group or war for oil or criticize Israel?They know where the money and the power comes from and they want to keep their jobs.We need a third party! signed,DC

Mary Ellen, Thank You for your post.

Two pics:
Thanks to Diana & Nelson for dragging me into town for a hope recharge. Gathering together with like-minded smiling folks is such a refreshing change from life in Jimbuckistan where the Old Testament holds more people's minds than the New.

Hundreds (5-700) of my fellow Eugenians including myself gathered at the steps of our fedral courthouse, a strong summer breeze whipping through our hair making candle light difficult all the while sending out many, many prayers from the prayer flags. We stayed despite the breeze, candles always lit for if they blew out another candle was always right there to relight yours. As the sun faded behind the buildings we stayed and sang and prayed. As we looked up singing "All we are saying is give peace a chance" over and over again, there it was, our stars and stripes whipping in the wind, lit up by the fading sun, symbolizing what this country is meant to be. Land of the free, home of the brave. Well you are free Cindy, you can see the truth and so can we. I don't even need to say you are brave. This ENTIRE country knows that. Most of the world knows that. Prayers are going out constantly for you and your mother. Be strong, ignore the hatred. Our hearts and minds are with you everyday. This regime will not take over this country. We've seen some dark, dark days, but must never lose hope. That is what they want.
We love you Cindy. You mean more to us than you could ever know.

I had been at Camp Casey on Saturday, August 13, and saw an amazing phenomenon coalescing around Cindy. I stood 5 feet from her as she spoke to about 1000 supporters as the sheriff's helicopter did tight circles over us trying to drown out the speeches and music. The networks said there were only about 200-250 supporters there. Liars!

Our vigil in Fort Worth, TX, one of several, was in a park downtown. We had 98 people. A little girl whose Daddy is in Falluja held a sign saying, "Bring my Daddy home. Love, Sparky." Her mom spoke to us about her husband. The candles were beautiful. The people were quiet and reverent.

It is going to be an amazing demonstration in DC on September 24-27.

My 21-year old grandson and I held a vigil together with candles and a bonfire at our lake cottage in Northeast South Dakota. We quietly remembered the soldiers who have died in Iraq, and renewed our commitment to end the war.

I attended the vigil in the small village of Honeoye Falls, in the rolling hills and farm country of western New York State. There were about 35 of us there, including a group of teenagers recruited after the vigil started. Our group also included some veterans and a mom whose son just arrived home from Afghanistan. There were four boys in our group under the age of ten, and one of them had a sign that said "Stop the war. Kids are dying." He walked up and down the sidewalk saying those words over and over. Very poignant. Several cars honked horns and/or flashed peace symbols as they went by.

I was inspired to read the comments on this site! Had not heard anything on the major media (wonder why?) recently about either Cindy or the vigils. The story seems to be totally unreported. Orders from the WH? Let's all meet in DC on Sept. 24!

I hate to contadict a fellow progressive thinker, but there was mainstream media coverage of the vigils on several networks. I think the media outlets are getting tired of the ratings drop that is occuring because of the tremendous mistrust between us and the mainstream media. It will take a lot more than a small report on what I consider the biggest issue in America right now, the lying and ignorance rampant in the Bush administration and their followers. Any Republicans who are informed and intelligent have given up on the Bush crime family. One more thought : I am really tired of the neo-cons who continue to say "If you don't like it, get out." Well the fact is guys, I don't like the situation that we see today, and I am not going anywhere. If you want us "damn liberals" to stop bitching you better give us back our freedom, and stop killing innocent civilians overseas!! Until then my neighbor neo-cons, our voice will get louder and louder as Cindy's has, until you can no longer close your ears to eat. In the words of Braveheart " You may take my life but you will never take my freedom!!"

I attended a vigil in downton West Palm Beach and there was a turnout of about 75 people. And I heard there were 6 other vigils going on within a 5 mile radius! I think we finally have a person (Cindy Sheehan) that is galvanizing people to action against this senseless war. I pray it is so.

