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Clumsy Attempts to Swift Boat Cindy Turn Bizarre

From DailyKos

I saw a few passing references to "May Hasan Lamotte" yesterday in the print media. She was portrayed as "an Iraqi woman" who just had to drive to Crawford to tell Cindy Sheehan that her son died for a noble cause.

One news report yesterday said:

*"An Iraqi woman who moved recently to the United States, drove with her husband from Washington, D.C., to thank Sheehan for her sacrifice. But the woman, May Hasan Lamotte, 37, did not agree with Sheehan's call to pull the troops out of Iraq.

I came after reading about Miss Cindy. They think their children are dead for nothing, and I am one who got freedom. I am grateful for her son and American soldiers. Everybody thinks (Casey) died for nothing. He gave his life as many other brave soldiers have to give me and my country freedom, she said.

This "Iraqi woman" then showed up on Hardball to swiftboat Cindy. Something about her didn't strike me as being right. There was a passing reference to her being married to an American journalist.

The faux Iraqi woman on Hardball is married to Greg Lamotte with Voice of America (VOA). I know stuff about them, but decided to find their public website, lest I inadvertently disclose classified info.

Here you go, from LINK

The Voice of America (VOA) is an international multimedia broadcasting service funded by the U.S. government through the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

Draw your own conclusions about what this agency is...and why a wife of one of their "reporters" was put on national tv to attack a grieving mother.

She referenced things that her uncles told her, but never discussed her own experiences in Iraq. She's probably never even lived there, I bet.

AND...Her husband is a "journalist" (cough) for Voice of America (cough cough) that has been a source for purported Bin Laden tapes. See

Iraqi officials say thousands enter Iraq illegally from Iran

US Commander Cites 'Rapid' Progress, 'Sporadic' Resistance in Iraq - 2003-03-24

Elections in Iraq: Will Political Reform Spread to Other Arab States?
In the Arab world, the Iraqi election is being watched closely
30 January 2005

Allawi Says Iraq Faces Multiple Types of Terrorism
Allawi mentions acts of professional criminals, sabotages and terrorists acts by foreigners
18 October 2004

So, besides the dishonest attack of my friend with my tax dollars (no doubt the VOA hubby who accompanied her from DC was on the clock), why else do I have my panties in a knot over this?


Do you think it's a coincidence that the wife of a professional U.S. government propogandist shows up in BF Crawford to attack Cindy? Write MSNBC and Hardball and Matthews and I imagine the other networks and any other news referencing this woman and let's get the truth out there. This truly shows how desparate the Bush Administration has become.

asdf (4.00 / 4)

A couple of friends who work at VOA have told me that Lamotte was essentially fired several months ago. He definitely doesn't work for them anymore. My friends preferred not to talk about the reasons, but they rolled their eyes and uttered a few obscenities when I mentioned him and his wife.

by the stormy present on Mon Aug 15th, 2005 at 22:34:48 CST


LaMotte is an EX-VOA Reporter

No longer working for VOA. Also, he was a former CNN reporter, laid off in 2001.

by VaAntirepublican on Mon Aug 15th, 2005 at 22:29:50 CST

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Vice Presidental candidate John Edwards wife, Elizabeth Edwards expressing STROND Support for Cindy Sheehan.

Where are all those other "prominent" Democrates? Well, well they have to support the president as responsible Statemen!

Elizabeth Edwards is in my eyes a great lady and wonderful mother who knows heartache first-hand yet still prevails. I trust her words & heart will all of mine.


Okay folks, they want to play dirty and slime a Mom and her family because she questions them.

Turn-about is fair play. Let's flip that mirror around on them and see what we find.

Let's start "googling" all those who take cheap shots. Let's delve into their lifes, affairs, leanings. Let's put it on the internet. Let's turn lights on in their closets!

What's Good for Goose, Is Good for the GANDER(S)

for president!!

for president!

Yeah! It was quite obvious to me this was a Rove-type “plant,

But of course there are concerted efforts to smear Cindy.

Just stop and think of the magnitude of the amoral vested interests she's bucking on behalf of all of us.

---The Bikemessenger

Would it be possible to organize a selective boycott or one or two
of oreilly's main advertisers thru internet organizing? Can this be done? Perhaps pick one of the major advertisers; one of the more egregrious ones say chevron or some company like that. The degreee of cruelty/hatred/viciousness of these shows is unlike anything i have ever seen.

I smelled a rat the minute I read her comments and now it turns out I was correct. There is no rational comeback to Cindy's pleas, so the administration must resort to irrational propaganda, which had always worked in the past but may not work now.

Greg Lamotte ( LaMotte )- VOA corrispondant --- Question: Is this the same Greg LaMotte who reports on CNN?

Another question: Is ANYone still watching Chris Matthews' Softball? M'gawd, anytime he mentions "The President" or "President Bush" he visibly goes weak in the knees from over adulation. And the dunderhead on Wolff Blitzer who was rapsodizing last night about Bush's exaulted Ivy League education which makes him a better person than Cindy Sheehan -- who's going through a divorce and is not so highly educated. "Swift-Boating" is fast becoming my favorite verb.

Yes, it is the same Greg Lamotte. But apparently he is no longer working for CNN.
Here's a link to an article from 2000 with a photo...

He'll be next.

I just questioned Chris on whether he was a part of that swift boat attempt. He denied any knowledge and replied, "There's an old saying in Tennessee -- I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee -- that says, fool me once, shame on -- shame on you. Fool me -- you can't get fooled again.", or something like that.

Ok, he didn't say that, but I just couldn't help but remember when Bushwhack did....

These Neo Cons are amazing, aren't they?


Eveyone seems to forget one simple fast: CASEY VOLUNTEERED. CASEY WASN'T DRAFTED. CASEY VOLUNTEERED. It's sad that Casey died, but his family (others of whom are now beginning to speak out against Cindy's cause) should honor his service. He didn't 'die for nothing.' I have relatives who are serving in Iraq right now, and they write home that it is unbelievable what the Iraqi people have suffered for decades at Saddam's hands..unspeakable horrors. They are so GRATEFUL to America and our sons and daughters who CHOOSE TO SERVE and FREE them! I have a grandson who is being deployed to Iraq in three weeks. He CHOOSES to serve did CASEY. I KNOW how PROUD he is, even though HE IS NOT A REPUBLICAN AND DOES NOT LIKE PRESIDENT BUSH. What does THAT tell you??? THINK ABOUT IT.

It tells me your grandson is a fine man and soldier, as he should be. He must do his duty and do as he is told. This is why we love them so much and want them home. I have nothing but the highest admiration for everyone of our service men and women over there. God bless them, but please stop this war for oil. Halliburton stock has gone from $15 a share to over $55 a share since 2002. Their profits are through the roof. Oil company profits are a record highs when they are paying record prices for crude. What is wrong with this picture? These are the people benefitting from this "war". Stop the Madness!


My son , Robert , and all the other soldiers volunteered to serve the country in just causes, not a war started with lies and for the purpose of enriching a few. My son is proud of my envolvment in this movement as he and many other soldiers know they were sent there not to help Iraq but secure assets.This war is nothing like WW2 where everyone ,rich and poor were united against a real threat. This is a war of choice not last resort.My son is going for tour # 2 in Nov. , the stories he has told me of tour #1 are nothing like the ones we are told.There are no parades for the liberators , just hate.

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