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There is no Glory in Dying

Monica Benderman
~ for cindy ~

From Sgt. Kevin Benderman – Prisoner of Conscience for objecting to war

“I have come to the conclusion that the Creator does not want us to fight wars or to leave our brothers to die in hunger or disease. We have been given the things we need to provide all men on the planet with what they need to get by in this world. Why should I not help another human being that needs what I can help them with? I have ignored that for far too long. I have turned my head when the homeless person asks for a little help. I have taken advantage of others when I should have been offering a hand up. I have done things in my life that I am not proud of. I have not lived a perfect life so I will not tell anyone else how to live theirs. I have learned that I have done things that are not to the benefit of mankind, and to continue in that vein would be detrimental to my growth as a human being.

I ask myself, ‘Why should I continue with what I see as self-destructive behavior?’

‘Why should I continue a way of life that does nothing to alleviate problems that have plagued humanity for far too long?’

If a drug addict learns that the drugs are killing him, he is expected to stop using drugs.

That leads me to ask, ‘If what I am doing is killing me spiritually, why should I continue?’

We have become so engrained to the face of war that we can no longer see that it solves nothing. I will no longer participate.

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I wise man once said that a man/woman, who lays down his/her life for his friend, or a stranger, has more love than any other man/woman. That man was Jesus.

Uh......WRONG! First, your strying to quote Pual in his letter to the Romans. Second, Jesus was the ultimate pacifist. He said not only love your neighbor, but to love your enemy, to love them to the extent that if they ask for your coat, you give it to them and your shirt as well. If they ask you to walk with them, you walk and go even further! That man born in a barn, Jesus (unlike W born with a golden spoon up his ass), tells the parable of the Good Samaritan to his Jewish audiance. To the audiance this was an unpatriotic heretical story at best! They couldn't believe a fellow Jew, Jesus, supposedly a rabbi, was telling them this story! After all, Samaritans were regarded by the Jews as THE enemy, the PLO Terrorist of the 1st Century! And here Jesus is saying that this terrorist is being the "good neighbor" to the beaten Jew in the ditch!

Jesus faced the enemy with the courage of calm, peace and compassion for those who would hate and fear him. On the night he was taken prisoner, Peter was said to have pulled out his weapon and wounded one of the arresting officers. Jesus stopped Peter from doing further harm and scolded him for his action. Jesus then proceeded to heal "the enemy," those who came to take him as a prisoner! Now that, Anonymous, is the REAL GOSPEL from THE PRINCE OF PEACE!

My prayers to Ken and all concerned. He becomes another victim of the state gone mad with power! God help us.

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