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Networks: Lower Your Anchors!

Remember When Network Anchors Used to Report Stories on Location?
Ask these new models to go to Crawford:

Click to write them all.

Or go here for more contact information.

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It may be unprecedented for a president to have committed so many potentially impeachable offenses and to remain unscathed.

Let's launch the impeachment movement.

LETS ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm with you. Now how do we go about doing it? My two repub senators (McCain and Kyl) certainly aren't going to do anything.

Thank God for Rep. Raul Grijalva or I'd have no representation in the congress.

I've signed petition after petition to impeach the bastard and that's all that has happened.............a signature on a worthless piece of paper.

I couldn't agree more. It's long overdue for we the people to get going. The Democrats can't seem to get much done nowadays. Power to the people. Let's roll is right.

Here's a copy of an e-mail I sent to Tim Carpenter, head of PDA (Progressive Democrats of America) tonight urging him to begin impeachment. His e-mail address is:

Please write him if you're really sincere about impeachment. We've got to get the ball rolling! Thanks!

Dear Mr. Carpenter,

I am somewhat comforted by every effort toward withdrawing US troops from Iraq although it seems it has taken the Democratic party far too long to activate any effective measures to curtail the insanity the Bush administration has imposed not only upon America, but the world at large. As long as George W. Bush is allowed to maintain his imposed state of victory, there is little hope for the peace process, since for Bush and his affiliates, peace is not a profitable commodity.

Our concerns grow as the Bush administration moves closer to engaging in war with Iran, and there is little question that far too much time has been wasted toying with the idea of impeachment of the Bush administration, which has proven disastrous for this country. George W. Bush has commited enough clearly impeachable offenses that by not acting on his impeachment, the Democratic party appears to have imploded which leaves many of us feeling it's lack of representation and promise.

I urge you to begin a petition calling for the impeachment of George W. Bush and his administration immediately. Time is not of the essence, time IS the essence. If it were that George W. Bush was a Democrat, he and his administration would have been impeached long ago.

These shining faces of the mainstream media don't cover REAL stories. They simply repeat whatever the WH Press Secretary says is reality without question. They are slowly and surely becoming less and less important in the process of knowing what is going on and being a part of it.

THIS SITE is one of the best places to know what is going on with Cindy or the DSM. People who care should be at a vigil at 7:30 p.m. tonight (Wednesday 8/17) to show solidarity with Cindy Sheehan in her quest to get this PNAC-dominated administration to take some responsibility for the lies and deceptions they have foisted on the American people over the last 5 years.

All we want is the truth; the one thing they can NEVER give us.

To heck with the mainstream media. KILL YOUR TELEVISION and get on with your life.

Charlie L
Portland, OR

Get yourself to Washington on September 24-26 and show them you aren't going to go down without a fight!!!

Most Newsreaders these days are just talking-head automotons with little knowledge of world events. A sock puppet cannot be expected to understand political philosophy now can they !

Thanks, Charlie, for the compliment. We don't need no stinkin' mainstream media. We all are the media now!

Here's the link for more information about Sept. 24 event in D.C. and to find out who is involved in your community.
United for Peace & Justice

Note that there are coinciding events happening all over the world that day; if you can't make it to D.C., you might find something near you. If there isn't one near you, think about starting one.

You are killing and ruining the lives of our young people forever. You know over 75% of the troops are young adults; the majority of which joined the service to receive a college education. If they are not killed they are severely injured, the extreme distress conditions have forced many suicides, have diseases from the sand mites, has caused much mental illness, caused many troops to file bankruptcy, many marriages have broken up, injured Reserves and The National Guard have life time injuries and no insurance for the treatments of war injuies. Tell the teuth about this illegal war and the catastophic impact on the troops.

Do it before you miss this historic opportunity to help change the course of this failed mission in Iraq.

The post war Iraq is a mess. We caused it by poor planning and faulty intelligence.

Bush's resolve is merely pigheadedness disguised as integrity and it's getting our soldiers killed.

Time to bring them home.

Cindy is doing a lot these 5 weeks,unlike Bush.INTERVIEW HER!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for being off topic, but:

The following excerpt from an essay by Jennifer Loewenstein elucidates how poorly the job of informing the American public regarding the Palestinian/Israeli conflict has been done.