Shame isn’t something many of us need to learn, and sadly the one’s that do, won’t. I live in a small Southern New Mexico town and I marvel at all the favorably oriented bumper stickers for BushCo there are. Fuel prices are at 2.74 a gallon, and things go on “business as usual.

hey Ted I like what you say. But there are not enough people like you in this military industrial complex called America.Most people are so brainwashed and believe the lies that big brother keeps telling them from birth.So we have our peaceful protests and the gangster government gets away with mass murder all over the world.The oligarchy rules,but the masses think they live in a democracy.What's worse is that so few even go to protests.I can't believe so many anti-war people voted for a warmonger democrat like Kerry.We need a third party that won't support and work for the military industrial complex.Why can't these liberals and peace lovers understand this?The democrats are the problem.Instead they demonize Nader and the Green party for running against Kerry!

We don't need a third party - we need to take back the Democratic party and make it represent the people. Join up! We can do it!

I would say yes on the democratic party ,but there is just one thing. John Kerry said that he believed the war was a good thing, but he would try to get the troops home as soon as possible. To me this says that he was not against the lies that led us to war. So in knowing this, I would be open for a third party.

My husband and I went to the Vigil in Union Square Park, NYC. We brought two large candles for ourselves and several smaller ones for others who needed them. We sat on the steps of the park and set up our candles. At first we just laid out the extra candles, but then we decided to light them. A few people took them. But then people started giving us their candles. I became a little altar there on the steps. People started coming by to take photos. One guy even stopped to pray. It was one of those little moments that we didn't plan, and probably couldn't have planned if we'd wanted to.
Here's some photos of the altar:
Some shots of the crowd:

I do NOT support Cindy!!!! She says that Iran is not a threat! They housed terrorist that helped/assisted in several murders!!! If it was not for these BRAVE men and women, many more would be dead today. The loss of ANY life is terrible. I don't deny that. But why do you think its ok for terrorists to take lives? Why do you expect us to stand down and NOT do anything about it? What’s going to happen when YOU no longer have the FREEDOM to bitch and complain and cry over EVERYTHING? No one forced Cindy’s son to go into the service, as after all it is an ALL VOLUNTEER Military. Well it's sad that some are lost, it's the price of freedom.
Cindy has met with President Bush, let’s not forget that. SHE PRAISED HIM and his SYMPATHY. She only started the criticizing president after liberals got a hold of her.

Why do you utilize a website that you obviously have no vested interest. Please stay where you belong, Melinda, you asshole.

Wow! Such rough words from someone who only wants to DO whats right. Thats my problem with you! You have your opinon and won't listen to anyone elses. Trust me....I would never join in and follow such extremists!!!
I am also intitled to my opion! I hear yours and once again its crying!!!
I support the US because I'm an American! If you don't like how things are done, PACK UP YOUR SHIT AND MOVE!!!! Lets see how you like it in a country were they will KICK YOU ASS for crying like that!!!!! But since your a follower, you will probably become a terrorist!

P.S. From Melinda!

ASSHOLE? Sounds like someone learned to speak from a one year old in that movie "Meet the Fockers"..... Ass---- Hole--------

They don’t call us "Right wing" because we are wrong! – Jason (infamous Republican at large)

There is a reason the Democrats mascot is a jack ass (Because of ignorant people like you). – Jason (infamous Republican at large)

We are creating them.

This administration is trying it's hardest to make sure we don't have the freedom to voice our opposition.

What flavor Kool-Aid did the Rethugs feed you?

student/proffessor strike.
maybe this site can enlighten you to the fact that everyone is not on the neo/con side.

Was Osama a threat? Where is he? Was he the one who attacked us or was Iran/Iraq, or any other national body of Muslims? You answer these questions truthfully and you will find what us intelligent progressives already know, this is a murderous administration, one that should be on trial for treason!

Your right. We NEED TO GET Osama! However…those who support and house terrorists ARE terrorists! You seem to fail to see the GOOD that is happening in these countries. You ONLY want to focus on the negative. Have there been lies and screw ups? You betcha! But that is present whether there is a Republican or Democrat in the house.
Let’s not bring up treason. We’ll be forced to remind you of Clinton and others who should have been brought up on treason. Let’s talk Rwanda!!! Clinton IS RESPONSIBLE for how many deaths?!? But you want to sit back and act as if your party has all there shit together and does NO HARM. Well I call BULLSHIT!

