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Here are dozens of more brilliant cartoons. Click the image.

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Bush & Co. want to turn the clock back to B. C. (Before Cindy): those good old days...

These are really, really, really good!!!

I cannot stress enough what a powerful communication tool we have
here with these cartoons.

We have to get these basic "cognitive awareness points" out into the
public and cut through the "noise floor." People like to "get" jokes.
If they don't get it, it is like a programming loop. At a subconscious level they will continue to try and figure out
what the joke was about. Therefore they will subconsciously be
on the look out for clues to solve this riddle. (Freud wrote a
GREAT book on Jokes and Humor)

So, when they are in say a bar or a beauty shop and someone mentions,
"Karl Rove", "Cindy Sheehan", or "Downing Street Memo" they will
ask, in this "safe" environment, "What's up with that???" They will
be "receptive" at this point.

Cindy Sheehan was the catalyst that broke the After Downing Street
Movement into the public eye, now we are going for an entirely
new demographic group. Think of how a crystal touches the other
crystals. Everyone should know at least 20 somewhat cool people.
So, make it a point to turn on 20 people to this information and
challenge them to do the same.

Let's make America "Cool" Again . . . people used to dream about
America as being the coolest country in the entire WORLD.

Use Saturdaze Kidz tactics:

1. Use your e-mail and send key ones or the entire link to everyone you know that is even "borderline" COOL. (Don't bother poking the gurilla in the eye by sending them to your favourite PNAC NEO CON nemesis. You'll just be wasting energy fighting. We are trying to "enlighten.")

2. If you are on other Forum sites, post them there if it would be
"COOL." Nothing pisses cyber-punks off worse than when people
soap-box on a forum with something that has NOTHING to do with
the forum. You can, however, drop small clues like. . . "I was sitting here listening to the latest on Cindy Sheehan while I was securing my swivel on my big mouth bass lure . . ."

3. Use your printers, copy machines and fax machines to get hardcopies out. Put them up on public bulletin boards, leave
them laying out at coffee shops/bars/diners/churches/office break
areas, etc.

Depending on if it would be "cool or not" tape some up in the sacred "Saturdaze Kidz Situation Room" (i.e. the restrooms/toilets/W.C.'s) . . . Most of the really cool music
bars will even have space provided for this.

Don't poke the gurilla in the eye by "vandalizing" the Roman Restrooms at the Hyatt Regency. Don't waste your energy just trying to vent your anger by being obnoxious, go to a receptive & questioning audience.

When applicable, include link info for sites such as this one.
Here are some alternative sites that might be good for Newbies
to come up to speed quicky with since they give a "historical"
perspective in addition to a "right here, right now" view:

You kidz in schools/prisons know how to share "cool" without being caught. You high school and junior high kidz have got to wake up and
get fearless!!! We used to protest Vietnam with Strikes,
Walkouts, and Sit-Ins . . . and that was in "Wilkes 'By God' County"
North Carolina . . . which was pretty far on the "UN-COOL" side
of the scale.

Again, we are fighting a "Communications War" here for PEACE and possibly the very survival of the U.S. Constitution against some very disturbed Machiavellian PNAC NEO CONs that aren't above killing to get what they want. As the man said, "Be as clever as serpents, but gentle as doves."

"Come on Everybody,
Let's Work together,
C'mon, C'mon Let's Work Together"
- Canned Heat


Cindy is tearing our country apart. Why doesn't she use her son's death as way to unite the country in support of the War?

I think they may have something to do with the fact that America
does not want to become a Fascist NEO CON Empire ruled by a
bunch of Machiavellian Psychos!!!

One sad and grieving mother sitting beside a hot dusty road
is tearing the country apart?

Are you sure it isn't those Frat Brats at the "Boys Only Bohemian Grove Human Sacrifice Moloch Ceremony" in July out in California???

I just can't see how a grieving mother could tear a big ol' country
like the U S of A apart all by herself . . . hey . .. wait a minute!!

Oh . .. I get it .. . Is that YOU, LAURA BUSH??? I didn't
think PNAC NEO CONS let their "trophy wives" learn how to use
things like the Internet. Must be a new addition to their
CIA MK-ULTRA "Sex Slave" programs.

You just go get Emperor Dubya a nice ice-tea and explain to him what
"IMPEACHMENT" and "WAR CRIMES" mean . . . use small words.

. . . and don't worry about that peasant out by the road.

Sign up and go fight in Iraq, get all your Righty friends to fight in Iraq, too...ASAP-They need the soldiers desperately. I would rather no one have to fight the illegal war, but if George II cannot do anything about removing the US from this illegal war, let's have Bushie's believers sign up and fight!!! Put your well being where your mouth is...There is no way Cindy can disgrace the son she gave birth to. Bushites do not seem to committ many of their sons and daughters... If Jenna and Barbara sign up and fight, then I will shut up.