On ABC's Nightline Monday night, a reporter interviewed a young, sympathetic Israeli woman from the largest Gaza settlement, Neve Dekalim - a girl with sincerity in her voice, holding back tears. She doesn't view the soldiers as her enemy, she says, and doesn't want violence. She will leave even though to do so is causing her great pain. She talked about the tree she planted in front of her home with her brother when she was three; about growing up in the house they were now leaving, the memories, and knowing she could never return; that even if she did, everything she knew would be gone from the scene. The camera then panned to her elderly parents sitting somberly amid boxed-up goods, surveying the scene, looking forlorn and resigned. Her mother was a kindergarten teacher, we are told. She knew just about all of the children who grew up here near the sea.

In the 5 years of Israel's brutal suppression of the Palestinian uprising against the occupation, I never once saw or heard a segment as long and with as much sentimental, human detail as I did here; never once remember a reporter allowing a sympathetic young Palestinian woman, whose home was just bulldozed and who lost everything she owned, tell of her pain and sorrow, of her memories and her family's memories; never got to listen to her reflect on where she would go now and how she would live. And yet in Gaza alone more than 23,000 people have lost their homes to Israeli bulldozers and bombs since September 2000 -- often at a moment's notice on the grounds that they "threatened Israel's security." The vast majority of the destroyed homes were located too close to an IDF military outpost or illegal settlement to be allowed to continue standing. The victims received no compensation for their losses and had no place waiting for them to relocate. Most ended up in temporary UNRWA tent-cities until they could find shelter elsewhere in the densely overcrowded Strip, a quarter of whose best land was inhabited by the 1% of the population that was Jewish and occupying the land at their expense.

The terrible, infuriating unfairness of the plight of the Palestinians is not only morally repugnant, it is hampering efforts at world peace, endangering the lives of innocents, including Americans, and costing the taxpayer billions. Covering the suffering of the Palestinians with as much sympathy as that of the settlers is a journalistic duty.

You are absolutely right! It is sickening and unfair that major media almost never address the suffering of the Palestinians, and when they do, that suffering gets short thrift. Keep writing. Keep talking. Keep educating. Keep working to change the perception most Americans have been force-fed about this conflict.

I seem to remember media coverage of innocent Israelis being blown to bits as they rode in buses or went out to clubs with their friends. It seems a lot of people either don't remember or never bothered to learn the history of this conflict. I'll leave it to you to go on the internet and read about it. But when the West Bank was part of Jordan where was the cry for a Palestinian state? And where was the cry when Gaza was a part of Egypt? The Saudis and Iraqis with all their oil money pay the families of suicide bombers to encourage young Arab men to kill themselves while taking the lives of innocent Israelis. Why didn't they use this same money to ease the economic suffering of their so-called brothers and sisters? They encouraged Palestinian terrorism then sat back and watched and complained how badly the Palestinians were being treated. When former Prime Minister Barak of Israel offered Yassir Arafat peace, giving the Palestinians nearly everything they asked for, Arafat rejected it. Why? Because want and have always wanted all of Israel for themselves and to drive the Jews into the sea. It's in the PLO charter. Look it up. So now the Jews are trying to protect themselves. Unfortunately, the non-terrorist Palestinians have suffered. They've been used by their fellow Arabs for 60 years but you don't hear much about that. Maybe it's because the Arabs might cut off the oil. Everyone has a right to defend themselves, especally the Jews who were willing to live side by side with the Palestinians in 1948 and who were continuously attacked, first by Arab armies and then by Palestinian terrorists. I never agreed with the occupation and the building of settlements but the Palestinians could have had peace and their own country long ago. They needed to stop supporting the terrorists and stop teaching their children to hate Israelis or else the conflict will never end.

I would like to rebut Ms. Loewenstein's comments about the plight of the poor Palestinians. The state of Israel accounts for just 20% of mandatory Palestine. The other 80% is in Jordan, which held the West Bank until 1967. I am not aware that Jordan was ever pressured to give the land to the Palestinians for a state of their own. Mandatory Palestine was Britain's share of the spoils of war after WWI. Britain promised to create a state for the Jewish people in the Balfour Declaration, echoing God's promise to Abraham. But the British reneged on their promise and even refused to let the remnant of European Jewry enter Palestine after WWII. It is possible, had there been a Jewish state before WWII, that the horrors of the Holocaust could have been avoided. After WWII, the UN created two states in the portion of Palestine not occupied by Jordan: one to be an Israeli state and one to be an Arab state. This plan was accepted by the Jews, but not by the Arabs. Israel declared its statehood in 1948 and the surrounding Arab states went to war to destroy Israel. The people of Israel have an indomitable spirit. Many of them are Holocaust survivors or their children. Their motto, referring to the Holocaust, is "NEVER AGAIN".
It was not an Israeli notion to keep the Palestinians in refugee camps for 50 years. They could have had their own state or been absorbed by other Arab states. The Israelis have every right to defend themselves from terrorists.