PS to the above email who doesn’t want me to post comments. Guess what-FREEDOM OF SPEECH BITCH! I didn’t sign up for this site. They/YOU are emailing me! Up until yesterday- I had never heard of this site!
You’re either with Americans or against them. If you don’t support us…please feel free to move out of the country. If it is soooo horrible living in the US then go somewhere else.

My vigil was with 60 mostly older leftists in the summer resort of Martha's Vineyard, but the mood of the people driving by was so positive that it seemed to me that public opinion was beginning to change, like a big door slowly opening on groaning hinges. A very subjective judgment, that, which comments here certainly confirm; but it felt that way to me in Washington in 1969, about a year after I returned from overseas duty with the Marine Corps. Of course, it took another 6 years to get us out of Vietnam, and all the people who wanted us to stay have been governing us since the Ford administration, whether we liked it or not. Still, I think we can win this fight. We have the Constitution and the laws on our side. I remember swearing to preserve, protect and defend them as a Marine; and George III may remember one day that he swore the same oath. Meanwhile Cindy and the rest of us will remind him daily by continuing to ask him for his reasons.

i arrived at the corner of mission and fair oaks in south pasadena a little later than the 7:30 start, but there were plenty of people with signs and candles there, working the honking cars passing. Perhaps close to 200 people on all four corners of the popular intersection.

i picked up a sign from someone who had to leave. it read "bring our troops home." i started hopping up and down and yelling my thanks at the multitudenous honks of the cars passing by. flashing the peace sign every once and awhile. cars of every shape and size came whizzing by...a good number of them honking. buses. taxis. and quite a number of big rigs. (they give good horn, by the way.) what a great response.

i noticed a woman with an ipod shuffle jogging the block. she passed a couple of times. each time sweating a little bit more. we made eye contact and she stopped her jog and walked up to me. tears in her eyes. "i'm so thankful you folks are doing this. i really appreciate it. my son is in the army. he's shipping off soon." and at that she started sobbing. i reached over and hugged her. as she sobbed on my shoulder, i could not help but shed some tears for her and her son. trying to give her some comfort....knowing that i could never really ease her pain. but two human beings, strangers at that, coming together in a moment in time, acknowledging the shared human experience of compassion. sharing tears on a noisy street corner.

we hugged each other for about 5 minutes. finally pulling away and trying to brush away the tears. "this was the first time i have cried over my son," she said. i told her that it was fine. it was good to rid the body of saddness with tears. we continued brushing away tears. "i appreciate what you guys do every saturday. i feel comforted by the sounds of the honks. i know they are for many sons like mine." we made more small talk. she asked if i was going to be there for awhile. i said " bet." she said she would see me a couple more times and plugged herself into her ipod and started back on her jog.

i saw her several more times....coming around the block again and again. i gave her a thumbs up and a smile each time. then i didn't see her for sometime. i thought she had finally done her evening mileage and had gone home. i continued on shaking and rattling my sign at the cars, noticing that my throat was getting sore from shouting thanks.

i was looking up the street at oncoming traffic when i saw her. she wasn't jogging this time. she was walking ever so carefully with a candle in her hand. she gave me a big broad smile and said that it was as good a time as any to show her support for her son, her concern for her son, her love for her son. she lit the candle and we stood on the corner together, each for different reasons, but there side by side supporting each other, supporting democracy. two strangers, two women, brought together by the image of a grieving mother somewhere on the plains of crawford, texas.

There were at least 60 people with candles in front of Florida's 1905 capitol in Tallahassee, Florida, starting at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, August 17, to keep vigil with Cindy Sheehan. The spot is the twice-weekly rallying point for more than two years for those who oppose the Iraqi war. The honks of approval from passing motorists at this busy intersection didn't stop. I didn't notice any pro-war sentiment.

All the democrats that voted for this war are also responsible for her son's death and should apologize to her.They don't want to cut and run and they actually want more troops to kill Iraqis.I've been asking sen. Kerry to apologize to Cindy for his support of this oil war and he won't respond to my emails.He's a coward and will not send his children to fight and die for what he believes is a noble cause. He would rather let the poor and less fortunate Americans do his dirty work.This is a class war and the rich need not apply for duty.Isn't it time for a third party?To hell with Kerry and Bush! signed DC

We don't need a third party - instead, we the people need to take back the Democratic party and make it represent us again. Join up! we can do it!

