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Bush Won't Answer Cindy, But Has to Answer Congress

Bush Won't Answer Cindy, But Has to Answer Congress
By David Swanson

Cindy Sheehan has raised the right question: For what noble cause did her son die?

Were the reasons Bush gave Congress for why the war was necessary truthful ones? What did Bush tell Tony Blair three and a half years ago when he invited him, unlike Cindy, in out of the Texas sun?

If anyone can force Bush to answer these questions, or to concede that there are no respectable answers and that the war must end, it is Cindy. She is a remarkable woman. She's been accused of being used by leftwing groups, but she is driving them. Tonight's vigils (over 50,000 people have signed up to attend 1,627 events) is the biggest thing to ever hit The organizations are following Cindy's lead, not the other way around.

But I'm not betting any money on Bush choosing to end the war. Clearly it is to Congress that we need to look for elected officials over whom the people of this country may have some power. There is a Resolution of Inquiry sitting in the House International Relations Committee. It's called H Res 375, and if it passes, it will require the White House and the State Department to "transmit all information relating to communication with officials of the United Kingdom between January 1, 2002, and October 16, 2002, relating to the policy of the United States with respect to Iraq."

If Casey Sheehan died for a noble cause, Bush can volunteer the documents that this resolution will require him to produce. Not only has he not done so, but he has illegally refused to respond to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from 52 members of Congress asking for similar information.

The National Security Archive today made available recently declassified documents obtained through a FOIA request that show that the Bush Administration was planning to remove Saddam Hussein as early as October 2001. I added this to the huge pile of evidence listed down the left side of the website. I know what Cindy's reaction will be when she reads it -- anger. That was her reaction to the Downing Street Memos and the other evidence that presents so powerful a case that Bush took this nation to war, and cost Casey Sheehan his life, on the basis of lies.

How many Americans can correctly name the two reasons Bush gave Congress for the war? And how many know that both were known by the Bush Administration to be false? How many know that lying to Congress is a felony and a high crime? Here is the formal letter Bush gave Congress on March 18, 2003: and here are the Downing Street Minutes:

But that is a British document. We should not have to turn to foreign whistleblowers to find out what our democratic government has been up to. We should be able to see similar documents from this side of the ocean. And we can demand to do so by asking our congress members to co-sponsor H Res 375. The more who co-sponsor (44 so far), the more likely some members of the committee are to vote for it.

If this Resolution does not pass, there will be another Resolution coming. But if it gains significant support, Bush's credibility will be even more strongly called into question, and the Democrats (all of the co-sponsors thus far are Democrats) will have taken a step toward becoming an opposition party.

It is not too late to schedule a meeting with your congress member while they're home for August. Everything you need to do so is here:

Demand that Bush meet with Cindy. But demand also that your Congress Member step up to the plate and ask Bush for answers in a way that can force him to reply. He may fly off in a couple of weeks and leave Cindy standing in his jet pollution, but Congress has the power of subpoena and can compel the President to appear.

In the words of Sean Hannity, Fox News, April 6, 1999, Bush must be made to "explain to the mothers and fathers of American servicemen that may come home in body bags why their son or daughter have to give up their life."


David Swanson is creator of, co-founder of the coalition, a writer and activist, and the Washington Director of He is a board member of Progressive Democrats of America, and serves on the Executive Council of the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild, TNG-CWA. He has worked as a newspaper reporter and as a communications director, with jobs including Press Secretary for Dennis Kucinich's 2004 presidential campaign, Media Coordinator for the International Labor Communications Association, and three years as Communications Coordinator for ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. Swanson obtained a Master's degree in philosophy from the University of Virginia in 1997. His website is

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... and he told the truth?

What would happen if Mr Bush answered Cindy Sheehan honestly.

What would happen if in response to her question - "What noble cause did Casey give his life to serve?" Mr Bush spoke of the three strategic reasons he launched a war of aggression and subsequent occupation of Iraq.

How would each American respond to Mr Bush informing them, honestly, that Iraq's oil reserves must be controlled by America?

How would each American respond to the reality that Iraq has the largest fresh water system in the Middle East and that America now controls access to that life essential resource?

How would each American respond to the reality that the air bases America now controls in Iraq provide rapid strike capability anywhere in the Middle East and Central Asia?

Are we all prepared to receive from Mr Bush what we are requesting -- that he meet with Cindy Sheehan and speak the truth about why Casey died in Iraq?

Are you, my fellow Americans, prepared for the truth or would you prefer to not have Mr Bush stop the flowery rhetoric of 'noble cause' and 'spreading democracy'?

Be sure you really want the truth about the critical strategic reasons Mr Bush and his neoconster buddies entered the White House in January, 2001 knowing that they intended to achieve in Iraq, shortly thereafter.