thank you for your time

"Bring 'em on" Bush has become The Coward of Crawford -- ready to take on all comers in Iraq, but afraid of one grieving mother in Texas.


I agree 100%. This president [sic] is the worst in the history of this great nation. He wasn't elected; he was appointed. Why are people dying for him??? We're not in Iraq "defending" this country or spreading democracy. We're in Iraq to steal their oil and to kill whoever gets in our way. I find that despicable and sickening. Bush is a coward, a liar, and a traitor to the United States. He can't even be kind or caring enough to meet with Cindy Sheehan. He was quick enough to order her son to die for the U.S., though. Why aren't his alcoholic daughters in Iraq fighting and dying? And where are Dick Cheney's kids? And how about Jeb Bush's kids? It's amazing to me how these warmongers that hide in bunkers like scared rabbits don't have any problem sending other people's children to die for their causes.

Bush needs to go now. A speedy impeachment and then off to the gallows. He has harmed too many people. He can't even fight for this nation. Instead he runs away and goes AWOL. Then his "daddy" bails him out. Bush is the biggest COWARD there is. He should be executed for his crimes.

I have gotten in the habit of writing on all my envelopes to be mailed:
"Support Our Troops: Impeach Bush/Cheny Now!"
Perhaps we should have a bumper sticker saying that.

I've been saying

God Bless America
God Bless Our Troops
Remove Bush From Office

Where will you be when we finally stop this war and Bush, Cheney, et. al., are indicted for war crimes? At what point will the media finally start to report the truth? It will happen. Will the networks be indicted with the Whitehouse for leading America into a farcical war, and costing precious lives? I advise you to start reporting the truth NOW!!!

dawn carroll

Bush supporters tell us that the only way to honor the dead is to stay the course. But staying the course means that more of our precious young men and women will die in Iraq. Please explain to me why we can only honor the dead by killing and maiming more of our young people?

Cindy is doing a lot these 5 weeks,unlike Bush.INTERVIEW HER ASAP. Thanks

Remember, we're told, Bush is on a "working" vacation? That's CRAP FROM CRAWFORD!!

500 billion dollars a year of tax money for the military industrial complex. If we used one year of that to develop renewable energy we would be driving hydrogen cars powered with water. The corporations bribe politicians own our media,(and with it our culture). I am all for impeaching Bush but when he is gone some other bastard will take over. It is time for a revolution . . . a revolution against the corporations.

It is unbelieveable that we are in this mess! Wouldn't it be wonderful if all we had to worry about was who the president might be having sex with?? Unbelieveable that the republicans tormented Bill Clinton so unmercifully and tried to run him out of office over his personal indiscretions. What he was doing was between him and his. Bush was appointed by the Supreme Court - we didn't elect him! Yet this lying criminal administration is getting away with totally ruining our country - getting our children killed in Iraq and devastating our economy. (Like they brag about jobs being more available - maybe, but few that pay a living wage!) They tell lie after lie after lie. And seem to get away with it by just refusing to discuss it or to answer direct questions. A lot of republicans are now just staying quiet. They used to argue in his defense, but now if you bring up the truth about Bush they tend to give you a blank look. It's like they now see the truth but are so ashamed that they were so stupid in the beginning that they won't comment. I remember being taught how Hitler mesmerized the German people, almost like mass hypnosis, to get them to overlook what he was doing for so long, until it was too late. And there is a famous Goerring quote about how it's easy to get the people to go along with you - all you have to do is convince them they are in danger and they'll go along with anything out of fear. WAKE UP AMERICANS! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. That man should not be in charge of our country! We should not have invaded Iraq! A large portion of the world must think we're all nuts to allow this to happen. And Bush's actions has only served to recruit more and more middle eastern people to hate us and want to see us destroyed. Where is our common sense??? I even think that the senior George Bush must sit on the side of his bed at night shaking his head in amazement, wondering how in the world the American people could allow his idiot son to run this country. I picture in my mind that early on he tried to talk to his son, saying things like "George, you just can't this! George, this is really going to upset our people!" And George W. probably said "Dad, I know you've never thought I was very smart, but look how I've fooled all these people, they're bigger idiots than I am, so F--- 'em!!" AND HE HAS!

