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WaPo Hatchet Job on Cindy

by Thomas C

WaPo: "Conservative commentators and Web sites are taking aim at Sheehan with the same ferocity she has aimed at President Bush."

Wow. The Post lumps together the vicious slanders of Malkin et al with Cindy's demand to meet with bush. The "same ferocity"?

WaPo: "Some independent commentators said the pushback on the right has succeeded at scuffing the public sympathy and deference she had earned as the mother of a fallen soldier..."

Some "independent commentators" - unnamed, unquoted, and independence unquestioned.

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WaPo: "The scrutiny that has accompanied Sheehan's quick rise to prominence has extended to her family. Several in-laws have publicly criticized her protest -- announcing their displeasure in a release to the Drudge Report."

Actually, the release cited by Drudge was signed by precisely one relative - Cindy's sister-in-law, who purported to speak for other unspecified relatives.

WaPo: "News that Sheehan's husband, Patrick, has filed for divorce has been trumpeted by some bloggers as evidence of her extreme views."

The WaPo might have pointed out here that she and her husband separate months ago, long before her protest. They might have pointed out that the Sheehan's, like many other families that have suffered a similar tragedy, found it difficult to maintain their marriage under the stress. They might have pointed out that far from being "extreme", Cindy's views that bush lied and that we should get out of Iraq are shared by a majority of Americans, according to recent polls. But the Post didn't point out any of these things.

WaPo: "The increased scrutiny of Sheehan is coming as some residents here are growing irritated with the stream of antiwar protesters drawn to her vigil."


The Post continues to morph into the Wall Street Journal editorial page - a miasma of unabashed warmongering and a radical right slander machine.


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The Washington Post, along with most of the corporate media, is controlled by the same fascist forces that control the Bush Administration. These forces are basically wealthy people.

They own most of the corporate stock, and are hostile to anything that threatens corporate earnings, and therefore stock prices. The Bush Administration has been the most corporate-friendly administration in history, so anything that threatens Bush is the enemy. Thus, the coordinated media attack on Cindy Sheehan, and anything else that threatens their immensely profitable war.

These wealthy people finance the Democrats as well as the Republicans, which is why Democrats also vote for trade agreements that export our jobs, and against a single-payer healthcare system.

It's time to be more careful about WHICH Democrats we vote for, i.e. don't vote for a "Democrat" just because they're not a Republican. You're just making things worse if the "Democrat" you vote for supports Republican policies that mainly benefit the wealthy.

What is wrong with the wealthy? More of the war's funding came from the wealthy than came from the middle class. More welfare is given out because the wealthy pay more in taxes. So, what is so bad with the wealthy?

The problem is that too many of the wealthy use their wealth to corrupt our government, so they can accumulate more wealth.

The primary mechanism is through donations to the two major political parties, and to individual politicians. These "donations" (bribes would be more accurate) are used to induce politicians to:

1. Relax pollution laws, so corporations won't have to pay for better pollution control. The result: More corporate profits, and more disease among the unfortunate people who live near the polluting corporations.

2. Pass unfair trade agreements that permit corporations to export jobs to low-wage countries, then import these cheaply-made goods back into the US for sale. This increases corporate profits, but lowers the standard of living for those who work for a living.

3. Oppose a single-payer healthcare system, which every other industrialized country on the planet has. The result: Medical and insurance corporations make billions, taxes on the wealthy don't go to pay for a national healthcare system, and we have 40 million people without health insurance.

4. Cut taxes on the wealthy, to the point where public services (schools, police, aid to the poor) suffer.

5. Pass laws that keep prescription prices sky high (higher than in any other country). The result: Record profits for the pharmaceutical corporations, working people doing without essential medicines.

6. Pass laws that provide only a token penality for illegal union-busting crimes by corporations. The result: Corporations routinely break laws that allow the formation of unions, knowing they'll only pay a small fine. This protects corporate profits, but contributes to the steady decline of the standard of living for working people since the 1970s.

7. Prevent true campaign-finance reform. The result: The money from the wealthy to the political parties continues flowing in, and the corruption continues, making a mockery of democracy.

These are just off the top of my head. There are many other ways the wealthy abuse their power, corrupting the system.

That's what's wrong with the wealthy.

What a wonderful response. I learned more from you today. Too bad George II and his friends can't learn from you too.

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