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08.16.2005 Eric Boehlert
Huffington Post

For those keeping score at home, Cindy Sheehan is a "crazy," "anti-Semite" "peacenik" "kook." An "exploited," "left-wing moonbat" "crackpot" whose behavior borders on "treasonous" and is nothing more than one of the "hysterical noncombatants" camped outside Crawford, Texas. It's telling that when this story first broke, GOP pundits at least had the decency to preface their smears with obligatory nods to Sheehan's sacrifice. No more. It's war.

I don't think we've seen the right wing this collectively unhinged since the Florida recount, when the mere thought of four more years of Democratic rule drove even mild mannered pundits like George Will off the cliff. Back then it was Will who spotted Al Gore's "serial mendacity," "corrupting hunger for power," and a selfish attempt to create "post-election chaos" and "delegitimize the election."

Just like those nervous November days in Florida, before anyone knew the Supreme Court would step in and order the state to stop counting votes, partisan Republicans no doubt sense things slipping away today. When it comes to Bush's second term, the White House has entered Tom Petty territory—it's Free Fallin'. Think 1,854 U.S. casualties, $3.00 gas prices, grand jury testimony, Terry Schiavo, Social Security reform, 43 percent job approval rating.

And now think Cindy Sheehan.

My hunch is that like the Florida recount, the right wing's fury actually stems from its unspoken anger at Bush. In 2000, they were privately furious that the Bush camp botched the handling of his drunk driving arrest, which came out on the eve of the final vote. And they were ticked off Karl Rove spent the last days of the campaign parading Bush around in places like California and New Jersey where Gore won in a walk.

This summer, Bush supporters must be stunned at how the White House has completely mishandled the Sheehan phenomena. Which PR fiasco has been more head-shaking, speeding right past the military mom in a dusty, heavily-guarded motorcade on the way to a deep-pocket Republican fund raiser, or Bush's Sunday comment that it was important he get on with his life? (And who didn't notice that Bush's official weekend itinerary included a trip to a Little League baseball game, a bike ride and a nap?)

Back in 2000 when things looked dire, the Bushies were bailed out by Rehnquist, Scalia and company. But there's nobody to save them this time. It's a daunting realization and you can hear the GOP fear in the attacks on Sheehan.


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The first two sentences were good... the rest is the liberal media bias talking.

What a great life to sit in a cubicle and just send out negative
slime messages anonimously all day.

Man, back in the day, you guys had to actually get out and work.
When PNAC NEO CON Tricky Dick Nixon got the COINTEL-PRO and MK-CHAOS programs going, you guys would have to actually come to rallies and spew your bile. You actually had to be a decent actor to infiltrate
our movements to "neutralize" them.

To do an illegal wire tap, you had to sit in a hot broom closet or
down in the utility man holes. Now, you just enter a few keystrokes
and the CALEA system makes the SS7 phone switch "tell everything it knows."

So, which of my tax dollars are being spent on your salary?
Or are you one of those, "black ops" types who get paid from
drug money and prostitution?

Are you more of a "For the Glory of Rome" type, or are you
more of a "Just Following Orders" type?

Wake up, friend.


the rest is a truth you cant or wont handle!!! YOU sir are one of the ultimate traitors to this once great nation that has been despoiled by the BUSH CRIME FAMILLY!!! How do u sleep at night?

as a conservative... most likely better than you! in a recent study it was proven that conservatives sleep better than liberals. it also said that liberals were more likely to have "bizarre" dreams

Does it hurt when Karl Rove drills into your head and plants one of them fancy PR devices?

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