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A Message from Elizabeth Edwards

Casey Sheehan was born May 29, 1979, the first born child of Cindy and Pat Sheehan. It was a long labor. Fifty-one days after Casey was born, our first child, Wade was born, also after a long labor. They started school the same year, played the same games, watched the same television shows, loved the same country. On April 4, 1996, three weeks after going to Washington as a winner in a national contest about what America meant to him, Wade died in an automobile accident. On April 4, 2004, eight years later to the day, Casey, who loved his country enough to wear its uniform, died in Iraq. Cindy and Pat's hearts broke, as had ours.

We teach our children right from wrong. We teach them compassion and honor. We teach them the dignity of each life. And then, sometimes, the lessons we taught are turned on their heads. Cindy Sheehan is asking a very simple thing of her government, and she and her family, and most particularly Casey, have paid a very dear price for the right to ask this.

Cindy wants Casey's death to have meant as much as his life - lived fully - might have meant. I know this, as does every mother who has ever stood where we stand. And the President says he knows enough, doesn't need to hear from Casey's mother, doesn't need to assure her that Casey's is not one small death in a long and seemingly never-ending drip of deaths, that there is a plan here that will bring our sons and daughters home. He doesn't need to hear from her, he says. He claims he understands how some people feel about the deaths in Iraq.

The President is wrong.

Whether you agree or disagree with every part, or any part, of what Cindy wants to say, you know it is better that the President hear different opinions, particularly from those with such a deep and personal interest in the decisions of our government. Today, another voice would be helpful.

Cindy Sheehan can be that voice. She has earned the right to be that voice.

Please join me in supporting Cindy's right to be heard.

I grew up in a military family. My father and my grandfather were career Navy pilots. I saw what it meant to live a life every single day when the possibility of an honorable death is always there, at the dinner table, on the playground, at the base school. Will someone's father not come home tonight? And I didn't just feel the possibility, I saw the real thing, and, believe me, it stays with you, it changes you.

I also saw, then and more recently as I campaigned across this country and spent time with courageous military mothers and wives, how little attention is paid to the needs and the voices of military families. It has to change. The sacrifices that our military men and women make assure us that we have the strongest military in the world, but the sacrifices that their families make are too often ignored. The President's cavalier dismissal of Cindy Sheehan is emblematic of a greater problem. This is a mother who raised her son to love his country enough to serve. This is a mother who lived the impossible life of a mother of a soldier serving in Iraq, unable to sleep when he sleeps, unable to sleep when he is on duty, unable to watch the television, unable to stop watching the television.

And when the worst does happen, when the world comes crashing down and she puts the boy she bore, the boy she taught, the boy she loved in the ground, what does that government say to her? It says we'll do the talking; we don't need to hear from you. If we are decent and compassionate, if we know the lessons we taught our children, or if, selfishly, all we want is the long line of the brave to protect us in the future, we should listen to the mothers now.

Listen to Cindy.

Join me so Cindy knows we believe she has earned the right to be heard.

Elizabeth Edwards

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Beautifully, truthfully stated!! Thank you, Elizabeth; thank you, Cindy! . . . from a former Military Mom

What earned Cindy all these rights? And, why, specifically, is the president wrong? Specific reasons... with no spin from you and your liberal friends! This too is now a no spin zone!

* What earned Cindy all these rights?*

In case you haven't heard, these officials in the government, including the president, are all PUBLIC SERVANTS. It is one of the distinctions that make our country unique in the world. This is NOT a monarchy. You best support Cindy's RIGHT because you may find yourself needing or wanting the same right someday.

*And, why, specifically, is the president wrong?*

The fact that you even ask this question proves that you have been "sleeping during class". You better study up because EXAM TIME is close and you will be left behind. You can sit and call everything "spin" if you want. I hear the same thing all the time from people in my life. I have come to see that the people that call everything "spin" are really just too scared to open their eyes, educate themselves on the ABUNDANT facts available and maybe feel something. They live with their heads in the sand and call it all spin. What a cop out!

Why does she have the right to be "that voice"? Thanks for telling me that I can be that voice too. And, Why is the president wrong? You adressed the question... but never answered it.

I answered your question...(see "no spin zone")so why did'nt you reply to my post?

Go do your own homework....don't be such a dependent
sheep-like citizen. Your questions in these postings reveal that you are either insincere or stupid.

you lousy piece of manure. you have some gall talking about spin, since you are obviously a propagandist(not a very good one...) PAID to try to discredit this site... obvious because you would not be making these ignorant statements if you were even passingly familiar with the core purpose of this site, which plainly indicates that you are on this site for one purpose, and one purpose only. since you are here anyway, why don't you do a little READING? start with "downing street documents" under the KEY DOCUMENTS heading...and since the british and u.s governments have authenticated these documents, any attempt to call them spin would be nothing but... yep, SPIN.
if you actually educate yourself on what's going on, you might just change your opinion. then you won't sound so PATHETIC.

Mr. X 8/16/05 @ 16:14:

Let's talk more accurately about spin. What is your spin? First of all, most of the people who post on this website are unafraid to identify themselves, including me. Here goes: I'm Richard J. Schaedler of Pennsylvania and my e-mail is

I'd be more than happy to hear from you to continue a dialogue about spin.

For now I'd just say that the "spin" you rant against on this site is more of a rant to suppress the truth. What those of us who regularly contribute our comments to this site really want is an honest and fair investigation into evidence which has become public which calls into question how the United States became involved in the Iraq situation.

Running away from or hiding from or hoping evidence will just go away is not going to put to rest suspicions generated by credible evidence. However, answers to specific questions will assist in explaining how America came to be embroiled in this seeming mess.

If that search for truth is a "spin" then so be it! Mrs. sheehan has every right to question the administration's actions especially in light of the revelations which have come out since May 1, 2005 (see DSM). I'm sorry if you do not like or appreciate the gravity of the content of these documents from America's staunchest ally in the "Coalition of the Willing". I suspect it must be uncomfortable to absorb the concept that leaders you firmly believe in can perpetrate such disastrous results.

I invite you to send me a more detailed examination of the "spin" of myself and my "liberal friends". We are all proud to be Americans from the "land of the free and the home of the brave" My liberal friends and I are equally very proud of Mrs. Sheehan for standing up and being a true American patriot.

Finally, I am glad you were not around these parts in Pennsylvania back in the 1700's. You would have probably been trashing the likes of Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, etc. for they were the forebearers of myself and my "liberal friends".

Why specifically is the president wrong? Because he lied and distorted the truth. Because he manipulated Congress and the American people to support the war. If you truly want a no spin zone...READ THE DOWNING STREET MEMOS. Then ask this a noble cause? Would you send your child to die for regime change in Iraq if you knew it had nothing to do with defending America? I did'nt think so. So Bush/Blair put together a package to sell the war...using fear of WMD to justify it. Do your homework and learn because you get nothing but spin from Faux News.

Thank you for your amazing heartfelt statement!
I am so sorry for the loss of your son, as well.
I am glad that you are able to understand where Cindy seems to be coming from. Thank you again for speaking out so eloquently about this depsperately important issue.

Did our "No Spin" friend skidaddled away when someone got real with him and offered his personal email to have a dialogue?

Hopefully, they are dialoguing right now. That would be great.

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