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Day 10 The Peaceful Occupation of Iraq - Putting out Fires

by Cindy Sheehan
Tue Aug 16th, 2005 at 20:23:47 PDT
Daily Kos

The right wingers are really having a field day with me. It hurts me really badly, but I am willing to put up with the crap, if it ends the war a minute sooner than it would have. I would like to address some specific concerns that have been raised against me.

The first one is about my divorce. I addressed this on my blog the other night. My divorce was in the works way before I came out to Crawford. My husband filed the papers before this all started. It just recorded last Friday. My husband didn't know that it would become public record, and public knowledge. He had told his lawyer not to serve me with the paperwork or even bother me while I was at Camp Casey. He was trying to do the right thing. He didn't want me to find out. Enough about that.

Another "big deal" today was the lie that I had said that Casey died for Israel. I never said that, I never wrote that. I had supposedly said it in a letter that I wrote to Ted Koppel's producer in March. I wrote the letter because I was upset at the way Ted treated me when I appeared at a Nightline Town Hall meeting in January right after the inauguration. I felt that Ted had totally disrespected me. I wrote the letter to Ted Bettag and cc'd a copy to the person who gave me Ted's address. I believe he (the person who gave me the address) changed the email and sent it out to capitalize on my new found notoriety by promoting his own agenda. Enough about that.

I didn't blog about the cross incident last night. I was at the Peace House when there was a big commotion and people started saying that someone had run over our Arlington Crawford display. I know this is old news because I have seen great posts about it today. This is how I feel. The right wingers are emailing me and spewing filth about me on the radio and on the television saying that I am dishonoring my son's memory. This man who ran over the crosses thinks he is a better American than we are. He thinks we are more patriotic than we are. Does he really believe that he is honoring the memories of the fallen and his country by running down 500 crosses and about 60 American flags? The Iraq Veterans Against the War who were here were also very offended. Those crosses represented their buddies who didn't make it home. And they are so aware of the fact that one of those crosses could have their name on it.

Yesterday, we had a counter protestor who played his guitar across the way from us and sang (very terribly!!!) a song that loosely went like this:

Aiding and abetting the enemy.
How many ghosts did you make today?
Google me this, Google me that,
How many ghosts did you make today?

I find it so ironic that he was singing it to me, and not to George Bush. We named the song: The Ballad of George Bush. He came back out today, but blessed be to God, he didn't bring his guitar, and he didn't sing.

We are moving to a place that doesn't have much shade and I put out an appeal for tarps and a soldier from Ft. Hood brought some to us that he "borrowed" from Ft. Hood for us to use. I have had a lot of soldiers from Ft. Hood come out and tell me to keep it up and that I am doing a good thing. We are doing this to honor Casey and the other fallen heroes in their memories. But we are doing it FOR the people of Iraq and the other soldiers who are in harm's way right now. Right after we heard about the crosses last night, a Camp Casey volunteer found out that a pen pal she had in Iraq was KIA on August 12th. This has to stop, now. We will stop it.


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You don't have to answer to any of them.
Your personal life is irrelevant. It is an attempt of diversion.
The issue is this country is in an illegal and unnecessary war that circumvented the Constitutional rights of the PEOPLE.
The Patriot Act is an act to abolish the Peoples Freedom.
Where in the Constitution does it say that in time of conflict the Constitution must be circumvented?
WE THE PEOPLE must take back our country from these fascists tyrants.
Bush does not want to meet you because he DOES NOT REPRESENT WE THE PEOPLE.

I am very glad that you posess the strength to put up w/ the attacks from the other side, I don't call it the right because they are not. I believe the content of the attacks shows how scared they are of your notariety and power. You have brought many people to our side w/ your sacrifices and determination. I am sorry you are being treated so badly and are subjected to such vile words ,but I am glad you are a true AMERICAN .VIVA CINDY!

It is always the same pattern of dirty tactics with these people. Isn't it becoming transparent and predictable to EVERYONE yet?