We don't need a third party - instead, we the people need to take back the Democratic party and make it represent us again. Join up! we can do it!

I received an email about vigils that morning, and my husband and I went and joined a long line of folks standing silently with candles in front of a local shopping center. there must have been 150 of us at least, about 3 times the number registered on the website. (There were a number of other, larger gatherings within a few miles of us.) Nobody socialized, just faced the passing traffic, some of us with signs. The honking and thumbs-up acknowledgements seemed constant! I noticed that almost every driver and passenger at least turned to look, showed interest, serious interest.
Standing there with all these folks I'd never met, it gave strength, and hope, like having an unspoken easy conversation about firmly held beliefs with total strangers.
I really thought I'd see a lot more about the vigils the next day in the media, but I was sadly surprised not to. I had typed in various zip codes from around the country the night before on the website to see where vigils were organized, - and they were everywhere! WE ARE EVERYWHERE! - and I believe we are a lot more "everybody" than we've allowed ourselves to believe.
I think we're on to something here; standing up in our own communities, in soladarity, may be the key. One more candle at a time.
Maybe it's time to start posting the candles in our windows, much like was done with flags after 9/11/2001.
Thank you to all who are leading the wakening of the citizens.

Those of you who know the truth will continue to speak it and act on that principle.
Those of us who are not afraid to be at the Sept. 24 vigil at Wash. D.C., yet cannot attend, I am sure will give their prayers and hopes of a successful endeavour to bring that truth to those who are our "cover-up masters."
I am no longer blinded by the half truths and lies given over the past 20 plus years our government has placed on us. Most people I talk to about this false war agree that we have been taken for a walk and forced to stay for the ride. One that most of American citizens are not doing much about.
We are presently a nation of free people [At least we think we are free], who voted for the person we wanted as president we never got, the voting count tampered with, a false war that was never declared through our Congress as our constitution declares must be done, and now a struggle with oil prices to hike up gas prices to way beyond need. We really don't need their oil. More Hy-bird cars are coming. No more Blood for Oil.
Our freedoms as we know them, are being erroded away each and every day. I'm just waiting for the Patriot Act Three to be enacted... shouldn't be long now. More of our freedoms, we think we have,are being lost through the guise of Homeland Security. I don't believe it for a moment. More like freedoms lost through the New World Order and everything and everyone attached to it.
I feel like the ten and one-half years I gave as service to this Republic we call America, has been swept under the rug; and I am not the only veteran who feels this way. Services for our many hurting physically, mentally, and emotionally disshelved veterans of
Persian Gulf I & II are being lost and forgotten. Too much wrong is being done and no one is protesting loud enough to be heard.
Sept. 24, 2005, should be the coming together of civilians and veterans alike, to make our one voice heard. No More War! Bring Our Troops Home NOW!

My husband and I signed up at and it said there were 22 people. There ended up being more like 60-70! Not including two beautiful Bichon Frise dogs that are smart enough to recognize this war is a sham and the ultimate betrayal to our troops.

I made a sign that said "WHAT IS THE HONORABLE CAUSE?" and my husband held a sign that said "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS - BRING THEM HOME".

It was very peaceful, neighborly, and encouraging. Several people I spoke with wanted to do this regularly and so do I.

Lots of cars honked their horns, hung out their windows shouting their support and there was lots of waving. Between 7:30 and 9:15 I only got the finger twice although about 6 cars gave us the thumbs down.

Let's all stay visible and involved! It really does matter. It really does make a difference. Silence is consent, so if you don't condone this crap, put on your big girl panties and say so!

I went to a vigil at Ballinger and Bothell Way. There was a lot of horn honking and waving. I just saw one guy giving the finger from his car. Another lady in a stopped car called a peaceful protestor next to me a moron. The protestor in turn called her a moron and asked her to send her son in the back seat over to Iraq. Then the lady didn't have anymore to say and rolled up her window. Of course she doesn't want to send HER child off to this illegal war to die.

The folks in passing cars were mostly waving and thanking us for the streetside vigil. There was mostly a lot of camaderie between us and people in their cars.

We need to repeat these vigils AND write to our reps, folks.

Note: I've also been reading the book "don't think of an elephant!" by George Lakoff. Read it! No matter what political party you affiliate with. It's a short read and explains things. Thanks George!