Impeachment for two consenting adults? NO IMPEACHMENT for war crimes? WHAT THE HELL ARE THE PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY THINKING???

George W. Bush and his buddies are quick to call us to war, take from the middle class and poor and line his pockets and his corporate buddies' pockets--all with religion on his side. I'm tired of these right-wing, reveiling, reactionary republicans. Time for impeachment.

Bushwacked is correct! These guys are not religious - they simply use religion to disarm people who are not smart enough to see through them. The truly religious folks out here in America just don't get it. The people running this country are not religious they are ruthless, greedy, arrogant con-artists. They must grin from ear to ear when little old ladies say "Mrs. Bush is such a sweet Christian lady." It's all bullshit. They are all money grabbing charlatans and their goal is to get power and money at any cost while more and more are dying in Iraq and the middle class is shrinking daily with home foreclosures at an all time high, and with minimum wage jobs being all that ordinary people can find. It was time for impeachment a long time ago!

No human being on earth deserves to die for oil. No administration has ever threatened our way of life like this one has. Not enough good people are speaking up. This is a travesty of government that doesn't even blink at its own rapacious or ignorance. It stunk at the beginning and now it stinks of over 26,000 Iraqi dead and over 2,000 American dead. An unseemly halo of death, destruction, disintegration and gruesome decay hangs over the White House and the press doesn't call it what it is. Why fear? What do you fear? Can Bush and his henchmen put you all in jail? Where is the crusading spirit of the old days? Speak truth and fear nothing. What were we all born to be? Reject this administration for its shortsightedness, ignorance, and bald, grasping, ruthless, lawless ambition. Everyone, speak! Everyone, do something to stop this! Put down your blackberries, your laptops, your MP3s, your cellphones and think what you can do to put an end to this egregious failure of an American administration. How many more kids in your state have to die (I live in Washington and we've had our share) before Bush and his sleazy team disappear behind a curtain of lawyers and lies?
Seattle, Washington

It is clear that GW Bush intentionally lied to the American people and the world about the reasons to invade Iraq and proof of those lies are found in the Downing Street memos. These memos clearly show that plans to oust Saddam were being made well before the propaganda campaign, that told us that in no uncertain terms that Saddam had WMD and was harboring terrorists who were responsible for 911. All lies.!! Lies that have cost over 1800 American lives, at least 25,000 Iraqi civilains murdered. There are now more terrorists willing to kill Amercians than ever. Over $5 billion per month are being spent on this war, a large portion to private corporations that are major financial supporters of Bush and the Republican party. Where is the outrage..?

Meanwhile 40 million Amercians continue to exist without healthcare insurance, the only civilized country in the world to reject the notion of basic healthcare as a right of citizenship. This president who expouses fiscal restraint has never vetoed a single bill over the past 5 years and the value of the American dollar has lost 40% to the Euro. This president has never advocated a single piece of legislation that benefits average Americans, instead, he tightens rules on filing bankrupcy, makes it harder to file negligence suits against corporations, neglects our environment for future generations, and takes NO ACTION when our gasoline prices have doubled during his administration. His tycoon friends in the oil business are rolling in the gas money average Amercian pays just to get to work each day.

He claims the moral high ground, but ignores Jesus's most important Gospel message, 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself'.

Apart from his total incompetence, he is personally accountable for the unnecessary deaths of 1800+ Americans, 25,000+ Iraqi civilians and stealing from the Amercian treasury. Impeach Bush Now.!!

test message

What ever happened to The downing street memos. I haven't heard a thing.
President Bush you are a very cold cold man, you need to be impeached. You lied to we the people, and have killed our sons and daughters over money. Money is the root of all evil. Remember that Christian man, when you go to St. peters gate. What will you say to him?? By then it will be to late.

The articles of impeachment have been written for some time --there are people working on it. Someone in the House of Representatives has to introduce them in Congress to get the ball rolling.

