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t r u t h o u t | One Mother's Stand
By Scott Galindez

Tuesday 16 August 2005
3:30 PM

Military Families Speak Out is growing rapidly. Family members with loved ones in Iraq have been arriving in bunches. Many of those coming are speaking out for the first time. A spokesperson for the group said that 30 to 40 people a day are signing up online.

On the Net:
Military Families Speak Out.


t r u t h o u t | One Mother's Stand
By Scott Galindez

Tuesday 16 August 2005
12:58 PM

The McLennan County Commissioners Court held a public hearing this morning on a petition to ban protests on the land we are on.

Most of the testimony centered on logistical inconveniences for the neighbors. Ann Wright who was one of three State Department officials to resign over the war, briefed the camp and suggested things that can be done to address the neighbors concerns.

There can not be a vote for thirty days according to one of the lawyers for the encampment.

Thirty-five dozen red roses were delivered to Cindy from Florida in response to the destruction of the crosses.

Cindy is conducting a conference call with print media from around the country.


t r u t h o u t | One Mother's Stand
By Meredith Wheeler

Tuesday 16 August 2005
6:20 AM

I live in the little "bastide" village of Lautrec in Southwestern France, and at the annual "Festival du Pain" (Bread Festival, not Pain!) four of us, all members of Democrats Abroad and American Voices Abroad, ran a stand amid the bread stalls and handicrafts, asking passersby to write a postcard to Cindy sending support from abroad.

The response was enthusiastic, especially among women. We collected 85 cards, written by French, British, Irish, Italian tourists in many languages. Some were as young as 12, some in wheelchairs, some village locals, others tourists. One postcard was written by British actress Lindsay Duncan, who won a Tony award on Broadway recently for Private Lives.

Typical messages were "bon courage," "de tout coeur avec votre combat," "on est avec vous," "bonne chance," "je salue votre courage," "Bravo et tout notre soutien!," "Bravo! Courage! On pense à vous. Grace à vous on espère ..."

One read: "We are all the way behind you and your struggle against your President's stubborn idea to wage war on Irak or anywhere else in the world."

One woman wrote: "A mother from France supports a mother in America"

We felt it was important Cindy and those supporting her in Texas realize that her story is being told overseas and support for her action comes from far & wide.

We were inspired to undertake our action by Democrats Abroad in Japan, who are organizing a postcard writing campaign over there to support Cindy. We also asked our Democrats Abroad in Southwestern France to sent cards, and many responded.

Meredith Wheeler is Chair, Southwest Chapter, Democrats Abroad, France.


t r u t h o u t | One Mother's Stand
By Scott Galindez

Tuesday 16 August 2005
2:20 AM

It's 2:20 am in Waco ... I'm back in the hotel trying to soak in a very eventful day ... well actually it was a slow day and an eventful night. Perhaps it was meant to be that we would have a day of calm before the storm.

The highlight of the day had to be the pig farmers. These three old boys looked like they walked off the ranch down the road (wouldn't want to compare anyone with the rancher across the street). These guys were from West Texas. They are very angry with the play rancher down the road a few miles and are behind Cindy one hundred percent. These guys drove their tractors to DC to protest "The Pig Tax." One of these farmers happened to have a cousin with a ranch closer to George and land that Camp Casey can move to. Like Cindy said, another Camp Casey miracle ...

The low point was being in the room when someone found out their friend died in Iraq. It was the first time I have ever been in the room when someone else learned of a friend or loved one's death. I am so glad Cindy was there because I had no idea what to say.

It is a very strong community here - I have not seen one fight or heated argument. The cross destruction was a close second. Why Why Why? We will post video tomorrow of the crosses


t r u t h o u t | One Mother's Stand
By Cindy Sheehan

Tuesday 16 August 2005
12:08 AM

Misses and Miracles

We still have so many great things happening at Camp Casey. In spite of all the smears and lies, people are still coming.

The most amazing thing today was learning that Camp Caseys are opening and spreading all over the country. They have been set up in Boston, Portland, Seattle, and elsewhere. If you can't make it to Camp Casey, set up your own version. Camp Caseys are amazing places full of love and hope. I am so gratified that the movement is spreading.

There is a meeting tomorrow at the County Commissioner's meeting to vote on closing Prairie Chapel Road and then evicting us. We were all worried about that and planning on being arrested when we got the best news yet. The property owner who owns property near Bush's ranch and right across the street from Bush's church will let us move Camp Casey there!! He has property on both sides of the road ... a full acre for us to camp! We are so excited!!! We can fit more people and we will be closer to the ranch. Miracles, miracles.

Mike Rogers from Tokyo showed up today and a dear woman from Australia who was a human shield in Iraq and knows that the Iraqi people are not jumping for joy that the policies of Bush destroyed their country.

This is an extremely short post today ... I am exhausted.


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