This kind of behavior in the Republican Party really took hold with Lee Attwater. People should know his story:

Harvey Leroy "Lee" Atwater (February 26, 1951 – March 29, 1991) was a United States Republican political consultant and strategist. Atwater is notorious as the very definition of smashmouth politics, in which every effort is made to destroy the reputations, careers and lives of political opponents. Though Atwater died in 1991, his methods live on in contemporary practitioners Karl Rove and George W. Bush.

In a February 1991 article for Life Magazine, Atwater wrote:

"My illness helped me to see that what was missing in society is what was missing in me: a little heart, a lot of brotherhood. The '80s were about acquiring -- acquiring wealth, power, prestige. I know. I acquired more wealth, power, and prestige than most. But you can acquire all you want and still feel empty. What power wouldn't I trade for a little more time with my family? What price wouldn't I pay for an evening with friends? It took a deadly illness to put me eye to eye with that truth, but it is a truth that the country, caught up in its ruthless ambitions and moral decay, can learn on my dime. I don't know who will lead us through the '90s, but they must be made to speak to this spiritual vacuum at the heart of American society, this tumor of the soul."

more at:

Everybody heard around the world Cindy Sheehan is in Crawford TX asking the questions we all want answered. The number of vigils that are taking place tonite on very short notice in support of your stand...are amazing. The whole world will see Americans grieve... Many of us need to grieve...we have all lost something in this war even if we didn't have any skin in the game. From the loss of our young soldiers that volunteered their lives to protect me, my commuinity, my country to the soldiers maimed or scarred for life, to the babies pulled dead from the rubble, to the parents loss of their innocent babies, to the untold number of Iraqis, to the foreign soldiers, to all the people and families that are suffering and will suffer. We need to understand exactly why so many are suffering yesterday, today and tomorrow. Thank you for letting us grieve. I am beginning to think that grief must be a left wing emotion...the right wing is sure doing their best to make us seem unpatriotic to recognize our compassion for others tragic loss. This is not a political agenda but a human need. Some of us are not immune to the suffering of others. We are brothers in arms across this nation...across this world.

I support what you are doing. You speak the truth and you do it with dignity. Don't even worry about defending yourself. That's our job, and, as you see, we try to buffer you from that crap. Rather than letting it upset you or distract you from your mission, draw strength from their frothing, lying mouths. They hope to divide and conquer a movement that is a nemisis to them, but we will not be divided. Ironic. The TRUTH a nemisis to these guys who purport to serve the Christ. "Every man who doeth evil hateth the light." (I was raised using the King James Version of the Bible, hence the flowery language.)

Keep shining your light. Every day, you teach the rest of us how it's done and we need your example.

as a mother of a army sergeant who is about to go back to irac for the second time, i am in full support of cindy and the statement she is making. cindy, this administration and it's supporters are threatened by what the truth means for them. they will try to break your spirit, your resolve. don't let them do it to you. you speak for me and so many others. though i can not be in texas standing vigil with you, i...along with so many others are determined to make sure the truth gets out about the lies of this administration and that they are held accountable. god bless you cindy and i'll see you in washington in september. this is only beginning...we will see an end to this nightmare. i know it won't bring dear casey back, but maybe it will give you some peace of mind about his death. thank you cindy for speaking for me as well as all the other loved ones of our soldiers. i feel like i finally have a voice through you. stay strong.

Simply Stated...
Go Home!!!
Think about your false accusations of the President!!!
And, spend more time with the family members that you do have, than fighting over the ones that won't come back!!!
Stop smoking marijauna... that might help too!!!

Why don't you fucking cowards use your name when you attack women?

People who support an illegitimate president who starts an illegitimate war with a revolving door of "justification" are the last ones that should be talking about false accusations.

There's nothing false about almost 1900 dead American troops, thousands more maimed for life, tens of thousands of dead Iraqi citizens and the fact that George W. Bush has no plan.

Wake up friend. You'll be welcomed into the realm of truth whenever you're ready.

John Perry

The letter existed in the form that includes the "My son joined the Army to protect America, not Israel" statement on March 20, as it was posted on bullyard—before your "new found notoriety."

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