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Meet The People Who Will Stop This War

By Grace Reid, June 11, 2005

It has been widely reported that release of war documents from Downing Street finished Tony Blair in the last election. While that is true enough, the tide turned in the May 5th election when 10 bereaved families of British soldiers killed in Iraq confronted Tony Blair face to face, charging him with war crimes.

All the documentary evidence of Bush/Blair war crimes is now laid out for judicial review before the International Criminal Court, and, thanks to the BBC and the Sunday Times, for the inspection and review before the court of public opinion. This evidence is only now surfacing in the US -- through Knight-Ridder, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune. This is the beginning of the end of the war in Iraq, and the beginning of the end of George Bush, Alberto Gonzales, & the whole criminal gang.

But nothing, no bombshell memorandum, no tabloid headlines, no amount of media or public attention has had the impact of the grief wracked faces of the bereaved families of the military dead. Ten families have changed the course of the British government, the course of history in the illegal war in Iraq, and ultimately the fate of the Bush administration.

There are some true heroes in this story; and some criminal geniuses who conceived of and continue to spread the crime of illegal war in Iraq. There are some very honourable people who serve in the military; and there are some who have resigned from office rather than take part in war crimes including conscientious objectors. But of all the players in this drama of war and corruption, heroism and cold-blooded insane murder, the ones who have the most power to bring about change and bring a stop to this war are, in fact, "the least among you." My heartfelt gratitude goes to Bereaved Military Families, to Military Families Against the War, to Gold Star Families for Peace, and to all the families who have lost men, women, and children in this insane, and criminal war.


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Word missing second paragraph, should read "International Criminal Court" should read loud and clear to Tony Blair and to George Bush.

thanks for posting this

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