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Cindy + Oil = W - 5%

08.17.2005 Steve Cobble
Huffington Post

No wonder Rush is telling lies about Cindy--her vigil has helped drop George W. Custer's job approval ratings 5% this week!

According to Rasmussen's daily tracking poll, W's job ratings have gone from 48% approval/50% disapproval (8/10), down to 43% approval/55% disapproval (8/17).

A downward swing of 10% in one week.

At one of my favorite web sites, Chris Bowers has been analyzing the Rasmussen ratings to try to figure out if W's going to drop down below 40% pretty soon.

The oil man's numbers are pretty lame. Only 21% of adults "strongly approve" of the job he's doing; a record 55% disapprove, including 41% who "strongly disapprove" (twice the "strongly approve" number).

Since the Republican Party has become more of a cult than a party, this weakness at the top is a huge problem for them, threatening their continued total control of America.

And at another of my favorite sites, the kossacks have been having fun with W's awful state-by-state numbers.

According to a new 50-state poll by Survey USA, W's "approval" rating exceeds his "disapproval" rating in only 10 states!

Enjoy this--Custer has net negative ratings even in Indiana, for crying out loud. And in Kansas. South Carolina. South Dakota.

He's net negative 17% in Nevada. Net negative 28% in Maryland (think he'll be appearing for Ehrlich & Steele?).

He's behind 16% in Pennsylvania (Santorum?) and 39% in Rhode Island, the #1 just-say-no-to-W state in the Union (Chafee?).

He's down 30% in California, 32% to 62%. Guess Arnold won't be bragging about that election-eve trip to Ohio, will he?

W's down 9% in Florida, and behind 23% in Ohio. (They must use paper ballots over at Rasmussen.)

Do you think Custer will drop further? Well, he's resolute about staying the course, but what happens when Americans realize that our women soldiers died but women will have no rights in the new Iraq?

What happens when Americans figure out that Iran won, that Iran has so outmaneuvered Rumsfeld & Rice diplomatically that our troops and Iraqi civilians died to strengthen the FOAs--Friends of the Ayatollah?

What happens when oil hits $75 a barrel?

The 6-year-itch is beginning to feel like a Republican rash...



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What scares me is what happens when a corrupt and duplicitous group like the AIPAC-PNAC consortium face the ultimate challenge to their positions of power.

Even honest people may take very drastic measures when they feel cornered and become desparate. It's frightening to note that the people currently at the top of the U.S power structure are not contrained by any ethical sense whatever.

How can you be certain that Ms. Sheehan's struggle is really affecting George Bush's sinking poll numbers in any significant way?

Where are the Zogby polls on this extraordinary moment.
Where are the Gallup polls.
We are already two weeks into this for heaven's sake.
What are the majority of American's really feeling about Sheehan's Crusade.

We've already heard about disfunctional sociopathic crackers who feel morally justified in vandalising white crosses bearing the names of the latest inventory of stolen lives. Desecrating American flags at the same time.

We've all heard, thanks to the likes of Wolf Blitzer (the strikingly uncharismatic bearded hooker of CNN) from mothers who, although having tragically lost an offspring in the conflict continue to sip from the cup of the Administrations particular flavor of Kool-Aid.

Why are we not getting any accurate sense of how this is really playing out in the hearts of the majority of the citizens of this great and tragic nation of ours.
Perhaps the Pollsters are also on holiday as well...or just out to lunch.
If I've missed something...feel free to let me know. -C.W.

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