Tallahassee had nearly a hundred folks come out to support Cindy and protest Bush's illegal war. Spirits were high rather than somber, as passing motorists blared their car horns non-stop for peace. I've taken part in many peace vigils in Tally the past two and a half yrs. during twice weekly vigils as part of, and never before has the motoring public shown such overwhelming support for our peaceful efforts.

It was amazing to see the police cars, the streets blocked off, the TV cameras and several blocks packed with people holding candles at sunset in Evanston, Illinois. How proud we can be of our home town! The final count was around 600 people in attendance--I think the biggest in the country. Let's keep mobilizing with positive messages like "Stand with Cindy"!

I went to a vigil in Evanston. It was held in Fountain Square,a landmark that honors soldiers from our town who have been killed in all wars.

I read about the pick-up trucks with the chains driving and knocking down the crosses erected to honor soldiers killed in Iraq. I was wondering, What made that action necessary? Why wasn't that action decried by the president who claims to be a uniter? That action compelled me to take action, as small as it was. I did attend the vigil. There were probably about 500 people there, maybe more. The Uniter united us. The poem written By Cindy Sheahan's daughter was written. Songs were sung, people who drove past honked in support of our efforts. The group consisted of every age, race, professional level, economic level, and level of education. When will this president be held accountable?

There were over 100 people holding a candlelight vigil in the small town of Felton, California.
We have decided to meet here every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.

This is an illegal war. 50% of Iraq citizens are under the age of 15 years old. So you can imagine who we are dropping the bombs on. Bush and friends have destroyed Iraq. Damaging a great deal of America with it. My heart aches for all the pain and suffering that this war has brought on so many decent, innocent human beings. The nightmare will never end for thousands of people.

Why is the Bush Administration not being held accountable? Why?
All the natural resources in Iraq were given away in August of 2003 to foreign companies. Iraqis do not have water, electricity, medicine or proper sewage. They are living in fear and chaos.

While we watch the destruction of Iraq our country is being taken down, destroyed, by the Bush administration. I have never seen it this bad. And it will get a lot worse if we do not stand up to it now. NOW. The time is now.

I believe there are soldiers that want to come home, That know that this is an illegal, murderous war and they want no part in this. I want them to come home. I want the killing to stop. I want the bombings to stop. We are paying $345,000,000,000.00 for this disaster.
Money we could have put to good use here at home.

I want to thank Cindy for getting this moving. I am sorry about the lose of her son. I am a mother. Our Children are dear to us.
War is not the answer.
And Bush and friends should be brought up for war crimes.

You are a vary naive and stupid person. Try reading a little history

I went to the vigil on Los Feliz and Vermont Ave. The support from people driving by was amazing. The listing on MoveOn had 50 people being the max. There were well over 100 people there (I counted) - a great turnout.

I posted a blog on a vigil of over 100 people in Westland, Michigan
a suburb of Detroit which I have yet to see posted. We in the metro Detroit area are strong activists, work very hard for peace and the Democratic party. I find it strange that not posts from Michigan are entered on your website.

3 days early I had the honor of standing along a street in Tallmadge. Ohio while one of our fallen sons went by in his flaged draped coffin.. I cryed I felt better as I stood outside a curch in Kent. I felt that I could not do anything for my fallen brother but could stand there in hopes of bring his comrades home where they belong. GOD BLESS Cindy and I pray each night for her.

I whipped together a little video of the Phoenix protest I attended as well as about 700 other Cindy Sheehan supporters!

Click here to watch the video.

It was a very successful protest - peaceful and we got the message out!

Osama is smiling on Cindy.

Anonymous, you are, indeed; and, a dolt. Hang in there with your comic books.

Osama is smiling on Paul.

We may have only had three people there, but it was good to know that we were united with thousands of others across the country at the same time, standing with our candles lit, inside a circle of tealights, and supporting Cindy and all of the others like her. We mostly stood there in respectful silence as we all pondered the depths to which this country has fallen (which is especially hard for me to reconcile, as I fought for this country, as did quite a few generations of my family), but there were also a few words to honor those whom had fallen and those who were left to mourn.

So, even in this so-called "red" state and even in a tiny little place in the Ouachitas, three people stood with the rest of you everywhere.

I don't see a way to post a picture here, but we submitted it to and added it to my photopage here:

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