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Join Me in Writing 1,000 Letters to Local Papers Supporting Cindy

By Sandra Jurgensen
Cross Posted at The Huffington Post

Clearly, Cindy Sheehan has struck a nerve in this country, and her willingness to speak truth to power resonates as a model of courage and dedication to us all. One way I believe all of us can help her cause – even those who cannot travel to Crawford, Texas – is by writing our local papers to support her and her efforts to meet with the president.

I have written a letter to my local newspaper, and set up a form on my web site that will allow readers to submit their own words simultaneously to all the papers in their region. I will be able to keep track of the number of letters submitted through the site, and have set an initial goal of 1,000 letters and/or guest editorials.

I have also transformed the home page of my website,, into a Crawford Action Center to assist in writing letters, and generally in organizing support and donations for Cindy. It is an online resource where you can easily find the latest information about events in Crawford through news reports, pictures, video, audio, and talking points.

I believe it is crucial that all of our local newspapers hear from us and know that support for Cindy is widespread, particularly given the smear campaign the right wing is waging against her. While Cindy has the nation's attention, we need to buttress her press coverage with personal stories from others who share her grief and outrage at the Administration's conduct in getting us into this war.

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For clarity, someone should note this is John Conyers' appeal in the title.

How about not. Cindy needs to go home and try to salvage her marriage instead of lowering the morale of our troops with her lies and her pathetic attempts to remain on TV. It's sad, it really is.

As a fellow just asked me "Define lies" (I was speaking of Bushes)As far as the morale of the troops being low. IMHO the fact that they are driving around in unprotected vehicles, being blown up by the explosives that was looted cause we didn't have enough soldiers to guard the ammo dumps, cause the administration didn't take the advice of the chief of staff. Having to buy their own body armor,($600.00 out of their own pockets,)not enough commo,(they are asking the folks at home to send them Radio shack stuff.Now, is she spitting on the troops? Is she calling them "baby killers? No.
All that man has to do is get off his bike & walk out & see her . but hey , as he said. he needs a life. Can't blame him , he saw her for 5-10 min. over a yr. ago ,shucks be darn ,why if he had to see All the grieving folks that lost a loved one .....lets see one thousand eighteen oops might as well make that nineteen hundred times two parents, maybe twice as long if they have a spouse and then dang it gotta factor in those up a comin sheep,kids I mean soldiers, I mean voters, Shucks lady I see what you mean. I really do

Im sick of hearing her trash america and what her son believed, fought and died for. I am an Iraq war veteran and it makes me sick to think that she is saying what she is saying. All the people who encourage her are no diffrent than the people who spit on soldiers when they came back from vietnam. And what is really sad is you think you are helping the troops. She asks what noble cause did her son die for???? Is she serious?? Is their any more noble cause then fighting for your country and giving your life for it??? I hope she doesnt think trashing her sons memory is noble. Saying America is an evil country is noble. We all know theadministration did a terrible job with the aftermath of the war, and I know,I was over there after we went from wartime to peacetime operations, but to say that the president is evil and a murderer is totally insane. Tonight and ever since she started this nonsense terrorists high five each other as they see on the news Americans bad mouthing their own and their country. And they contine to recriut more people to walk into a crowded room full of women and children and blow it up. Do you think if the U.S. left iraq right now that the terrorists would simply just say good ridance and be done?? Hell no they will only move their eforts to our own borders. Maybe targeting some of you so called americans. And to be honest some of the people who encourage this woman and use her to their own political agenda can, for all I care, replace the fine young men and women on the front line. Anyone who thinks America is so terrible and evil can just get the hell out.

Every Soldier who has served in the Iraqi war has served "honorably" for their country because they fulfilled the requirements they committed to when they entered the U.S. Military.

However, the Administration blatantly "manipulated and fixed" the intelligence towards "their policy" to justify "WMD's, etc." and they outright "Lied" and now nearly 1900 U.S. Soldiers have died over "Bush's War of Choice and Lies!" That's what the "Downing Street Memo" and newly released information from George Washington University show "very strong likelihood" that the Iraqi War was being planned as far back as 10/2001 ! Furthermore, the Administration "outed" Valerie Plame in retaliation for Joseph Wilson's calling "their hand" on the 16 words in "W's" State of the Union Speech in 2003!

Charlie C.
Dallas TX

This is just ridiculous: "Is their any more noble cause then fighting for your country and giving your life for it???"

Listen to what you´re saying!!! Did the German Nazi's fight for a noble cause?? They sure fought for their country, and LOTS of them died doing so.

If you really believe what you said, you really need to wake up!!! You´re being brainwashed for Christs sake!

Of course it isn´t noble to fight/die for your country, when your country happens to be wrong!

The US servicemen/-women are taking part a monstrous crime, NOT because they´re evil or something equally silly, but because they were told to do so! because their commander in chief is a crook! Most of them no doubt BELIEVE that they´re fighting for a noble cause, but that simply doens´t change the facts.

Support the troops! Bring Them Home! Impeach the liars who put the poor guys in harms way!

I am a Viet Nam Vet and I can't believe the Vicious Right and the "in-step" rhetoric of their loyal followers. "fight 'em over there so we don't have to fight over here" the most ridiculous comment I've ever heard. Noble cause? Fighting for your country? Wake Up! Why did this country (yours and mine) invade Iraq? If you can give me a logical answer then I'll listen. There were no WMD, no ties to 9/11, so you think sending thousands of our sons and daughters to bleed and die in order to unseat Sadam and democratize a country who posed no threat and didn't ask for our help is a noble cause. Drink some more koolaid partner and revel in the glory of your "noble cause".

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