The burden of that truth is profound, as some now realize.

How would America respond if little George told the truth that his personal motivation for this insanely stupid war was so that little George could be a heroic war time president and reap truck loads of political capital, and that he was willing to sacrifice 1850 US soldiers and tens of thousands of Iraqi weomen and children to further his very own selfish political goals.

"You want the truth, you can't handle the truth."

"Your damn right I ordered the code red!"

I strongly suspect that a very large number of Americans would be quite content with those explanations. Much of the reluctance to state them openly is probably due to wishful thinking involving international considerations -- i.e., that America's reputation can be salvaged as long as its true character remains unstated.

In part, this war is about globally repositioning ourselves to face the future challenges eminating from the middle east and central Asian states.

With that said, Bush really fucked up on the tactical side of things.

Bush nation building, spreading democracy, globally reposition etc.. is like having a baseball player perform neurosurgery with his bat..

The wrong person doing the wrong job with the wrong tools.

EXCELLENT comment...Very well put.

I get a very strong impression that many Americans (including a significant number of those who oppose Bush's wars) actually agree with, or at least tacitly accept, the proposition that their country does need to control other countries' resources AND HAS THE RIGHT TO DO SO -- either God-given or by virtue of capability alone.

Am I wrong, or is the major outcry against the Bush regime due merely to its lack of subtlety and the consequences thereof?

Yes, I have a very strong impression that many Americans would believe that the USA has a divinely-appointed right to rule the world and grab whatever resources are available. The very fact that many Americans defend the continued aggression and illegal acts committed by the USA as the actions of the "world cop" argues for this view. The fact of the matter is that the USA cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be seen as a policeman while it refuses to recognize the global judicial system (World Court) and refuses to sign treaties and agreements seen as commonsense by other nations. At best, the USA is the "Dirty Harry" of the world, and at worst, the "secret political policeman" of the world, keeping other nations in line with its ideology by stealth and/or brutality.

The whole "divine guidance" nature of US belief probably comes from many early American immigrants who found themselves thrown out of their home countries for their inconvenient religious beliefs, and saw America as the land of their salvation. For example, the original "Pilgrim Fathers" saw their exile from Britain as a pilgrimage to a promised land. With the possible exception of Israel, I can't think of another modern nation that has confused religion and nationalism to the same extent.

I strongly suspect that a very large number of Americans would be quite content with those explanations. Much of the reluctance to state them openly is probably due to wishful thinking involving international considerations -- i.e., that America's reputation can be salvaged as long as its true character remains unstated.

I believe Mr. Bush answered the question already when he declined to meet with Ms. Sheehan citing his need to get on with his life. He is very revealing if you actually listen to what he says. Just as we overlook his candor back in late 2002 about why we had to invade Iraq although the weapons inspectors had found nothing and were recommending diplomatic, not military, steps. At that time he said "I'm getting impatient". There you go folks- just listen to his words. The rationale for war was not WMD's. It was Mr. Bush's impatience. How honest can you get? Now he has pointed out that Casey Sheehan, and 1800 other American Service people have died (with many more grieously injured)for a noble cause. And it is he himself. He is the Noble. And he is the cause of the war. So shut up and let him get on with his life, already. Peasants.

In their own words - read The Project for the New American Century
(PNAC)- if you want the truth. Like the American version of Mein Kampf it spells out the plan set by the neo-cons. Stated they need an incident like Pearl Harbor (9/11) to set in motion their plans to secure the worlds dwindling natural resources through military might and economic dominance. Next to secure a military presents in Iraq and after which to partner with China (don't want to fight them) to dominate the world. The amassing thing is that you can see the signatures of those that signed onto this doctrine. And they're all the same pricks currently running this government.
That they will fail like all those before them who have tried to "take over the world" is self evident. The hell we'll have to pay for that failure is based on how soon we act.

Once you have thoroughly "scared-yourself-shitless" reading the
grand plan of the PNAC NEO CONs ( go back
and read about the "real" roots of the "Grand Old Party"

It is a sordid tale of an un-holy alliance between the American nouveau riche Industrialist and the British Ruling class, (hey, once the British saw TWICE that the Americans could kick their asses, they moved to the "Machiavellian Shadows.")

History takes on a whole new dimension when you realize the "War
Between the States/US Civil War" was a Machiavellian Coupe d'Etat
using "Free the Slaves" as a pretext to consolodate a Federal
Empire . . . "First our neighbors, then the world"

So, these "Republicans/Romans" that hijacked the "Free the Slaves" movement because of the "Dignity of Human Life" quickly went out and
"PURGED" the country of its indigenous population. These genocide
programs so impressed a young Adolf Hitler that he modeled
part of his Mein Kempf plans around them.