When will we wise up to his lieing and capitol cronyism profeteering from the american public.His buddies are picking our pockets by the billions

We're in this mess because people vote against their own self interest when they vote republican. Basically, there are two types of republicans, rich ones and stupid ones. If you are rich it makes selfish sense to be a republican because they are looking out for you. If you are not rich and you're a republican you are stupid. Why? Because the rich republicans are using one of their fringe issues to get your vote. Gay marriage, abortion, stem cell research, gun control, relegion, environmental issues,etc., etc. The list goes on and on with fringe issues the republicans NEVER WANT TO END because they will then lose the dummies who vote against their own economic self interest because of these narrow issues. Though mean spirited, the republicans are clever. Bill Clinton's weaknesses so inflamed them that they were able to galvanize the relegious right and inflict the dumbest president this country has ever had on the American people.

Well, maybe the democrats should take another look at the issues such as abortion,( there is no good reason for partial birth abortion. it is murder!!) gun control, (everyone should be able to protect themselves) religion, stem cell research,gay marriage ect, ect......affirmative action!!sorry, I don't buy into that. I do believe in equil opportunity and equil responsibility...The Democrats have messed up bad and if they don't get their act together , the republicans will get in again. Then , we will really be sunk!! Ross Perot had it right, we need another political party.The Democatic party no longer represents the average American, it represents every crackpot group that wants to run their mouth and change everything to their liking, the hell with what anyone else of the biggest problems with the democrats is lack of unity, they all have their own agenda!!!They had better learn to compromise and bring everyone into the picture......

You are taking the party line! Do you get your talking points direct from the white house or do you listen to O'Reilly, Limbaugh and their ilk? You should be ashamed of your thoughts. You need to have your eyes opened really wide so you can see the corruption going on in Washington. This is the 1930's and 1940's all over again. One man with no real education, no background of leadership, no compassion for the human race and certainly not for the innocent Jews, gathered together a group of like-minded monsters and tried to take over the world and kill off all peoples whom they thought to be inferior to "The Fuhrer"!!!! This is TRUTH! This administration is following in their footsteps.

It sounds like you are the ignorant one. How can you compare Bush to Hitler you moron.

Evidently one thing you don't believe in is education. Your spelling is atrocious and you sound like one of the crackpots you rail against. (Sorry. Somebody had to tell you.)

You are correct to criticize the Republicans & Democrats. And there are probably more than two kinds of each. The biggest problem with the Democrats (and I usually am one) is that most of them are too weak kneed and greedy for corporate money & perks to stand up for the people. Republican lites. And the Republicans (the few that are left) are so scared of the retaliation of the NeoCons that they won't stand up for the people. The people have no advocates or representatives. Basically the country is run by a one-party financial-corporate-military oligarchy that is only looking out for the fat cats. In short, Congress is very sick, the Administration is very malignant, the Judicial branch will soon be in the same shape. Democracy is doomed - at least until after the revolution. You need to become aware of the big picture & criticial issues we face,Global Financial Collapse, Climate Crash, Looming Energy Wars.

This is America not 1930s Germany. Stand up now or repeat the 1930s and 40s. It's up to you.

Bush needs to be taught a lesson from all the mess he's created-that being the loss of his job! At least he's NOT losing HIS life, like so many others he's responsible for!! I am so upset about the war-it's got to stop!

Why is there no impeachment hearings going on for this adminstration. They planned an illegal war. Is that not enough?

I have also wondered that so many times because this man that is our leader & Cheney have told us so many lies & done so many criminal actions & ruining America so much! Anyone else would be impeached. Look at what happened to Clinton? And what he did wrong had nothing to do with America or the world or his job as a president. The only conclusion I get is that the administration's majority are Republican & yes people to Bush & they are dictated to instead of listened to. Look at all the people that left the administration. When I send my petitions off to our senator here in Houston, she is so pro -Bush that she believes in anything he is doing, so most likely none of our petitions are even getting to the president. One I sent that went to the white house, I got an e-mail back saying that the White House has no time to acknowledge these petitions.

This is America not 1930s Germany. Stand up now or repeat the 1930s and 40s. It's up to you...

This is America not 1930s Germany. Stand up now or repeat the 1930s and 40s. It's up to you...

HOW MUCH MORE of "shrub's" Destruction is it going to take for you to get off your ass and "ACT LIKE A TRUE CITIZEN" of this country that you profess to love, and this global family that you belong to, and that allows you to make exorbidant amounts of money far beyond many other citizens and any of the familiies whose loved ones are dying for this "rich-man's" war?!