Listen, 49% are chomping at the bit to hate Bush. 51% get riled up when people call our soldiers murderers and baby-killers. People from one side are not going to convince the other to change their minds.
If Casey signed up for a second term under George Bush then good for him. He was just trying to make a difference in this world. He's a hero just like the other soldiers that put their lives on the line, not only the dead ones. All the police, firemen and women and others that risk their lives and sanity to put up with the mankind's dark side, hoping that our families at home don't have to see it. We failed in the 9/11 attack. Hopefully there are more of us out there that are willing to sacrifice so it doesn't happen in the future.
-Thoughts from USAF veteran

New word for the "Newbies" - SOMBUNAL - from Robert Anton Wilson -
it means "SOME BUT NOT ALL"

One of the symptoms your country may show if it is infected with
"Fascism" is the glorification of the Military and Law Enforcement.

I have worked closely with the US Military, NATO Forces, Intelligence
Agencies (internal and external), and Law Enforcement as a trainer
and a consultant for several years. One point I have repeatedly
made on this forum is the wide spread ignorance of even a basic
knowledge of the US Constitution among these groups. Yeah, they
might be willing to "kill" for it, but do they love it enough to
bother to read it????

As a YIPPY activist, I have faced off with cops since my teens.
As a musician in the "counter culture", I know how "some" cops treat those with "no power." (My wife and her best friend were almost raped by two cops when they were teenagers . . the cops followed them
home from a party and tried to scare them into sex or go to jail
for a DWI (DUI back then) . . my to-be-wife hadn't been drinking
and knew her rights and went off on them.) I've had other female
friends that weren't so lucky. We just learned that two New York
cops were working as "hit men" for the Mafia.

We've all heard the tales of the women raped & killed by US Soldiers in Vietnam, and now those same stories are beginning to come out of Afhghanistan and Iraq.

And . . . what REALLY pisses me off is when the "John Lennon Tribute"
was hijacked by the PNAC NEO CONS right after 9/11 and we had to
suffer through the Propaganda of "John Lennon Loved Cops. John Lennon Loved the Military. John Lennon Loved New York. John Lennon
would approve this War" BULLSHIT!!! (Uh, and we "really" believe that the PNAC NEO CONS had nothing to do with his assassination)

My step father, Air Force Chief Master Sargent, Howard W. Blackburn, was/is a white supremist KKK supporter, wife beater, child abuser
and alcoholic. But that's okay because he is a "born again" Baptist
at a "whites only" church that firmly supports BushCo & the War. . .
and he is supposedly a "Democrat."

So . . . yeah, some cops are cool (I'll take your word for it)
and some military are cool, BUT please be careful glorifying the entire group as "White Knights in Shining Armor on White Horses" always on the side of Truth and Justice. Some are "Protecting and Serving" either themselves or their bosses.

"There's a man with a gun over there,
Telling me I got to beware."
- Buffalo Springfield


This cartoon (Bush sleeping while moms protest war) is definitely unfair. He's been very busy riding his bike and cutting brush. Actually, he's not sleeping well at all these days.

If all these cartoons are being published, Bush is done for. A politican can withstand all kinds of criticism. But when the world begins to laugh at him as ridiculous and an object of scorn, he might as well accept the fact that a "permanent vacation" isn't far off.

I agree with you 100%. Once the illusion of "Power" is dispelled,
you see that the "Emperor has no clothes", thus "embarrassed"
(Em - Bare - Assed), and everyone can laugh at their folly.

The problem we face is that this PNAC NEO CON Fascist cabal has hidden in the shadows since the 1800's. They have offered up many sacrifices over the years, Nixon for one. Remember, in a Fascist
system, EVERYBODY is expendible to insure the survival of the system.

The trick will be to see how much of it we can actually expose and neutralize before the general population "falls back asleep" or they are rallied to War by another "False Flag" attack.

I guess that's why the struggle for Truth, Liberty, and Freedom are often described as the "Quests of Fools." They require the constant
attention to defend against that old world "emperor/king" mindset
of the psychologically dysfunctional men of "Power."

"There's nothing you can do
That can't be done
All you need is Love"
- The Beatles


For some time now, I've been saying that this is just one battle in a much bigger war and that we must not lose sight of the larger picture. Some of that larger picture is VERY scary indeed. At the moment, the AIPAC-PNAC agitation (mainly via Cheney) against Iran is probably the most worrisome. More details here.

This is so true. If only people would stop their petty partisan BS and look at the larger picture. We have a Shadow Government, which we don't ever have the choice of voting for or against.

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