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Everyone should be asking questions

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In regard to Gary Williams' Sunday letter concerning Cindy Sheehan: It is with some disbelief that Williams feels that he has any say whatsoever as to how someone grieves the loss of a loved one. Sheehan has every right to push for answers as to why her son had to die. We all have the right to know. It is unfathomable that someone speaking out against the war must therefore be a "lowest element, communist or an anarchists."

Who are you to decide what I and others believe? Many countries of the world have suffered because the people put blind obedient faith in their leader. What Williams has done, however, was to illustrate what President Bush has done successfully and that is to have put the United States in the most divisive state that I can remember. What kind of honor is that and how can anyone look up to that kind of leader?

I also am amused as to the "lie" us "lefties" repeat, that "Clinton and the rest of the world" had the same intelligence information. Assume that this is true. Only Bush saw fit to invade Iraq. The rest of the world has more sense and had the courage to say so. Their and our reward for wanting the truth is to be labeled harshly by Bush and his blind followers.

As the saying goes, "If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention." We all should be asking questions and have the ability to get truthful answers.

Duane Herzig



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Is there anyone that supports Cindy Sheehan who is in the top tax bracket, a weekly church goer, or that isn't completely insane? And, what percentage of her support is derived from the Republican Party? And, what percent of the Republican Party supports her?

Yours Truly

Who cares about what percentage of the Republican Party supports Cindy Sheehan.

What matters is what percentage of AMERICANS support her.
Are 57% of Americans "insane" for disapproving dubya's handling of Iraq?

And only 38% approve.

Which side are YOU on?

I support Bush.. and you just proved my point. You are insane! 57 and 38 don't add up to 100. What about the other 5%?

Haven't you ever heard of "undecided?"

Like bisexual... they can't decide between right and wrong. Yeah, I've heard of them. And, whats your point?

whether someone likes men, women or both is not right or wrong. It is a choice that should not bother you. Does it FRIGHTEN you that someone lives in a different manner than you, or thinks, or feels something different than you? The world would be a peaceful place if the frightened cats like yourself would stop butting into others lives and let them live it their way. I am a heterosexual woman whom is not frightened by the gay people. They have a right to love like everyone else and it should be their choice who they choose, not yours... Everyone is not the same and should not have to be.... Evolve already would you.......... Live your life and stop worrying about what others are doing......Peace,Love and Happiness with you forever........

Internet Polls are useless!



If you're not in a top tax bracket, that makes you unamerican. You must be incredibly young. America was BUILT by people who were not wealthy.

I wouldn't take support from the Republican Party if they handed it to me on a platter. It would be poison or some lying trap.

And what business is it of yours how often I attend church? At the day of Judgement, you'll find that "not every one who says, 'Lord, Lord' shall enter the kingdom of heaven."

keep telling yourself that... and yeah i'm only 16

Of all the statements I have read here and on many blogs this is without a doubt the most pompous, assinine of them all.

Hold Bush accountable. Demand the truth. Impeach Bush and let him get on with his life.

Tell Cindy to get on with her life... people live and they die! Thats been human life since the beginning of human life. Her son died for all of us, and I am grateful that the military does so much for America and countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. But, Cindy is going about this in all the wrong ways.

The idea should be to move beyond the notion of dying for one another. We need to love and demand peace and stop accepting this eye for an eye attitude. This love for power is the problem that has gotten us to this point. Evolution should be about the mind and heart evolving, not about the evolution of machines to kill one another. I do not want to have someones son have to die so that I can enjoy my life, I wish for every living being to be able to wake up and enjoy their lives. Perhaps we need a new kind of system here. What would Jesus do? The same thing that Cindy Sheehan is doing.....

This article supports what I have been saying all along. If Bush talks with Cindy, then he needs to personally talk with every citizen that has a concern.

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