His grandfather used the labor from Auschwitz for his mines in East Europe, as well as helped to bankroll Hitler, ad infinitum...
You must know this stuff by now.

If you don't speak-up, and LOUD, then you are complicit.

I think you are intelligent enough to see that to stand with bin-Bush is to cause trouble for yourself. The more rope the 'shrub' takes, the tighter he ties his own noose!

Don't be stupid man... he brought a war of terror home to control the people... and the sonovabitch is going to get it, cause I, for one am as pissed as a nest of rattlesnakes and that so-called christian Nazi is gonna have to kill my ass, before I lay down for the FASCIST PIG!


Given the current dismal state of american mainstream journalism that has utterly failed since 9/11 to hold bush accountable for any of his disastorous policies and likely criminal behavior, I doubt the anchors could get any lower than they already are.


I am a retired US Army soldier having served in Germany during the Berlin Crisis and did my year in Viet Nam so I think I have earned the right to the following questions and opinions. In other words I have paid my dues so I ask:

What is wrong with the US Media? The Bush crowd has lied about the reasons for invading Iraq, there have been multiple instances and documents outlining those lies, they have committed acts that border on treason, they have not properly armed the troops they sent over there, Bush is using the same National Guard that he shirked his duty (some have called it AWOL) from, taking them away from their mission to protect out country over here and yet you sit on your hands and report things like A brain dead woman whose grieving parents want to try to keep in a vegetative state, and the Michael Jackson trial and the Runaway Bride.

Bush is a serial liar and you are enablers. Your silence about the truth of the lies and cover ups make you complicent the most recent and flagrant violation of this lack of doing you job is the coverage that you are giving to the Mothers of our fallen and wounded young men and women who are camping out in Crawford Texas wanting the truth from Bush about exactly what this "noble cause" is that they bled and died for.

If this were some kind of militant action or had anything to do with sex you, the media, would be doing a countdown every day but instead a consumer has to hunt to even find mention of Cindy Sheehan's campout and how many around this country are in support of her and growing daily. This is probably the most important story of the day about how millions of americans support this protest and are growing every day and rather than do a countdown about how many days the camp-out has been going on you hardly mention it and when you do it sounds like a lone woman sitting on the Bush doorstep rather than the movement it is becoming. Where are the interviews of the grieving family members? Where are the interviews of the supporters of this movement? Carl Rove will probably institute a rally to belittle and smear these grieving mothers and you will probably then be all over it and call it news.

When Clinton said "I did not have sex with that woman" it was all over the news and the pictures of him hugging the girl in her beret were in the news daily. But Bush lies about actions that cause the deaths of thousands and you give him a pass and talk about the war as if it were justified. You won't even dig out the real story about american casualties and find out how many woulded solders are sent to Germany and not counted in the Iraq casualties cause they didn't die in country. If the truth be known the actually american casualties of this war might even be double or triple what is being reported. Where is the outrage? Why isn't anyone holding congress responsible for shirking their constitutional duties and either declaring a war or not? They just passed the buck to the President bypassing the checks and balance written into the constitution. It could be argued that this is an illegal war since it is undeclared but you don't even broach the subject.

I am absolutely ashamed of the american news media and although my voice will never be heard I am shouting at the top of my lungs I AM MAD AS HELL AND DON'T WANT TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!

I am with you on your comments! I am also, like you, SCREAMING at the apathy that surrounds me. I am sickened by the way MEDIA has allowed this country to be raped by the ignorant and ARROGANT Bush machine . Our nation is being held hostage to deceit, greed and hypocrisy at the White House, and no one seems to care enough to report it. To all I say, WAKE UP AMERICA!!! before it is too late! The damage being done will be irreperable if we do not stop it now! It is time for the MEDIA to stop being afraid to loose their jobs and present the facts of what is happening. Declared or not, there is a WAR going on, and real people are dying every day on both sides. It is time for someone to get enough guts and report the NEWS the way it ought to be reported. I AM TIRED OF THE WHITE HOUSE PULLING THE STRINGS OF THIS COUNTRY THROUGH THE POWER OF FEAR! AND I AM TIRED OF THE MEDIA BEING AFRAID TO DO THEIR JOB!!!

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