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Vigil in Front of White House Tonight

As one of the coordinators of tonight's vigil in front of the White House, I have been busy collecting candles and making signs for the past few days.

This morning, Bill Plante, from CBS News, came to my house and filmed several of us making signs. He talked with us about Cindy Sheehan and tonight's vigils.

We told him we were Moms and teachers and activists and were standing with Cindy because her message is simple and clear: TELL US THE TRUTH.

Our children are being sent to fight a war based on lies; they are being killed and they are killing innocent people. George Bush needs to address us--he works for us. The will of the people is clear.

And where is that exit strategy?

Anyway, check out CBS Evening News tonight. I personally was moved by speaking up and out. Flooded even. The gratitude I feel for all my fellow bloggers, from here and the Democracy Cell Project, is boundless.

I'm the one with the t-shirt that says WE TEACH DEMOCRACY. And so, we must.


photo credit: K Bradley

One of the signs we will be placing in front of the White House tonight.

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Cindy Sheehan has been said to bring the Antiwar movement together. She has done that! WHY…because there IS a HUGE Antiwar movement to bring together. Bush, the Right, and Republicans fear this, as it exposes to America and the world their failure in Iraq! It also shows how really unpopular this war is and how this Anti-war movement is increasing in numbers each week! That does not translate too well for Bushies and Republicans as GWB approval numbers spiral downward!

Today 1858 of our soldiers have died or at least, that is the number they will admit to. The insurgents struck again with 3 bomb blasts as 43 more Iraqis died and 76 were injured in a coordinated act. We have heard Operations Spear, Dagger, Lightning and others, but names aside, it is obvious the Insurgents are NOT in “their last throes

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