Retired Editor of MAD Magazine is Mad:

The Downing Street Minutes is one more piece of evidence that supports my contention.

By Al Feldstein, Retired Editor of MAD Magazine

I respect and admire you for your Liberal, fair and responsible stances on many Political issues...

...but let's stop all the nit-picking crap and get to the real heart of the matter.

When are you...and the rest of the American public... going to take your heads out of the sand and face the awful truth about the wasted deaths and needless maiming of our innocent G.I.s and Iraqi civilians?

When are we finally going to point an accusing finger at the murdering criminals responsible for this insanity?!

When are we going to point that accusatory finger at President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Chaney, their fellow NeoCons and their American "Big Oil" associates??!

When are we going to stop pussyfooting around with these "Murderers For Oil Profits"!

Over 1600 American G.I.'s dead...over 11,000 American G.I.'s wounded and maimed...nearly 100,000 Iraqi civilians killed or wounded...and for what??

So that you and I would continue to pay $2.00 or more for a gallon for gasoline!!!

When Bush & Co. entered office, gasoline was slightly over $1.00 a gallon...and headed lower!

It is so totally obvious...and yet no one seems to have the courage to voice cry it shout it scream the truth.

The REAL reason Bush & Co. invaded Iraq was not because of WMD's... or to oust the "Evil Dictator"...or to free the Iraqi people!.

On the contrary, the REAL reason the Bush/Chaney/Seven Sisters (America's Big Oil)/Saudi Royal Family "Cabal" invaded Iraq was TO KEEP IRAQ'S OIL OFF THE MARKET!!

It is as outrageously simple as that!

Think about it.

Iraq is sitting on an oil reserve pool that could be much larger than Saudi Arabia's.

Its Evil Dictator had complied with all of the U.N. Gulf War sanctions.

He was getting ready to appeal to the U.N. to have those sanctions lifted completely.

He was talking to The French, The Russians and the Germans about developing his oil extraction capabilities.
(See "The Cheney Energy Task Force Papers"... made public by the work of Judicial Watch...deliniating the"Suitors For Iraqi Oil" and their lucrative signed contracts!)

If that ever happened and Saddam Hussein was able to market his full oil potential outside of the control of OPEC, the price of crude would plunge...and gas would drop below 50c a gallon here in the U.S.

The Bush/Chaney/American "Big Oil"/Saudi Royal Family Cabal could not stand for that to happen! Nobody threatens their obscene incomes and profits!

So Saddam Hussein's ambitious "Post-Gulf War Sanctions" oil development and extraction plans were destroyed forever by Bush & Co's invasion and war with Iraq...

And chaos reigns... and will continue to reign in Iraq...until the Saudi oil fields are fully depleted and the Cabal's profits are finally maxed out.

No wonder France and Germany, whose major oil companies had signed lucrative contracts with Hussein, refused to have any part in Bush & Co's charade.

Watch as the chaos and the confusion and the violence and the sabotage...and the Iraq continues and continues... ad infinitum.

And Iraq's oil stays off the market!

And our gasoline prices here at home keep climbing to record levels...while the killing and maiming of American G.I.'s and innocent Iraqi Civilians continues...and continues...and continues...

...thanks to the "Murderers For Oil Profits!"

When, Dear God, is someone going to finally indict them?!!

MAD-ly yours,
Al Feldstein
Retired Editor of MAD Magazine.

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It is so nice to hear that finally someone has told the truth of it all. Thankyou and i wish this was published in every newspaper and magazine and on every tv newstation and that we could get rid of those bastards in the current adminstration.


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