These white supremists, under the banner of "Eugenics" declared
that "Darwin Trumps the Constitution - All Men are NOT created
equal! We are the Supermen!!!" They infiltrated the Freemason
lodges, purged them of all non-"White Anglo Saxon Protestants", and set up a shadow government.

They then set out to destroy the Great Experiment of Liberty and
Brotherly/Sisterly Love.

- A very sad French Freemason

While Emperor Bush is answering to the US Congress . . .
this engineer, tax payer and "Mr. Wizard Fan Club Junior Scientist" would like him to explain again how burning jet fuel caused the World Trade Center buildings to collapse.

I know I am just peasant "white trash" from North Carolina, but I still don't get it.

(sorry for the long link)

And why were those Israeli guys happily jumping up and down across
the river? Was that some sorta "double secret Bohemian Grove
MOSSAD Hokee-Pokee" dance?

"Freedom's just another word
for nothing left to lose"
- Janis Joplin and Big Brother & the Holding Company


Thank you so much for that link, Mr. Blackburn. I have been wanting to send something that good to my father, who is a retired fire protection engineer, some solid material about this; I've sent stuff before for his imput but the truth about 911 sites are full dubious stuff and conclusions that are not warranted by the mere (well, it's not exactly 'mere') fact that the official version of the collapse scenario does not quite seem right and there seems the possibility of a controlled demolition involved in the collapses of the 3 WTC buildings. Proving there were explosives used would still not begin to answer how or who (or why), actually. But it does seem odd to the point of wierd to the point of suspcious that so many normal protocols were not observed, that the steel was removed so quickly, that the cause was so quickly concluded.

As we "Discarded Engineers turned Comedians" always say,
"Hey, you're such a lovely audience, we'd love to take you home with us!! We'd love to take you home." No, wait, that was The Beatles.

We "Discareded Engineers turned Comedians" always say,
"I'll be here all week, unless I get classified as an 'enemy
combatant', and then .. . well, ya know. . ."

"Hit 'em the funny bone,
That's where they expect it least"
- Bruce Springsteen


Tell the 25 million people that Sadaam Hussein had killed that this war had no purpose... or noble cause. Casey died to save about 16,500 people. And, tell all the people who lost loved ones due to terrorist attacks on America that the War on Terror is not just or has no noble cause.

Quality Joplin quote by the way!!!

25 Million??? Isn't that number a bit high?

"People that lost loved ones due on 9/11, we are trying to find out
who the 'Terrorists' are that killed your loved ones. We are sorry about your loss, but we have troubling news... we think 9/11 was
some sort of inside job called a 'False Flag Operation'."

To the millions of our brothers and sisters that are currently
rotting in American prisons because of Fascist laws, we love you."

To the millions of our children that have been tricked/forced
into taking "mind adjustment" drugs, we love you.

To the millions of our brothers and sisters that are struggling to survive in an economic system that consolidates the wealth of the country into the war chests of less than 1% of the population, we love you.

To the millions of our brothers and sisters that are currently wage-slaves for Corporations that are being forced to give up their Consitutional rights every time they "badge in" and live under constant fear of "Roman Decimation Layoffs", we love you.

To the millions of Americans that insist on justifying the invasion of Iraq by either 9/11 or the Anti-Saddam propagnada, WAKE UP!!!
This was an Illegal war and the British and the Americans have
made a mess of it. WASPs just don't like "Socialist" governments.
They like crowned heads and CEOs.

Apologies -

That last line should read:

These PNAC NEO CON WASPS just don't like "Socialist" governments.
They like crowned heads and CEOs.

(*hit the wrong button and suffered "premature post-ulation")

Most "White Anglo Saxon Protestants" I've met are sane people.
It's just these "Ruling Class Dysfunctional-Male Psychology types
trying to be Little Caesars" that I have a problem with.

Guess it was a lot higher, eh?

When I sit and try to unravel the various dynamics, lies, and stonewalling surrounding this war, I can't believe it happen. Would anyone have known documents exist relating to this war that would point to the crime of the century? Yes, it is a crime to unduly bomb a country, occupy its government and cover-up the true reason for why you did it. I think about the "oil for food" scandal and then I am reminded that there is 9 billion dollars missing from Iraq's treasury. I hear tell that there were large garage bags of money being used to do business. That is 9 billion dollars for which the only word for its accountability is embezzlement. If it is not the insurgents who took this money, then who? The Bush administration was so insistent on putting Bolton in the UN as to keep a diversion away from this nasty fact surrounding this large amount of money. So Bolton's job is to crate enough political up evil that no one will focus on what is really going on. Now we have been given Cindy, who has a gift for speaking with innocence and honesty. The Right is up in arms to get her off the air and out of the eye of the American public because until now, the Bush administration have been able to keep the truth from gaining any organized power dynamics. You go Cindy.


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